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The Tricky Thing About Shipping Butterfly Knives

Thinking of ordering a butterfly knife online? Even though knife collection as a hobby traces its roots back to at least the 19th century, knife collectors today have the advantage of a thriving online community, where countless forums, YouTube channels, and social media accounts are dedicated solely to the hobby. Not only that, online shopping is quicker and easier than ever, and the auction and trading of knives is commonplace.

But is it a good idea to shop and ship knives online? Is it even legal? Do switchblades and mini butterfly knives fall under the same category? Here’s what you need to know.

The first thing you should know before shipping any knife is the legality of it in your country. Every country has different laws for the shipping, transport, ownership, and carrying of various knives. These are all different things, and while you may be able to ship one, you may not be able to carry it, or vice versa.

Some countries do not make a distinction between butterfly knives and switchblades, and some do. In many countries, the legal difference between different kinds of knives is a gray area.

Many package forwarding companies treat knives of all kinds as weapons and will not ship them, but plenty of companies will ship to countries that do not restrict the import of knives. The five main shipping companies that work in partnership with Global Shopaholics (namely DHL, Aramex, UPS, USPS, and FedEx) do not ship knives.

It’s essential to know your country’s law regarding the transport of specific types of knives. If you’re unsure, you can always contact the country’s customs to get more information before you proceed. If you are shipping a knife anywhere, ensure that it’s securely packed (the USPS recommends two layers of protection) and that it’s securely fixed in place inside the packaging. For butterfly knives or switchblades, ensure that the blade cannot open by itself inside the box.

In any case, it’s always better to confirm the legality of shipping knives in your country and to be careful that it’s securely packed within the box. While you may find a company willing to ship to you, it may be confiscated at customs if your country does not allow the import of such items; you might even face greater legal issues. Whichever shipping method you choose, the ultimate goal is to stay safe.

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