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Saudi Arab To Raise VAT To 15%: What does this mean for online shoppers?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken a big decision to implement an increase in Value Added Tax. The VAT in KSA on inbound shipments or products was previously 5% of the total declaration of a shipment. Now, the Kingdom has decided to increase it up to 15%, coming into effect from 1st July 2020.

Let’s break it down for our KSA customers

KSA has a vast online shopping enthusiast base, which all sit in the comfort of their homes, especially in these critical times, and enjoy shopping and shipping their favorite online US products from tech products to wardrobes and shoes. In this blog, we’ll try to understand how this decision will affect Arab shoppers who love US online products.

Understanding VAT

One of the most frequently asked questions by Saudi customers right now is: what is VAT? VAT or Value Added Tax is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, starting from production to the point of sale (the customer). The amount of VAT is the money that the end user pays added to the cost of the product, which does not include the cost of the materials. In easier terms, VAT is added to the price after the product comes out of production until it reaches the final customer.

Why has Saudi Arabia increased its VAT?

There are several factors as to why Saudi Arabia has decided to increase its Value Added Tax by such a significant percentage. The basic reason behind the increase is the Covid-19 economic meltdown that the whole world is facing. Economies around the world are suffering at the hands of the pandemic which has set the world back for years. VAT collection is one of the effective methods to stabilize this deficit. Since KSA has increased VAT, it is yet to be seen which countries will follow suit.

What does it mean for online shoppers?

For online shoppers from KSA, this may sound like adverse news. It means that the product you’re purchasing from your favorite US online stores will cost 10% more than what it did previously. All products being shipped into Saudi Arabia will cost more to the end user, with the VAT being added by the Saudi government.

Why should you still purchase it online:

Pertinent to note: VAT is added to ALL products. So your local market is still going to have the same prices for your product with the amount of extra VAT. While you can go buy it from your local shopping point, it’s much safer and logical to have it delivered to your doorstep, especially in the current circumstances where you NEED to stay home! The same product, at the same price, but at your doorstep because delivery heroes are still operating everywhere in the world!

The hack around it:

It’s not all bad though; ever since the pandemic hit the world, US online stores have put up a wide range of products at amazing discounted prices. All you need to do is find the right promotion and it won’t affect you one bit! Starting from eBay, one of the world’s largest stores to find anything and everything, to the global household name Amazon; all of these US stores have been catering to their customers and helping out with discounts and that’s a great comfort for KSA online shoppers!

Which international shipping services are charging VAT beforehand?

So, Aramex is the only international shipping service that charges the VAT upon the transaction, i.e: your product price is charged including your VAT and the rest of the customs charges are levied upon arrival in your home country. Apart from Aramex, all your favorite shipping services including DHL, UPS, Express, etc exclude the taxes from the cost and the end user has to bear them according to the shipment, local laws, and customs regulations.

How will global shopaholics help you out

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