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How Package Consolidation Makes International Shipping Easier

You may have come across shipping terms like ‘package consolidation services’ or ‘consolidated shipping’ from time to time, but many people don’t know what exactly consolidated delivery means or how to package consolidation makes international shipping easier. If you have never used consolidated shipping, you are missing out on a very useful service.

When you order from different brands and internationally ship it to your country, it can cost you a fortune. Global Shopaholics helps you save on shipping costs massively with their package consolidation service. Read on to know the simple method that ends up saving you how you can save on international shipping with Global Shopaholics.

What Is Package Consolidation?

In order to understand how consolidated shipping works, it’s important to understand package forwarding companies and how they operate. It’s quite simple: package forwarding companies like Global Shopaholics allow you to order from online stores in the USA. You can then keep them in storage for up to 6 months while you order more.

This is where package consolidation comes in. When you have a certain number of packages you would like to ship to your country, you can get them merged or consolidated into one box. This helps you reduce the international shipping cost because it reduces the total volumetric weight of the package. The concept is simple: shipping one box is cheaper than shipping multiple boxes.

Only with Global Shopaholics do you get 180 days of storage along with the other free services you receive. You can save massively by storing your packages in the warehouse for 6 months. This way you can avail all the big sales in the US on different brands and then save on shipping costs as well.

How Does Package Consolidation Work?
If you are wondering how to get the package forwarding service, it’s very simple. There are some simple and basic steps you need to follow to make use of consolidated shipping.

4 Easy Steps For Consolidated Shipping

Follow these simple steps to make use of package consolidation service by Global Shopaholics.

  1.  Get Registered
    The first step is to create your free account on Global Shopaholics. Once you have registered and have an account, you get your free US shipping address. This address is tax-free, which means you end up saving quite a lot if you’re shipping in bulk.
  2.  Shop and Order
    Once all that is done, all that’s left to do is fill your carts up with your favorite products and brands all the way from the US. Use the US shipping address in the delivery address area so your packages are received at the warehouse.
  3.  Keep it in Storage
    When your products have reached the warehouse, they can be stored for up to 6 months. With this amount of time you can benefit from different sales and deals from US brands and stores. Just continue to order as many as you want and collect them at the warehouse until you’re ready to ship.
  4.  Consolidation
    For consolidation, Global Shopaholics provides you a button for packages you want to consolidate and send to your country. You can save an enormous amount of money by consolidating and merging your packages rather than shipping them separately. All you have to pay is the minimum $5 consolidation fee and you save a lot.

Don’t worry if you are looking for consolidated shipping services for Saudi Arabia or New Zealand, Global Shopaholics provides this consolidated delivery and shipping services to almost every country.

Why is it important?

So, why is consolidated shipping important for you? If you are not familiar with the world of shipping, direct international shipping can be really expensive, especially when you are ordering from the US and shipping it to your country. That is why Global Shopaholics allows you to order from the brand, keep it in the storage and save your cost. When you order from US brands and ship them separately, you will have to pay taxes and costs for each package and it will be overpriced for you. With consolidated delivery, you can merge different packages together into one box and pay for that only. This way you can get what you want at affordable prices.