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How to get International shipping from US to Qatar

Shopping from international stores always proves to be expensive and complex because of tax and customs. A lot of times, stores refuse to ship their products internationally. Which leads shoppers to limited options for shipping. 

It becomes even more costly when stores providing shipping services ask for money that would break your bank. That is why many people avoid shopping outside of their country. It can also be really challenging to deal with the international supply chain because of the import, export, logistics, shipping, etc.

A lot of US stores don’t accept payments by international debit cards. Unfortunately, another reason to add to the list of making international shipping difficult is the payment issue.  

How can you ship from the US to Qatar?

One of the leading package forwarding companies, Global Shopaholics offers a reliable and fast shipping process to its customers in Qatar so they can shop from as many US stores as they want. Global Shopaholics offers the cheapest shipping charges to its customers. On top of that, you can avail yourself of the extra benefits to further reduce the shipping cost. 

Our customers in Qatar love that Global Shopaholics enables them to access all of the US stores and grab all the amazing deals. Now you can ship electronics, cosmetics, accessories, perfumes, and more. 

Package forwarding

There are many other options now available that you can avail to get your purchases shipped to your doorstep. For instance, package forwarding companies help global shoppers shop from international brands and get them shipped to anywhere in the world.

Package forwarding service is cheaper compared to shipping items through couriers or stores. You also get to avail of additional benefits with package forwarding companies. These companies’ other services include assisted purchase, package consolidation, repacking of items, and more.

US Address and Cheap Shipping Rates

To get the US shipping address and the cheap shipping rates, all you have to do is create your Global Shopaholics account by just clicking on the Sign-Up button. Then, Viola!  You have your tax-free US shipping address now. 

Now you can shop from your favorite store with your tax-free US shipping address. Then, your package will arrive at the Global Shopaholics’ warehouse, where you can choose to store it for free for 180 days. Yes, we offer 6 months of free package storage to all our customers. 

You can reduce the already affordable shipping charges by combining multiple packages into one with our Package Consolidation service. This means you can store your packages in the warehouse till the next sale at your favorite store and consolidate all the packages at once! 

Shipping Rates for Qatar

You can use our real-time shipping calculator to get an estimate of your shipping charges before placing an order. Then, all you have to do is enter the accurate information about your package. 

Fill out all the portions to get the estimate of your shipping charges from the US to Qatar.

Just fill in all the information below and tap on the calculate button. 

Shipping time and price from the US to Qatar

The shipping rates from the US to Qatar range from $18 to $50. We have partnered with world-renowned courier services like DHL, UPS, USPS, and more. These courier services offer shipping rates according to how fast you want your package to be delivered.

Begin Shopping

Get your tax-free US address with Global Shopaholics now and grab the amazing live sales now! Visit our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates about the sales in US stores. 

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