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How To Avail Big Discount On Amazon Prime Day?

Like all global sensations, Amazon Prime has its day too, and for Amazon online shoppers on 13th to 14th October, this day is no less than a Christmas Holiday, with fantastic deals for presents! Merry Prime Day to you, Shopaholics!

A little context: 

We’re all familiar with Amazon: The American giant warehouse that sells everything that ever existed. Amazon started its Prime membership in 2005 for free 2-day shipping on hundreds of thousands of products, against an annual subscription of $79. A decade and a half down, the membership still costs more or less the same: $119 per year but with much better returns. It’s not only about free/cheap shipping anymore. If you’re a prime member today, you have access to Prime Day deals, and those are to die for digitally. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial, so you might want to start right now or maybe directly after you’ve read this article. 

How did it start: 

The story seems like a modern-day fairy-tale: so this started all of five years ago when the guys up at Amazon thought it’d be nice to have a day dedicated to their marvel.  Amazon came up with its shopping holiday and termed it Prime Day, a savings spree day to form new clients or Prime members and boost sales.


Rumor has it that the first event didn’t go as well as the Amazons (that’s what we’ll call them, so much more relaxed than the management of Amazon) had planned. In retrospect, online shopping wasn’t what it is now and has continued to grow feverishly. The trend on social media exploded the sales into a breakout, and Amazon Prime sales soon threatened Black Cyber Monday and Black Friday, two of the most significant shopping events in the world. In 2019, hold your breath, Amazon shoppers shopped 175 Million items on Prime Day. The parent Amazons stand proud.  

Covid the Party-buster: 

The Prime Day scheduled months ago, but then Covid-19 hit the world, and the world came to a halt. But now, the Amazons have decided to do a victory dance, and the shopping is about to begin. According to the announcement, Prime Day 2020 runs from 3 a.m. ET on Oct. 13 and through Oct. 14. Can you hear the starting bell?  
Let’s have a glance at what being a Prime Member would get you: 

Amazon Prime Video: 

Yeah, sure Netflix is excellent, but how could you miss out on Amazon Prime Video, with its thousands upon thousands of movies and series and whatnot? You can get all of these and more from almost any streamer on Prime video directly!
You can also get Prime Video without the full Prime membership if you think you’d preferably $8.99 per month, but that won’t entitle you to all the other excellent Prime features. You can also use Prime Video to subscribe to another pay service “channels,” like Starz, CBS All Access (soon to be Paramount+), or HBO, amongst others. 

Deals on Unlocked phones:

This day is enjoyable. You can get discounted prices for a select few Unlocked phones (not restricted to the carrier’s payment plan). The discounts are admittedly not as great as they once were, but you can still grab a good bite if you’re lucky, phone-wise. 

Prime Music:

Prime Music is a free streaming music service for Prime members. You can use the Amazon Music app for mobile or the desktop app to play music just about anywhere with a catalog of 2 Million songs, which isn’t too much in the digital world. Still, there’s also the option of getting yourself Prime Music Unlimited with 60 Million pieces. That’ll cost you $8 per month. Isn’t life musical right now?

Share the Prime Membership:

You can share your membership with other Amazon users in the house. You can add up to one adult and four kids to extend your Amazon experience to your family and get them access to Prime Video, ebooks, audiobooks, apps, and a lot more. 

Early Access to deals: Prime Privilege:

If you’re a Prime Member (why aren’t you, until this point?) Amazon will give you access to the wildly popular lightning deals 30 minutes earlier than other Amazon users so you can get your hands on popular products before the swarms get to them. 

Reader’s Haven: Early access to bestsellers: 

Now, this, again, is a high privilege, not just a facility. If you’re a reader and have Amazon Kindle, you can get early-bird pre-order access to Top-selling Editors’ Choice books, nine in total, one of which you get for free, every month. Have you ever known a deal like that in your life? Also, check out what you can get via Prime Reading and Prime Book Box. 

Prime Delivery: 

The delivery service is also a different ballgame for Prime members. Members in over 5,000 cities and towns can get same-day or one-day delivery on over a million items with qualifying orders over $35. Order something by midday, get it by 9 p.m. that day, or charge by the afternoon and get it by 9 p.m. the next day. How about that!

Whole Foods discounts: 

Prime members get an extra mile discount on whole foods (If you look out for the additional ten percent off on yellow denoted items). Entire food categories also have weekly exclusive sales for Prime members. 

Try out clothes. At home. For real:

Okay, this last one is mind-blowing. Even Amazon can’t top this one. With Amazon Stich, Prime Members, you can order any clothes you like, try them out at home, and send them back if you don’t like them. You don’t have to pay anything until you’ve decided what you want! What a fantastic world, Amazon!

Can’t Shop and Ship outside the US? 

If there’s one thing the Amazing Amazon can’t do; it’s bringing stuff outside the US. That’s where we come in: Global Shopaholics will ship anything and everything you can order from Amazon. Shop and ship through our website, put your things in the cart and leave the rest to us. Happy Prime Day! 

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