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Does eBay ship to New Zealand

New Zealand is recognized as being one of the most global nations in the world. The population is extremely internet savvy. It really shouldn't have been a surprise that New Zealand found and adopted eBay without any prompting.

How much time does it take to ship to New Zealand?

Shipping to New Zealand from the USA takes between 4 to 30 business days (depending on the shipping method). We ship to NZ using carriers like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Planet Mail. Prices start at around $10 for small packages and you get package tracking as well.

Just in case eBay does not provide shipping services to your country or region you can always contact or sign up for free at Global Shopaholics and get your parcel delivered in no time to your doorstep. Your parcel will be handled cautiously and will be taken care of just in case you ordered some fragile goods from anywhere around the globe. Another additional point is that if you’re going somewhere our warehouse can keep your package in storage for up to 180 days and deliver it after that.

Our brand page of NZ has more information about all the logistics.

Is the eBay Global Shipping Program Worth It?

As with any optional program, it all depends on your business needs and goals. If you sell small, lightweight items of low value, your buyers will probably be put off buying from you through the GSP. The cost of the program may significantly outweigh the price of the item.

Benefits of the eBay Global Shipping Program

The eBay Global Shipping Program is aimed to open doors for eBay sellers to international e-commerce and take advantage of not having to deal with customs, fees, and international sales tax calculations. Everything is done by the service on behalf of the merchants.

What features of this service will be the most beneficial to eBay GSP users?

Here is the list:

Quick access to markets. Not all e-commerce businesses have easy access to international markets. Global online sales come with a lot of rules to follow. But the eBay GSP is one of the stages that is free, fast, and easy to take for e-commerce business possessors to start this journey.

No eBay Global Shipping fees. There are no registration fees for wholesalers and a ready market with millions of buyers online from any corner of the world.

Convenience. The eBay Global Shipping Program makes global shipping as simple and efficient as local delivery. eBay GSP members don’t have to deal with customs and fill out frequent ordinary forms. For the sellers, there are no extra duties or taxes to calculate or international deliveries to establish. The most time-consuming and difficult part is done by eBay on the merchants’ behalf.

Less risk for buyers and sellers. Both sides of the sale get protected by the certified platform’s service. For example, under the eBay Global Shipping Program, if the parcel gets lost or damaged during its shipping route, the seller is not responsible for this condition.

Transparency. The costs for international shipping are inevitably added to the listed goods. So, all costs as well as shipping, duties, and taxes are provided upfront. No hidden eBay Global Shipping Program fees or other surprises upon delivery.

Efficiency. Using the eBay GSP can be less time-consuming, and shipping and customs clearance should be fast and easy because all the duties are informed and paid in advance. All working processes of international selling, such as taxes, import or export charges, and tax, are taken off merchants.

eBay international standard supports shipments to over 210 countries, offers better tracking visibility, and includes late delivery protections for standards, service metrics, and response.

Because of Covid-19, there are fewer flights operating around the world, resulting in significantly less available space. This means that the cost of airfreight has risen significantly, and we have had to pass some of this additional cost on by raising the price of international postage," a spokeswoman told the Herald.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

With its International Shipping Calculator, Global Shopaholics makes it easy to calculate how much shipping will cost with various courier services. Our Shipping Calculator allows you to

check how much you have to pay for package forwarding services, depending on the dimensions and weight of your package. If you know how much your package

weighs, check it out in the shipping calculator and shop and ship from H&M. This way, you can also get the cheapest package shipping rates.

With the US parcel forwarding services of Global Shopaholics, you can buy from eBay in the US and ship it internationally. Global Shopaholics offers a number of package forwarding services like package consolidation and package insurance. You also get value-added services to easily ship packages from the USA, like Assisted Purchase.