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The Spirit of Diwali: Gift Ideas for Everyone

Diwali is a time for family, gratitude and celebration. It’s a joyous celebration of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and every family observes it in a different way. The spirit of Diwali is different for every family, and we have gift ideas for everyone! 

Diwali traditions include worshiping at home and temples, dressing up in colorful clothing, lighting candles and diyas, and of course, a large feast. Gift-giving is a big Diwali tradition too. People exchange gifts with family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

Diwali 2021 is on November 4th, and if you haven’t yet decided what Diwali gifts you are getting for your friends and family, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of gift ideas for everyone this Diwali, from the traditional at heart to the tech lover.

Here are some Diwali gift ideas that you can send to your loved ones, friends, or colleagues. Take a look!

  1. Candle holders:

To keep the spiritual and traditional vibes in line with the festival of light, people around the world light up diyas and candles. Candle-holders and diya-holders can make for great gifts on Diwali. It will be useful for the receiver and it will light up their Diwali. These holders enhance the beauty of diyas or candles and make them look stylish and chic everywhere it’s used. 

Candle-holders from Next are definitely worth it. They have a vast variety of different and unique looking candle-holders. You’ll find ceramic, metallic, gold, glass, wood, stone effect, vintage and so many more types of holders to choose from. This Diwali, wish your loved ones with something that’s both pretty and functional.

  1. Diyas:

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without diyas. For Indian people, it’s an important part of their prayer on Diwali days.  It’s a Diwali tradition to decorate your house with candles and diyas. 

Diyas can make a fun gift for kids as well. Children get excited for Diwali decorations and this gift would make them even more excited to take part in the traditions. Diyas and candle holders can make an ideal duo as a Diwali gift, both practical and attractive.

Amazon provides an extensive amount of choices for diyas. From colorful, simple clay, brass, matki diya, lotus, or even floating, they have almost every type of diya to pick from.

  1. Bags:

Diwali is all about looking after your loved ones. Giving something that’s going to be practically useful can be a good way to make them feel good.

Bags can make a beneficial gift for everyone, family, friends and even colleagues. You can surprise them with their favorite brand all the way from the USA. 

Macy’s gives a wide range of bags to choose from. They offer bags from almost every brand. From Calvin Klein, Coach, DKNY to Micheal Kors, Steve Maddens and INC international concepts, they have so many choices. 

Take one step further and make this Diwali full of positive greetings and gestures. 

  1. Instant Pot:

There are so many options for family gifts on Diwali. Appliances can make a nice family gift. 

When looking for gifts for someone who likes to cook, a personalized and functional Diwali gift would make them happy.  

With the winter season arriving soon, comfort food will be everyone’s top priority. An Instant pot is perfect to cook everything in it, be it soups, pizza, pasta, rice, cakes, baked potatoes and what not. A great choice for cooking enthusiasts. 

This instant pot from Instant has 11 wonders in 1 pot. It’s removable lid transforms the pot into an Airfryer. This Instant pot can perform as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, saute pan, food warmer, oven, air fryer, roaster and more. Wholesome, healthy and yummy dishes with convenience.

  1. Bluetooth Speakers:

Choosing Diwali gifts can get overwhelming when there’s so much to do in little time. Gifting a gadget to someone can never go wrong, especially to someone who is tech-savvy. Someone who is always at the market to get a new piece of technology. And when it comes to bluetooth speakers, everyone gets excited. It can make a perfect Diwali gift for your siblings, friends or even your co-workers. 

This wireless and portable speaker from Amazon has so many qualities to be perfect. It’s waterproof, has a built-in mic, 12W HD sound and 24 hour play time. 

You can start shipping for Diwali gifts from Amazon via Global Shopaholics as soon as your account is created.

  1. Watches:

Watches always make a great gift. Someone who is on the go all the time will appreciate this Diwali gift. And if you know someone who has trouble being punctual, gifting them a watch can be a fun, lighthearted way of reminding them to be on time.   

World of Watches gives you a massive variety of watches from different brands. From brands like Cartier, Chopard and Citizen to Guess, Calvin Klien and Anne Klein, they offer everything. From high-end to affordable prices, you can pick a Diwali gift that fits perfectly for the receiver. 

  1. Fashion Items: 

If you are getting overwhelmed with a lot of choices, going for clothing and accessories should be your ultimate backup plan. It’s an option suitable for every occasion. It can be a fashion piece or an accessory, anything that suits their style would make a great gift.

When it comes to clothing, there are a lot of choices to pick from. Occasional dresses, season-friendly cozy clothing, fashion accessories, or special jewellery pieces, these all can be functional and nicer ways for Diwali greetings.

Nordstorm has almost everything to offer: clothing for men, women, kids, activewear, makeup and more. They also offer products from different brands so you can pick the best.

  1. Coffee Maker:

A coffee maker can become a morning staple in every coffee lover’s home. If you know someone who gets excited just by hearing the word coffee, then surprise them with a nice coffee maker to make them feel happy and loved this Diwali.

Mr. Coffee gives an enormous amount of alternatives to pick from. From drip coffee makers, single serve coffee makers, to combo coffee makers for the whole family, they have everything. They also do espresso machines, specialty brewers like iced coffee and tea, and accessories as well.  Some would say it’s coffee heaven.

You can buy this as a Diwali gift for coffeeholics from vendors they provide their machines to. It’s easily available at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy and so many other places.

  1. Media Streaming Gadgets:

A person who likes to watch TV or movies would love to have media streaming gadgets as a gift. Make their Diwali extra special by gifting them best selling gadgets of 2021. Some of the best sellers from 2021 are: Roku Stick, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Roku Ultra and Apple TV 4K.

Best Buy has a great variety of media streaming gadgets.  

Getting an Apple TV 4K is a good idea, but Apple might not ship to you directly. In that case, you can always use the Assisted Purchase services of Global Shopaholics. The process is really simple, you just have to provide the link to the product. And Global Shopaholics will send it directly to you. 

  1. Gift Cards: 

Small gestures make a big impact.

A gift card might seem like a small gift, but it’s actually very useful and thoughtful. It gives them the power of choice; they can get anything according to their own choices and convenience. will help you find a gift card for every occasion. From brands like Ulta Beauty, Sephora, to Bed Bath & Beyond, they have many options for you. 

You also have the choice to get a plastic gift card or an eGift card. Either way, this can make a good Diwali gift for everyone.

Most of the brands mentioned above do not offer true international shipping, but that shouldn’t be the reason to ruin your Diwali gift shopping. Global Shopaholics lets you shop from any USA brand and ship it worldwide.

Making an account with Global Shopaholics is pretty simple and free. Once you sign up, you receive a tax free US shipping address, along with 180 days of storage. With 180 days for storage, you can shop from stores in the USA and store the items in our tax-free warehouse.

When you decide to finally ship, package consolidation services allow you to merge all of your packages into one box. This way, you can save massively on international shipping costs. 

The Global Shopaholics team wishes you a very happy Diwali!

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