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Its just a three click process; Sign-up with GS- shop from USA - HAPPY CHEAPEST SHIPPING FROM US TO ANGOLA!
its an entirely new shopping concept, from Forever21 to Maybelline to Amazon to even Chesapeake Bay Candles! Get and grab your most admired products from top-notch US mercantile 


Package consolidation

We love being there for you!
Not finding all the stuff you need at a single place? No worries! Collect all your required and most adored merchandise from all the retailers you admire in the US. We’ll pack them up in watchful fused packaging for saving your shipping cost and SHIP them to you


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Nothings like Shipping with us!
We provide you with much more shipping options while you survey the industry, that's not it we like lightening your days up with curbs and concessions-- so that you have something saved up for your next shopping venture  


Swirling around the web looking for online shopping and shipping to from US to Angola? Global shopaholics does everything to keep it’s Angolan clientele satisfied. With passing time Angola’s e commerce with Us is increasing, keeping this in view GS is working extra hard in bridging ways to bring all your favourite US products to you at home, as most of the US stores do not offer a direct delivery in Angola. Furthermore, GS acknowledging your growth, operates cheapest shipping from US to Angola. Embrace the true essence of being a Shopaholic!


Faster than you can think!
Our service can be best described as ‘standard on wheels’. Buying from US to Angola hasn’t been this inexpensive before. Seeing is believing, so here we bring our Shopaholics the convenience of calculating multidimensional shipping rates. Bid worrying winds goodbye! As GS provides you with cheapest shipping from US to Angola thereby feel free to shop and ship from US to Angola
  1. Global shopaholics provide all the people who visit their website a free access to ‘estimated shipping calculator’ to compare and conclude the best suitable deal in context to money and time. As you get a complete display of time and charges each of the shipping service has to offer, for sending parcels US to Angola
  2. Being a Global shopaholic, we provide an access to a real-time shipping tool which further gives you options between shipping means, transit rates and time
Our increasing clientele clearly points out that we have the lowest prices in the industry, so don’t delay and SIGN UP! 



Delivering on time!
Distance doesn’t count when you’re a keen shopper. The later times have given birth to a new era of e-commerce between US and Angola. Hereby Global Shopaholics keeping its pace fast has adopted means and measures to cut down the miles and minutes while shipping to Angola from US
Priority shipping: 3-4 working days, GS always urges on standard and quality
over everything else, we moreover pledge over a cost-effective deliverance
Economy shipping: 5-10 working days. Somethings are worth, waiting for! Passing over urgent delivery, has saved our customers 50% plus expenses over shipping for shopping later
For the exact idea of how long will your shipping take with a specific company depends on various factors for instance the weather. For further details, head over to Calculator to determine Cost and Transit times of Shipping from the US to Angola
We keep you in picture!
It’s time that you stop stressing over collective billings and taxes, as we are here to tell you all what you need to know about taxes, customs and duties
Goods and service taxes
All goods imported into Angola are liable to 6.95% sales tax on the total value to the purchase.
Custom duties
Your entire purchase value may be subjected to duties and taxes as Angola does not have a de minimis purchase value, below which taxes and duties do not apply. customs duties in Angola range from 2% to 50% percent of the total value of imported goods*
*For further details, please visit!/legislacao/aduaneira/pauta-aduaneira

Whats the GS fortune?
Upon delivery GS will provide you with detailed invoice of taxes/custom duties subjected to your total package value. Moreover Global Shopaholics renders you the possibility of saving alot of money by shipping all at once. GS provides you a free storage for up-to 180 days at it’s warehouse. You can buy multiple products even if they have different delivery times, on their delivery we’ll pack them up into a cost effective compact packaging while Shipping to Angola from US-- we do our best to keep the rates low.


  • No sign-up and monthly fee
  • Free pictures of your items will be provided to you upon the arrival of the shipment
  • We extend our services like, repacking and pictures of items, for your ease
  • We only charge $5 consolidation fee, with no hidden packaging material charges unlike other drop shippers.
  • You will not be charged with any sales tax as our warehouse is located in a Tax free region.
  • Have multiple Shipping options like DHL, Aramex, and USPS etc
  • Up to 180 days free storage facility
Whats the GS fortune?
We also provide the facility of assisted purchase with a minimal cost of $5
and if the purchase exceeds $100 cost would be 5% of the total amount of purchase.
However like always GS might surprise you by notifying you about annual and seasonal sales so that you save some extra cash.
If you want to speed up the process of assisted purchase, we offer express purchase in which the charges are $10 and if the total amount exceeds $100 instead of 5% the
Charges would be 10% of the total value of the purchase.
  • We provide free USA mail box forwarding address in case you need assistance in buying a product online
  • Multiple Payment options are available for our customers that include
    • PayPal
    • Bit coin
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • Bank transfer

What further can GS do for you?
Apart from providing you a complete guide about freight services US to Angola
Global shopaholics consider you its family, your loss is our loss. If we find a
broken/damaged component in your packaging, we’ll straight away notify you so that you don’t have to pay for something which isn’t of your utility.
The further action of replacement or return will be taken on your behalf as instructed by you. Global shopaholics further provides you with an opportunity of thorough inspection of your bought items, by detailed item photo facility, even before it reaches you.

Why Choose Global Shopaholics??

Global Shopaholics leaves a foot mark along the course of shipment it makes while shipping to Angola from US; as we are sure you’ll come back to us for providing you unforgettable service. We are not just your trustworthy partner, we are also highly trusted by our collaborated courier companies.
Here is a list you can choose your preferred company from
1. FedEx
2. DHL
4. UPS
5. Airbnex
Become our regular Shopaholic avail some special shipping deals!


Like all other countries Angola also has some shipping boundaries, Global Shopaholics strictly observe import restrictions and prohibitions while shipping to Angola from US
  • Animals and Plants - The Angolan Government prohibits the import of animals and animal by-products from areas affected by epizootic diseases and plants coming from areas affected by epiphytic disease.
  • “Morality”-related products – Certain distilled beverages, pornography, roulette and other gambling machines, and other goods specified by law
  • Passenger vehicles more than 6 years from the manufacturing date are not permitted to be imported into Angola
  • Biotechnology Products such as the import of viable transgenic grain or seed
  • Imitations of national franchise formulas
  • home-made or handmade medicines
  • Food products that do not meet the conditions established by current legislation or that are in a poor state of conservation
  • Used batteries and accumulators
  • Retreaded or used tires
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Radios, transmitters, receivers, and other devices
  • Weapons, ammunition, fireworks, and explosives
  • Plants, roots, bulbs, microbial cultures, buds, fruits, seeds, and crates
  • Fiscal or postal stamps
  • Poisonous and toxic substances and pharmaceuticals including animal vaccines
  • Samples or other goods imported for promotion and not commercial sale
Our courier collaborators also have some shipment boundaries according to nature of the items and Angolan laws; you can further look into them
  1. DHL import restrictions for Angola
  2. FedEx import restrictions for Angola
  3. UPS import restrictions for Angola
However some items might not be strictly banned or allowed at other times such as Goods requiring import licenses for specific Ministries included here are Pharmaceutical products for human use, saccharine and saccharine-derived products (Ministry of Health). Hence we’ll let you know about the changing policies while shipping to Angola from USA
Whats the GS fortune?
How to ship dangerous goods to Angola?
1. Although, Angola is a small country having been looked into the geography but it holds an ever increasing potential in trade with the US specially in technology, electronics, clothing and cosmetics as observed in the world market trends. Specially considering e-bay and Amazon in this regard, Angola offers a wide range of customer-ship. 
Hereby being a certified shipper of goods which might be regarded as dangerous such as
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Perfumes
  • Cosmetics
we can surely help you out in online shopping and shipping from USA to Angola!
2. Although, there are some things which are restricted when it comes to shipping to Angola from US such as weapons and chemicals etc, however you can get a special licence to bring them in. Global shopaholics can help you with required necessary permission paperwork of such items under the international special commodities contract.
3. Moreover Global shopaholics will keep you updated at every step. We’ll inform about the items which are strictly forbidden while carrying out freight services from US to Angola so that you don’t pay any extra charges for things that don’t reach you.

No signup and monthly fee.

How long does it take with GlobalShopaholics?

We want to deliver your package at your door step safely and as soon as possible. So, generally it takes:
  • 5 to 10 days in economical shipping.
  • 3 to 5 days in express shipping.

(The rates and time of Angola shipping may change depending upon the shipping company you choose)

Outlets from where you can buy anything online and ship through Global Shopaholics

There are many outlets and online stores in US which provide enormous range of products from mobile accessories to cosmetics, batteries to bags, and from anything to everything. All you have to do is to find a product that you like; select that product after these steps global shopaholics will take care of the rest, from repacking to shipping it from US.


We offer more shipping options than our competitors

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Comparison B/W rates of different companies:

As we have already mentioned that Global Shopaholics offer lowest shipping rates among all the companies but customer satisfaction comes first so, we have also given you comparison between us and other companies regarding rates.