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Assisted Purchase: The Easiest Way To Shop From The US

By Adam on Mar 12, 2021

Right now, shopping is the most convenient it has ever been. Stores are online, your packages are delivered at your doorstep and there are multiple online services aimed at giving you great deals and discounts. The entire online shopping process is built to be as easy as possible for you. And with the ease of package forwarding, shopping is more international than ever.

But shopping across borders isn’t always without problems. Certain American stores will require a US credit card in order to complete the purchase. Moreover, many stores will ask you for a US phone number as well. Online shoppers from other countries understandably don’t have these readily available.

And that’s not the only hurdle stores place in the way of international shopping. Certain outlets won’t deliver their products to a warehouse address, which is a problem for anyone shipping their products via a mediator; mediators will ship them to a warehouse before sending them directly to you.

Luckily, there are ways around the dilemma. All of these issues are solved by the Global Shopaholics Assisted Purchase option, so here’s a quick breakdown.

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Spotlight: 5 Women-owned Businesses To Check Out On Women’s Day

By Adam on Mar 08, 2021

For Women’s Day 2021 we’re putting the spotlight on 5 women-owned businesses in the US. If you’d like to shop from these stores and ship to your country, you can get the lowest international shipping rates with Global Shopaholics.

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What You Should Know About World Teen Mental Wellness Day?

By Adam on Mar 02, 2021

Last year, the teen retail giant Hollister launched its Confidence Project, a multifaceted program meant to forward the cause of mental wellness in teens and to encourage organizations and nonprofit groups working on teen mental health, equity and inclusion in young circles, sustainability, and anti-bullying efforts. As part of the initiative, Hollister took several steps towards these causes and declared March 2nd as World Teen Mental Wellness Day.

In a press release last year, Hollister announced its plans for the Confidence Project and its declaration of World Teen Mental Wellness Day. According to the American Psychological Association, Gen Z is the most affected generation when it comes to mental health issues; 91 percent of teens report that they feel stressed about health, school, family, friends, and money.

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Catch These February Sales Before The Month Ends

By Adam on Feb 24, 2021

It’s a time of change.

February is ending, change is in the air, and depending on where you live, trees are redressing themselves already. And if you thought the time for winter sales was over, we’ve got good news for you.

Some of the hottest brands have ongoing markdowns and clearance sales that could give you a new look for less. And we’ve made an easy rundown of all of the best ones yet.

The Coach Clearance Sale - Get Bags At 75% Off

The Coach clearance sale is in full swing, and items are selling out fast, so you might want to check it out before the good stuff’s gone. The sale is inclusive of backpacks, belt bags, wristlets, satchels, accessories and more. Here are two of our favorite highlights from the sale.

Coach recently came out with a line of thematic bags and wristlets for the Lunar New Year. Some of these are now on sale and available at up to 75% off.

Another highlight of the sale is the absolutely gorgeous Jordyn Backpack with banana leaves print. The canvas and leather bag is down to $99.50 from its original price tag of $398.

Check out the Coach clearance sale now.

The Nordstrom Clearance Sale - Get Winter Clothing At 70% Off

As one of America’s leading luxury department store chains, Nordstrom has a very extensive collection of clothing, home goods, beauty products, luxury pieces, and more. And even though their grand winter sale has wrapped up, you can still find some amazing items on their ongoing clearance sale.


The Nordstrom clearance sale has some great winter boots; you’ll find Uggs, Blondo, Mark Fisher, BP and for up to 70% off. There’s something for everyone here, so don’t forget to check it out.

You’ll find bags and wallets on sale too, as well as other accessories. Also on sale are some great sweaters from BP, Halogen, Leith and more. The full collection accommodates many different styles, so you’d be hard put to not come across something you like.

Click to see Nordstrom’s clearance sale.

Sephora’s Sale Section - Accessible Beauty

Sephora is the leading makeup store for millions, and its collections are bound to satisfy any beauty needs. Sephora has a sale section on its website where you’ll find some of the most amazing hidden gems their online store has to offer.

From Huda Beauty to Becca Cosmetics to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, there’s something for everyone here. What’s more, you can now get free shipping on orders with the code ‘FREESHIP’.

And that’s not all. Some of the sale items on Sephora are online exclusives, so you might just come across a deal you won’t find elsewhere.

Check out the Sephora markdown sale now.

The Backcountry Winter Yard Sale - Get 50% Off

If you think the time for Winter Sales has passed, think again. Backcountry’s Winter Yard Sale brings many of their best items at 50% off, and it won’t last long.

For many people, Backcountry is the go-to store for activewear, trekking equipment, and other travel gear. Their range of clothing, footwear and accessories is made to satisfy those looking for adventure and keeps you comfortable yet up-to-style.

The sale extends to virtually all categories on their online store. Apart from clothing, you’ll find gear for hiking, skiing, climbing and more. And it’s all discounted from 40% to 50%. However, this is a Winter Sale after all, so it’s not bound to last too long. Head on over to their website before the good items run out of stock.

Check out the Backcountry Winter Sale.

If you need to ship the items you shop to a country where the outlet doesn’t ship, Global Shopaholics will handle the shipping for you. Once you’ve made your free Global Shopaholics account, you get your own tax-free US shipping address, with 180 days of storage. This way, you can buy from multiple stores, and they’ll be stored at the shipping address while the other items arrive. Once you’re ready to ship them to your country, you can have them consolidated into one box to save on shipping costs.

To register for a Global Shopaholics account, head on over to our Register page.

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An Easy Guide to Online Shopping for Valentine’s Day

By Adam on Feb 11, 2021

In a grand celebration of love and consumerism, the Valentine’s Day sales are on. With just a few days left, if you still haven’t bought anything for your special someone yet, it’s still not too late. If you’re looking for Valentine’s deals on the internet right now, or if you just need a few ideas on what to buy, here’s an easy guide to online shopping for Valentine’s Day.

If you want to ship from these stores to a country they don’t typically ship, Global Shopaholics will handle the shipping for you, complete with package consolidation and a tax-free shipping address. You can even get an Assisted Purchase and let us know which products you want if you want Global Shopaholics to do both the shopping and the shipping for you.

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