Fourth of July sales

Special days and special events call for even special deals and offers. It’s that time of the year when the best sales are on the display! Yes you guessed it right, independence day sales in US are already live and at full boom. No time to waste, rush to your favorite US stores online to avail independence day special offers.

What to expect in 4th July independence day sales?

We know how bad your inner shopaholic wants to be set free, well fourth of July would be the best day to liberate it. We can see that the excitement for the real bargains is sky high, hereby we bring you a guide to avail the best independence day special offers.

There’s a lot to explore during the fourth of July sales. Almost all mega home stores, beauty brands and stores with multiple niche products are putting up big fat independence day sales in US. You won’t turn back disappointed this July at least, as the fourth of July weekend sales are up for your ultimate retail therapy!

Independence day discounts are in the air!

Fourth of July sales at Lowe’s

If the home improvement projects were in your schedule this summer, here’s your chance! Lowe’s is offering some worth-mentioning deals and discounts on patio furniture, lawn furniture, appliances, tools and storage cases. Get to save up to 40% on various products and start crossing-out your lists!

Macy’s fourth of July sales

Macy’s has got bigger things to offer this fourth of July, there’s not only an ongoing independence day sale but also a clearance sale for better savings! Save up to 60% on various items such as bags, jewelry, apparels, shoes and home décor. A promo code of FOURTH is also being offered for an additional 20% off on selected items. You can’t find a better time to shop at Macy’s, so dive in shoppers!

Bed Bath and Beyond

All your summer must-haves are up for great independence day special offers at Bed Bath and Beyond. A straight half-price cut is being offered, this Fourth of July sale. Pool umbrellas, patio furniture, outdoor dinning essentials, bedding, toiletries and so much more are waiting to be piled up in your carts at half price.


Target has something extra special up in it’s pocket for you! Most stores hit up the independence day sales in US well before 4th July. However, Target has its sale bells ringing ahead of 4th July! How good is that? What a luring offer for all the Target lovers, red hot deals are extra hot this independence day.


Talking of US independence day best deals and not mentioning Amazon in the grind would definitely be a pass! Amazon, like always, never lets a single moment go off its hands to ease out its buyers. Amazon has some noticeable ongoing deals and discounts on thousands of products . The marketplace has best electronic deals on-board, this independence day, Get your hands on the best buys from Amazon US, now.

US stores and International shipping

Most of the US stores do not offer international shipping, especially during fourth of July sales because the load for local shipments is already very high. Other stores might be offering international shipping but that is mostly to limited regions of the world, costs a pretty penny or sometimes very limited stock is available for international shipping. Keeping all these aspects in view there’s a dire need of an alternative, because no one would want to miss out on US independence day best deals.

Global Shopaholics makes the move!

Global Shopaholics is a freight forwarding company that ships around the globe delivering happiness throughout. GS provides you a transit address in the US for getting all your bought merchandise delivered at and then ships your packages to you internationally. In this way you can ship from any US stores and ship internationally even if the store does not offer international deliveries. A lot of other services are also included in the shipping deal which makes the whole process even simpler!

Join the GS family, already!

No registration fees, no hidden charges, signing up with Global Shopaholics is absolutely free! What a fortune that is, right? Upon registering you will be receiving a tax free US address for all your package deliveries. These packages are received at the US address by our expert handlers who then forward them for being shipped to you at your doorsteps.

Consolidate your shopping hauls for better savings

Consolidating your shopping packages from the independence day sales in US for international shipping saves up 80% of the shipping cost. Global Shopaholics brings you this service without charging anything extra. So even if you’re availing independence day special offers from multiple stores, you still can ship altogether to reduce shipping cost.

Get a shipping quote now

You can calculate shipping using our shipping calculator which is approachable at all times. Global Shopaholics collaborates with multiple courier companies for your package deliveries. Each courier company offers different shipping rates and time of deliveries. The shipping calculator gives a detailed overview of all the shipping deals offered by various companies.

Express deliveries cost more but save up the time whereas standard shipping is much more budget friendly but takes up more time. You can choose the shipping deal which fits in your pocket as well as your schedule.

Happy shopping!

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