Shipping costs for posters

Don’t we all like supporting small businesses specially that of artist’s? For helping the talented artists grow their business more, they require a global outreach for better clientele and retail of their artwork. Along with marketing and other successful business tactics, a proper shipping channel is also required so that the artwork package reaches it’s final destination intact and in best condition.

Posters have become pretty popular overtime, posters not only include that of artwork but of various niches such as wallpapers and decor etc. The mentioned posters come in various sizes, dimensions and shapes, moreover the colors of the poster are another sensitive and important feature which requires handling with care. Considering their delicate makeup, they require a careful packaging as well as a secure shipping means.

The merchants and the buyers both, look for package forwarding service which will ensure to take all necessary steps to make sure that the poster arrive safely without any damage. However, people have themselves wondering of what are the safety measures to be taken to ensure a secure delivery of the posters or what the cost would be to send poster packages from US to other parts of the world and so on. Here’s a complete guide and answer to all your questions for shipping posters from US to anywhere in the world.

Types of posters and their shipment

Rolled posters — The best way to ship a flat poster is to post it by packing it in a shipping tube. The shipping tube keeps the poster waterproofed, keeps it from getting folded or anyother external damage. The shipping tube does however require some extra packing for additional cushioning and safety.

Flat posters — If the poster you want to get shipped cannot be rolled, it then can be shipped as it is. The packing material however should be completely waterproof and save the poster from getting spoiled in any other way. Hard cardboard can be used in this case, but Globalshopaholics have all the solutions lined up for you, keep up with the blog to see how!

Framed posters — framed posters are perhaps the most vulnerable ones due to them having a glass at the front. Glass comes under fragile shipping and hereby requires to be packed accordingly for a secure shipping. Material such as bubble wrap or protection tape would do the job.

Shipping costs for posters

The shipping cost while shipping posters solely depends on the dimensions and weight of the package. Wider dimensions would of course cost a little more where as tube posters are compact in size hereby cost comparatively less to be shipped across. Most courier companies provide tube packing and in case of fragile item extra packaging.

Usually the standard poster size is of 18×24 and weighs about 1 pound, it requires a standard tube packaging of 38in. x 6in. x 6in. Increased sizes and weights definitely spike up  the shipping cost but choosing international shippers like Globalshopaholics helps you send posters in lower cost worldwide. Its always better to send rolled up posters as it is the cheapest route and also the safest.

You can also purchase your own poster tubes or ask the shipping company if they provide with such an option. The mailing tubes are mostly categorized on the basis of length in inches and the internal diameter. Below is a general size estimate available for the mailing tubes commonly available.

Length x diameter Paper size Estimated parcel size
240 x 38 mmThickness: 1.5 mm A4 Small parcel
330 x 21mmThickness: 1.5 mm A4 Large letter
330 x 38 mmThickness: 1.5 mm A3 Small parcel
330 x 51 mmThickness: 1.5 mm A3 Small parcel
483 x 38 mmThickness: 1.5 mm A2 Medium parcel
483 x 64 mmThickness: 2.0 mm A2 Medium parcel
559 x 51mmThickness: 1.5 mm B2 Medium parcel
625 x 76 mmThickness: 2.5 mm n/a Large parcel  

For getting an exact idea of the shipping rates range your package falls into, please refer to our shipping calculator, fill in the dimensional profile of your packaged poster and get an estimate for the shipment right away!


 Here’s an overview of shipping posters from US to Asian countries of the standard poster mail tube size of  38in. x 6in. x 6in

Service   Cost   Delivery Time  
FedEx International Economy®   $219.40   5 days  
UPS Worldwide Expedited   $214.72   5 days  
USPS Priority Mail International   $45.93   10 days  
DHL – Express Worldwide   $70.92   3-4 days  

Along with providing cheap shipping for posters, Globalshopaholics also promises you other benefits in negligible costs and alot of free services which cuts down the overall shipping cost.

Cheapest way to ship posters

Globalshopaholics through its global outreach makes international shipping of posters easy from US to anywhere in the world. Its easy, simple and cost effective. All you have to do is to

1. Sign up with Globalshopaholics and get a US address for no fee at all

2. Place an order for the poster, do keep track of its dimensions and packing. In case the retailer does not sell the poster with a proper packing, you can make a request for extra packing at Globalshopaholics!

3. Choose your shipping deal with a trusted shipping company from the list

4. Your poster will safely and cheaply reach your doorstep very soon!

 What else you need to know about poster shipping?

 Vat and custom duties

Your poster shippings are subjected to customs, shipping duties and vat while being internationally shipped. The vat and custom duties depends on the custom laws assigned by your home country. Moreover, customs and vat goes directly to the authorities of the country and not the company. Company’s shipping calculator however will display the complete information of the poster shipment cost and subjected duty/vat on the product.

Restricted or banned goods

Some countries have a ban imposed on import of paints, paintings, certain kinds of paper and portraits. Hereby be careful about your country’s shipment laws before ordering a shipment or ask Globalshopaholics if they can help you with the shipment.

180 days warehouse storage

If require an approval from the customs and its taking time, you always have the option of storing your package at GS’s warehouse for free for upto 180 days! This benefit further cuts down the shipping cost and you wouldn’t have to fear of your poster getting lost.

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