Amazon Shipping to Taiwan: Seamless International Delivery Solutions by Global Shopaholics.

Amazon Shipping to Taiwan

If you live in Taiwan and have tried to purchase something from Amazon USA, you’ve probably encountered some issues. The most typical problem is that your goods cannot be sent to Taiwan; nevertheless, various additional issues can arise, including challenges with Amazon shipping to Taiwan.

In an era dominated by the global marketplace, the demand for international products, particularly from e-commerce giants like Amazon, has surged worldwide. One company at the forefront of bridging the gap between consumers and coveted products from the USA is Global Shopaholics.

Renowned for its exceptional shipping and consolidation services, Global Shopaholics serves as a leading package forwarding company, connecting customers around the globe with the vast array of products available in the United States.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the specific services provided by Global Shopaholics, shedding light on how this company not only addresses the challenges associated with international shipping but also enhances the overall shopping experience of Amazon Taiwan for individuals.

Is Amazon Available in Taiwan?

Amazon Taiwan does not have a dedicated website or Amazon Taiwan site specifically tailored for Taiwan. However, Taiwanese consumers are still able to enjoy the extensive array of products available on the US Amazon website.

Despite the absence of a dedicated Amazon site for Taiwan, Global Shopaholics steps in to bridge the gap, providing a reliable solution for Taiwanese customers eager to tap into the vast offerings of the US Amazon marketplace. Serving as the conduit, making it possible for individuals in Taiwan to access and purchase products directly from the US Amazon website.

Amazon Shipping to Taiwan with Global Shopaholics: A Seamless Experience

Navigating the complexities of international shipping can often be a daunting task, especially when it comes to ordering from platforms like Amazon. However, Global Shopaholics simplifies this process, offering a streamlined and efficient way for customers in Taiwan to receive their desired products from the US Amazon website.

Ordering Process: Amazon Shipping to Taiwan

Registering with Global Shopaholics:

Customers in Taiwan begin by registering with Global Shopaholics and creating an account that serves as their gateway to the extensive Amazon Global marketplace.

Browsing and Selecting Products:

Users can then browse the US Amazon website for products of interest. Whether it’s the latest electronics, fashion trends, or household essentials, the entire catalog becomes accessible.

Placing Orders:

When customers find the products they wish to purchase, they place orders directly through the USA Amazon site. Global Shopaholics acts as an intermediary, facilitating the transaction on behalf of the customer.

Shipping to Taiwan from the US: How it Works

Shipping from the U.S. to Taiwan involves several key steps, and Global Shopaholics simplifies this process for Barbadian consumers. Here’s an in-depth graphical guide to shipping to Taiwan from U.S.:

Step 1: Secure Your Free Global Shopaholics Shipping Address

Begin your seamless global shopping journey by signing up for a free Basic Plan or a feature-rich Premium Plan to obtain your US sales tax-free address.

Step 2: Navigate Amazon & Direct Packages to Your Global Shopaholics Address

While logged into your account, access your shipping details by clicking on the “Deliver to” section in the top left corner. 

You can use your current Taiwan address on your credit card for your billing address.

In the ensuing popup, choose “Manage address book”.

Click “Add Address” to confirm, unlocking the ability to shop seamlessly on Amazon US using your GS USA shipping addresses.

On this page, carefully input your Global Shopaholics shipping address along with ”your unique suite number”

Step 3: Packages Received in the U.S.: We receive your packages at our warehouse, offering consolidation services to save up to 80% on shipping costs if you have multiple packages.

Step 4: International Shipping: Global Shopaholics arranges for Amazon international shipping of your consolidated packages, ensuring they reach Taiwan securely.

Customs Clearance: GS assists with customs clearance, managing the necessary documentation for a smooth transition through Taiwan customs.

Step 5: Doorstep Delivery: Once customs clearance is complete, we ensure the final leg of the journey, delivering your packages right to your doorstep in Taiwan.

Benefits for Taiwanese Customers:

Access to the Full Range of Amazon Products:

GS enables customers in Taiwan to access the complete spectrum of products available on the US Amazon site, eliminating restrictions imposed by geographical locations.

Efficient Order Processing:

The platform expedites order processing, ensuring that customers experience swift transactions and timely updates on the status of their orders.

Transparent Tracking and Updates:

Global Shopaholics provides transparent tracking services, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their shipments. Regular updates keep customers informed about the whereabouts of their packages.

Navigating Amazon for Taiwan Customers

For Taiwanese customers looking to explore the vast offerings on Amazon’s US website, a few tips and tricks can enhance the overall shopping experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on navigating Amazon Taiwan effectively and managing the shipping process with Global Shopaholics.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Amazon Shopping in Taiwan:

Language Preferences:

Set your language preferences on Amazon to English for a more straightforward and comprehensive browsing experience. This ensures that product details, reviews, and other information are easily accessible.

Global Search Bar:

Utilize the global search bar on Amazon’s homepage to directly search for products of interest. Typing specific keywords or phrases can help narrow your search and find desired items quickly.

Refine Search Filters:

After performing a search, use the filter options on the left side of the page to refine results based on criteria such as brand, price range, and customer ratings. This helps in pinpointing the exact product that meets your preferences.

Explore Amazon’s Departments:

Amazon organizes products into various departments. Navigate through these departments to discover new products and find items categorized under specific sections, making it easier to explore related products.

Read Product Reviews:

Take advantage of customer reviews to gain insights into the quality and performance of a product. This can help in making informed decisions and ensuring satisfaction with your purchases.

Global Shopaholics serves as your trusted partner in simplifying the cross-border shopping journey. By leveraging our services, Taiwanese customers can effortlessly access the entirety of Amazon’s US inventory. Our package consolidation, address provision, and shipping expertise ensure a seamless experience, eliminating the hurdles associated with international shopping.

Overcoming Shipping Challenges from Amazon to Taiwan

Ordering from Amazon to Taiwan can present several challenges, from shipping restrictions to location-specific issues. Global Shopaholics understands these complexities and provides tailored solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping process for customers in Taiwan.

Common Challenges:

Shipping Restrictions:

Amazon may have restrictions on certain items being shipped directly to Taiwan due to various reasons such as product type, size, or other logistical constraints.

Limited Availability for Direct Shipping:

Some products on Amazon may not be eligible for direct shipping to Taiwan, limiting the choices available to customers.

High Shipping Costs:

International shipping costs can be prohibitively high, making it less cost-effective for customers to order directly from Amazon.

Address and Customs Issues:

Managing shipping addresses and navigating customs requirements can pose challenges, leading to delays and complications in the delivery process.

How Global Shopaholics Addresses These Challenges:

Package Consolidation:

GS offers a package consolidation service with up to 80% savings, allowing customers to combine multiple items into a single shipment. This reduces shipping costs and helps overcome restrictions on individual items.

Providing a Free US Address:

Global Shopaholics provides customers in Taiwan with a Free US shipping address. This address acts as a temporary point for the delivery of items purchased from Amazon, overcoming limitations related to direct shipping to Taiwan.

Navigating Shipping Restrictions:

Global Shopaholics specializes in navigating shipping restrictions imposed by Amazon. The company ensures that even items with limited availability or restrictions can be procured and forwarded to Taiwan.

Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions:

We are committed to providing cost-effective shipping options. By optimizing shipping routes and utilizing bulk shipping discounts, the company offers competitive rates, making international shopping more affordable for customers in Taiwan.

Addressing Customs Clearance:

GS assists customers in managing customs clearance, ensuring that packages move smoothly through the international shipping process. This minimizes delays and reduces the likelihood of encountering customs-related issues.


In summary, Global Shopaholics serves as the key access point for Taiwanese shoppers to the extensive array of Amazon products in the United States, making the global marketplace more accessible than ever. This guide has delved into the nuances of ordering from Amazon in Taiwan, addressing challenges and showcasing how Global Shopaholics offers customized solutions.

Take advantage of our services, explore the global marketplace, and let Global Shopaholics be your trusted companion in bringing the world of Amazon right to your doorstep in Taiwan. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon ship to Taiwan?

Free international shipping is offered for eligible products destined for Taiwan, either as standalone purchases or as part of orders totaling USD 60 or more. It’s important to note that not all items qualify for this free shipping service. Watch for indications such as “FREE Shipping to Taiwan” or “FREE Shipping to Taiwan when you spend over $60.00 on eligible items” as you navigate your shopping experience.

Does Amazon deliver to Taiwan?

Yes, Amazon does offer delivery services to Taiwan. Customers in Taiwan can place orders on the Amazon website, and the delivery options and timeframes will be specified during the checkout process. It’s essential to check the product’s shipping eligibility and estimated delivery dates before completing the purchase.

Does Taiwan have Amazon?

While Taiwan doesn’t have a dedicated Amazon Taiwan website, Taiwanese customers can access and purchase products from the US Amazon website. Services like Global Shopaholics may be utilized for package forwarding to facilitate this process and overcome shipping challenges.

Can Amazon ship to Taiwan?

Yes, Amazon can ship certain products to Taiwan. However, reviewing the product details, shipping eligibility and any restrictions that may apply is crucial. Some items may not be eligible for international shipping, and the availability can vary depending on the seller.

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