Does Amazon Do International Shipping

Amazon is one of the most well reputed e commerce platform in the world. It has allowed various people to buy and sell while also bringing them tons of opportunities to grow and expand. With an exceptional service and thousands of product ranges, it has done a marvelous job in gaining the trust of its customers and building a reputation while doing so.

For the longest of times, Amazon had been the only online store in many places where people could buy whatever they wanted. Overtime, it expanded and became a platform for ecommerce businesses to come and put on their listings. As of now, it is one of the highest profit generating platforms globally and no one has come near it. People are always extremely trusting towards Amazon deliveries and are now moving forward to set up their own businesses through Amazon. It offers great discounts to not just buyers but also sellers and has become one of the top priorities of all ecommerce businesses because they aim to maintain a good profile in order to ensure maximum benefits and increasing sales.

Online shopping has never been easier. Amazon makes sure every individual around the global has equal and easy access to all that they want. You could order anything from anywhere without limitations. With this mission in mind, this platform has successfully made many people trust in the process of online shopping and give up traditional methods to shop. Why would one want to step out when they could get a product delivered on their door step from just a few clicks. It is truly commendable how Amazon has built this empire for themselves and introduced a completely new phenomenal to the people of this world. There are many people who are trying to replicate what Amazon is doing but no one is quicker with innovation than the leader itself. Starting from just a small platform to growing into this huge space with millions of people working within it, Amazon has truly benefited a lot of people and continues to do so through its creative ways. As long as they comply by the few conditions, Amazon allows them to grow under their wing.

E commerce has only expanded since Amazon played a huge role in it. Many people starting their own business and entrepreneurs with new products to offer, all seek Amazon’s help to find an audience and adopt an approach towards success and prosperity. There are thousands of people who learn to navigate around amazon and place their order or sell their products because they know that it is a platform worth investing it.

Amazon’s services are always to better suit to the customer demand and its international shipping is just another one of its service that promises a simple and improved way to get your product to you in the fastest and most uncomplicated way possible. Not just locally but Amazon does in fact ship internationally as well. Mentioned below is the whole process of what you need to do in order to internationally ship your product on Amazon or how to get a product shipped to your home country. There are intricate details so keep reading carefully. We promise to keep it engaging and informational!

If You Are a Shopper

Who does not like to shop online and how can one even resist if it is from a platform like Amazon. They have acute delivery service and if you have Amazon operating in your country, getting a product shipped is not a big deal at all. Amazon makes it extremely easy from Amazon Global which allows for every buyer to see all products which are eligible to be internationally shipped.

All you have to do is search for the product that you wish to buy off Amazon. There will be a lot of options but you still have to refine the search a bit in order to have visibility for all the vendors who are willing to internationally ship their products through Amazon Global delivery service. To do that, you need to apply the Amazon Global filter to your search and see the magic happen. It will now show you all the choices you have; all you have to do now is decide which one suits you the best.

Before placing an order, you need to make sure that you are ordering the correct product and that’s means to double check the fit, default settings, age ratings, and language of the product if these are relevant categories. It is important to understand that with vendors who are internationally shipping, the product may be a little different in terms of all the categories mentioned above because they may not be manufactured in your country and hence have some difference in comparison to the local version.

After you are done selecting your products for international shipping, you continue to sort out the payment details. This is where it gets even more convenient for you. Amazon Global calculates the price in your currency to avoid any confusion and with it also specifies import duties, taxes, and other fees information to ensure that you are completely confident about placing an order. With this clear information, there is also the mention of the expected delivery dates. Upon your confirmation, the order and is placed and Amazon is all ready to internationally ship your product to your selected destination.

It is no surprise that with the amount of success Amazon has, it definitely allows its customers to ship internationally. However, this process works through Amazon Global which is a subset of a platform which specifies what products can be shipped internationally and to which countries.

There are about a 100 countries which are eligible for international shipping and you can find out the specifics of it through their official website. This is a great opportunity for all e commerce business owners who use Amazon to make sales. They can now expand into 100 countries and ship their products worldwide to see not just an increase in sales but also their reputation.

There are a lot of things to consider before internationally shipping a product such as import fees. This includes the custom duties along with the import tax. It is usually dependent on the shipping address as to how much the total import fees would be. There are different custom regulations in all different countries which require fees for lengthy channels and hence result in costs varying in accordance to that. All government procedure difference which is why Amazon makes it clear from the beginning that international shipping has these procedures which may prove to time consuming for the recipient. There is however, an import fee estimation which you could see during checkout to have a fair idea of how much it will cost you if you do choose to move forward with internationally shipping a product.

Moreover, custom delays are a very real thing which is why estimated deliveries may differ in accordance to the country’s regulations. You would also have to look for an importer of record which is needed by some countries during custom procedures. It is usually made for the recipient of shipping so do ensure you see your desired shipping destination requires one or not. The custom fee is dependent on factors such as product price, category and weight and shipping costs.

Now, since Amazon is just too nice to all its customers, they also offer an option for free international shipping. However, it does have some conditions which need to be met in order to make the products being shipping eligible for the free offer. It is indeed an amazing offer to avail because who does not want to save some shipping money, especially if the shipping is an international one. To further check the eligibility of the product for being internationally shipped for free, one needs to add the delivery address and see if the product you want is available for that offer. There are certain countries where is offer is applicable and is based on US dollars only. There is a minimum amount of the order which makes you eligible for free international shipping so make sure you are meeting that amount during the time of your order. The price would show in US dollars as mentioned above, however you can use the currency converter to see what it would be when the order is shipped to the recipient. Import fee is still applicable and is not removed through the free international shipping offer than Amazon generously gives to its customers.

The way to go about

The process is pretty simple. If you are a frequent user of Amazon and are quick in navigating through the website, you should be alright. Since international shipping is not easy and requires a focused approach, it can scary for people placing their first order to be internationally shipped. There are just many details to consider like import fee, delivery charges, custom policies etc. However, this easy process makes it a lot less intimidating. All you have to do first to go to Amazon’s website and log in to your account. If you do not have one, just make one because you definitely need to experience their fast delivery and impeccable customer service. After you are done logging in, go to ‘accounts and lists’ and click on ‘Your Account’. That will show you a list of options from your order details to your membership ones. Just scroll down to the ordering and shopping preferences and look for the option called ‘Your Addresses’. This will then bring you to another page where you will be asked to type in your new address. If you are want to internationally sip, type in the address of the country where you want the product to be shipped. In short, this is where you put in your international information so be careful and do it slowly and steadily. You definitely do not want to get this wrong. Once you are done typing in this information, you will have to save it and on the addresses page, you will see the option ‘Set as Default’ beside the address you just added. Select the default option and you now have the address figured out. Amazon search will now only present you with products which are eligible to be shipped to your international address hence making your shopping experience even more simpler than it was.


You do not need YouTube videos to know if Amazon does international shipping, this blog is more than enough. It can get complicated to understand the eligibility criteria and shift through different pages in search of the correct and authentic information regarding international shipping. You do not have to worry anymore because this blog does a great job in providing all that you need. From information regarding the eligibility criteria to knowing whether your country is amongst the ones where Amazon Global functions, this blog has everything included in it. No need to go through multiple pages which create nothing but just more confusion. You need to just read this blog and it will prepare you for placing an order to be internationally shipped.

No mistakes but instead just pure guidance, this blog would do wonders for people who are intimidated by the process. We are here to help and this blog would be the first step towards you learning every bit about Amazon and its international shipping details.

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