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The Top 5 Wrist Watch Brands for Men

No matter how smart the smartwatches, fitness bands are, they can never replace a quality wristwatch. Men are suckers for god wristwatches. It is your style, your stature, your reputation; it is more than just a watch. So, whether you flex a rugged, tech-heavy chronograph or a classic, slimline dress watch designed to complement your suits, your choice of a watch says a lot about you. 

That’s why we have listed down for you the best and most reputed luxury brands of wristwatches in the world. They include few watches from the “Holy Trinity of Watches”. Global Shopaholics is the best US shipping address service that can complete all your wristwatch fantasies.

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Here are few bonus tips for you:

  • Wrist Watch rules never fail. Black leather strap for formal wear, metal strap with a black face for the office, and a chronograph for weekend escapades.
  • Much like shorts with suits, oversized hats, and the Hoxton fin, these things all have a shelf life. That's okay if you're thinking budget, but if you're splashing the cash it's best to stay classic. Using a shopping address in the USA can save you a few bucks with shipping if care to save as much as you can. Get your US address from Global Shopaholics now.


1. Ulysee Nardin

At number five we have the Ulysee Nardin which was founded way back in 1846. They are famous for their versatility and design which is highlighted in the San Marco Classico Collection. This collection is known for its minimalistic design while the Sonata, Hour Striker, and El Toro GMT are the epitomai of beautiful complications and loud design language. Ulysee Nardin is famous for designing the top and marine watch series however they are not limited to just marine watches. The Caprice is a premium ladies watch series, the Freak series with an unconventional Tourbillion complication is a versatile premium watch range from Ulysee Nardin some of which cost as much as $1.2 million. Other popular collections include the Dual Time Perpetual, Quadrat Dual Time, and Ulysee Nardin. Get your US address now to start shopping and shipping via Global Shopaholics. We are the best US shipping address service and you can rely on us with your important purchases.

2. Blancpain

Blancpain, the iconic watch brand established in 1735 and is at number 4 on our list. With a history spanning close to three centuries, Blount pound has a notable contribution towards the development of modern-day premium watches. The iconic Fifty Fathoms from Blancpain is acclaimed as the first-ever underwater diving watch. They earned their share of Fame and respect when they redesigned the vintage tourbillion complication into a flying tourbillion. The tourbillion that thus resulted was enclosed in a cage and anyone who looks at the watch cannot but marvel at the clasp that the watch lends to its wearer. Apart from the iconic 50 Fathom, Blancpain also manufactures some of the finest collections such as the Villeret, Specialties, Novelties, Sports, and Le Brassus. These pretty watches can be ordered online with Global Shopaholics’ cheapest us address shipping.

3. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet was set up in the year 1875. It came into the limelight with the AP oak series watches which are regarded as the first luxury sports watches crafted out of regular and non-premium stainless steel. Apart from being a design breakthrough the AP Oak Series gained almost cult status and sold many units. Audemars Piguet wanted to bank on the popularity of the series and designed a diving watch with a similar design and named it the Royal Oak Offshore Series. Audemars Piguet is a part of the Holy Trinity of watch brands and was the first company which proved that using a premium metal is not the only way to design premium watches. Expertise in watchmaking counts as much and contributes to the huge popularity of the stainless steel watch. Audemars Piguet as a brand is known for exquisite designs and went on to manufacture many other popular collections like the Diamond Fury, Diamond Punk, and the complicated Jules Audemars. When you register with Global Shopaholics, you get your US address that you can use to get these beauties shipped to your countries.

4. Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is ranked second among the luxury brands in our list and has the distinction of watch manufacturing continuity since 1755. This makes it the oldest continuously manufacturing watchmaker in the world. They are known for their incredibly distinctive and creative horological watches. Their watchmaking genius is best highlighted by the Vacheron Constantin Reference which also holds the prestigious record for the world's most complicated watch with a whopping 57 complications. It is valued at 8 million dollars by Forbes. Vacheron Constantin and is one of the prestigious Holy Trinity and their watches are the epitome of technical brilliance and appealing designs. The Patrimony, Malte, the Traditionelle 1972, the Oversees, Harmony, Les Historiques, and Metiers d’Art are some of the masterpiece collections from Vacheron Constantin. The cheapest US address shipping by Global Shopaholics gives you the guarantee of saving shipping money. Spend all you want to get the best wrist watch now.

5. Patek Philipe

Patek Philipe founded by Francois Czapec in 1839 and leads our list of top luxury watches and is known to be the pioneer of wristwatches. Patek Philipe designed the very first wristwatch and is a part of the prestigious holy trinity watch. Patek Philipe created the first Swiss wristwatch in 1868 for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. Wrists of famous personalities such as Henry Graves and James Packard are adorned by custom-made watches from Patek Philipe. They have the knack of designing perfect complications and reportedly auctioned the Grave Super Complication for $11 million in the year 1999. It is said that it took them eight years of research and development to design the 24 complications that feature in the watch. Patek Philipe Calibre 89, Nautilus, World Time, Aquanaut, Calatrava are some of the most iconic watch collections from Patek Philipe. Needless to say, their pioneer status in watchmaking elevates the aura of any person who wears some of the most coveted and prestigious wristwatch collections in the world.

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