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Pros and Cons of Amazon Shopping

Amazon is considered to potentially be one of the best technological platforms in the 21st century. This is because they provide people from across the globe with access to all major brands. Shopping, buying and selling have never been easier since Amazon works diligently to offer the best of services to its customers. With a revenue of around 386.1 billion USD, it is indeed one of the largest and most successful businesses globally. It has grown tremendously and this is all because they keep delivering on their promise of providing a reliable and secure shopping experience to each individual who chooses their platform to place an order. Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of Amazon is quite an inspirational personality for people who have a dream and work towards making it a reality, no matter how absurd it seems to other people. Amazon is a proof that it all starts with a vision and then through hard work, integrity and dedication, that vision can be turned into a real thing, possibly even an example for others.

When talking about the pros and cons of Amazon shopping, one cannot move forward without mentioning how this platform played the integral role in defining the E-commerce industry across the world. The vast growth observed over the years in the E-commerce market can solely be brought back to Amazon and how it has influenced many other business owners to focus on having an online platform. Increasing number of people began trusting the concept of online businesses after Amazon because it provided their customers with the surety that one can shop without stepping outside of their homes and receive the same products in much better prices. Although not a very new concept anymore, it is not very much in the past that people could not fathom the idea of such convenient shopping. However, now with Amazon, convenient shopping is what people do. Gradually, over the years a large amount of people has chosen and continue to choose Amazon as their shopping partner.

Before Amazon, people did not trust idea of placing an order online, however, with this one platform, new expectations were created in the market and customer began to shift toward shopping online gradually. After many years of Amazon existing and providing its services, there are people now who cannot do without it. This can be linked to the dependency Amazon, as a brand has created amongst people. With a few clicks, there is an order on the move. More convenience brought even more demand in the market and hence e commerce rose uncontrollably. It is indeed very fascinating to see how much growth Amazon has attained over the years and it is solely because it values customer support and convenience over everything else.

Focused on creating a platform where people can not only look at products at great length but also evaluate its value through the reviews, Amazon can be called as the pioneer of E-commerce. It has enabled many people to shift from the traditional shopping experience to a more online one which is extremely convenient in terms of both payment and delivery. Amazon, as a multinational brand prides on itself for doing what many others have failed to do. Their priority on providing the best of the best to their customer has resulted in more trust building. With great experiences and even more satisfied customers, Amazon was able to establish itself as well reputed platform in the industry.  

What Makes Amazon the Best Platform

From home appliances to makeup brands, Amazon has everything to offer. It is indeed a stop shop for everyone who wants their products to be delivered on their doorstep without much hassle or bargain. No compromises and excellent customer support, Amazon exceeds all expectations and delivers an exemplary shopping experience to each and every one of their clients.

There is always a concern for price, quality and returns when talking about shopping but with Amazon, the shopping experience is transformed and while addressing all these elements, it maintains a true image of delivering only what is truly desired by the customers. If there is a product listed on Amazon, its prices would vary according to the vendor but it solely on the basis of prior knowledge that the customer is given full control to choose the best vendor. What amazon does is essentially connecting all the buyers and sellers on one platform and gives all of them the free range to practice their right of either buying or selling, however within the rules of Amazon which is to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

It is imperative that Amazon understands that what customers want exactly; what they ordered which is why they have a strict regulatory mechanism to block or disallow vendors who seems to take advantage of the buyers or shoppers. It has a very customer centric approach and ensures that products being sold on their platform are of the highest quality so that the customers do not have to suffer.

Since there is not just one vendor for a particular product, every shopper is exposed to various prices and they are always market competitive. Customers are at the full liberty to choose which price suits them the best and hence move forward with placing their order accordingly. It is important to realise that Amazon does this in order to provide its customers with the choice that they may not get while shopping traditionally. One advantage of online shopping, more specifically, buying on Amazon is that all possible vendors, different quality products and reviews are at the same place. This makes it easier for the customer to evaluate their choice and see which one looks the best to them. It makes the process quicker and very convenient for people who do not like mall shopping and would rather shop in the comfort of their homes. Without any bargain, a customer gets the best price and that too with guaranteed good quality and efficient delivery.

Lastly, the most lucrative con of Amazon shopping is that it offers extensive discounts to its customers and keeps them engaged in the shopping experience. Amazon realises the power of discounts and ensures that more and more of them are offered to their loyal customers so that they continue to place their purchases from the platform. Without compromising on the quality while also implementing a strong feedback system where the customers can list down any complaints they have, Amazon makes sure its customers feel secure while placing an order from their platform and do not have to worry about the quality of the product every time they place an order. These discounts do not just end here but to encourage more sales, Amazon provides exclusive discounts to the people who have a prime subscription. They get free delivery meaning that they do not have to pay any money to get their product delivered right at their doorstep.

It is absolutely fantastic how Amazon has their whole model revolved around customer convenience. One can just search up different categories for their product and be exposed to a number of vendors along with their reviews. With convenience, there is also an ease while navigating their website. No trouble locating products or placing an order. It is because of these intricate details which make shopping from amazon a fairly easy and quick process.

Cons of Amazon Shopping

Although Amazon is one of the best platforms to shop from, it still has some weaknesses because there is always a room for improvement. Since it is such a huge multinational platform, it has many offices around the globe and sometimes there may be some miscommunication between them which can directly affect the customer experience.

There are not just a multitude of Amazon offices around the globe but there are even more brands on the platform which offer their products to the customers. This, sometimes adds to the difficulty of managing orders efficiently and then choosing problem solving strategies accordingly. More often than not, there are customer complaints which need to be dealt with. Such wide variety of products and offices across a country can produce a lot of confusion and hence result in spoiling the reputation of the platform.

When a customer is purchasing a product online, there is always this worry that the product will not be as good as the picture shown on Amazon and in case this actually ends up happening, customers tend to file an official complaint. Due to some mismanagement across different offices, that complaint can get lost and result in further disappoint for the customer. Amazon has been facing with such issues lately and this can solely be reverted back to its increasing growth in the last couple of years. If one is ordering from amazon, they need to make sure that they are placing an order from a prime supplier to avoid such quality problems and always receive the best quality.

Moving one, Amazon promises safe and secure delivery of the product but sometimes they fall back on their promise which causes huge losses to the customer. Due to it being a huge platform, recovering that price or receiving a refund can also take up a lot of time. Since one can find potentially everything on Amazon, people tend to order the most expensive products from the platform. Due to inefficient delivery, the product received can sometimes be broken or just not the quality which was promised.

Since Amazon does not only deal with reputed brands but instead allows many individual business owners to set up their online business on their platform, there is a rush of vendors for one product. Although this can prove to be very beneficial for the customers in terms of comparing prices, it can also take an opposite turn and cause more harm than good. Some vendors amongst them may be scammers or just people who are claiming to sell new products but in reality, they are doing the opposite and supplying knockoffs. This one problem is faced by increasing number of Amazon shoppers lately hence demotivating them from shopping from Amazon and instead opting for traditional shopping methods instead.

One more big concern which comes with Amazon shopping is that people are still sceptical about ordering clothes and expensive products such as makeup or accessories from Amazon. This is because no matter how efficient an online shopping platform is, it still cannot offer the same satisfaction of being able to know touch the product and feel the quality of it in real time as tangible ones. There is still a lot of doubts when it comes to that which is why Amazon shopping may not exactly be the best option if a person needs that certainty from their products. It is definitely a better option for them to choose traditional shopping methods and gauge the quality before purchasing. It can be said that with Amazon shopping, one needs to be able to take somewhat of a risk because in the end, one may never know if they will actually receive the exact same type of product that they ordered. It is quite possible that one perceives a product in a certain way but it does not meet their expectations when they receive them.  

Online shopping from Amazon offers great convenience but it does indeed have many cons as well. Although Amazon works tirelessly to offer the most exclusive customer experience, it is lately falling behind due to various management issues. With customer complaints taking months to get resolved and delivery getting delayed by weeks without any prior notice, there are many people who are beginning to doubt the online experience Amazon guarantees to offer. Moreover, more and more customers are getting sceptical of the vendors present on the platform. It would prove to be extremely beneficial if the regulatory system of all vendors on Amazon can be made stricter to eliminate any possibility of a scam and allow for a more financially secure buyer experience.