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Shop From US, From The Comfort Of Your Home!

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USA shopping online, a sure shot therapy for every shopaholic around the world! What was once thought to be a pretty difficult thing to do, is now at your finger tips! Yes, shop in US without any hassle, only with Global Shopaholics.

All your favorite US brands are a few taps away, pile up your carts with the most adored products and wait until Global Shopaholics ships them to you without causing you any trouble! We all are pretty reluctant in shipping items from abroad, thinking what if they get lost? Global Shopaholics not only ensures safe shipping, a lot more shipping perks but also package insurance for as low as 1% of the cost of the item.

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Shop US with Global Shopaholics

With the US parcel forwarding services of Global Shopaholics, you can shop from US and ship internationally. Global Shopaholics offers a number of package forwarding services like package consolidation and package insurance. You also get value-added services to easily ship packages from the USA, like Assisted Purchase and cashback!

  1. Sign up for Global Shopaholics to get a FREE U.S. shipping address.
  2. Go to the website of store of your choice and buy whatever you like
  3. At the checkout, use the free US shipping address provided by Global Shopaholics.
  4. After purchasing, your products will be delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse.

You get your very own tax-free US shipping address for free by signing up


Shop from any U.S. store and enter the given U.S. address at the checkout


Get your packages combined into one box to save on international shipping


GS through its best package forwarding services will deliver you package soon!

Package Forwarding Services By Global Shopaholics

Global Shopaholics offers a multitude of services, including but not limited to

  • Tax free US shipping address
  • Package consolidation service
  • 210 days of storage
  • Detailed pictures of the package
  • Extra packing material
  • Courier service of your choice
  • More payment methods
  • Repacking
  • Live chat support
  • The lowest shipping cost

Shop in US and enjoy easy shipping with Global Shopaholics

Globalshopaholics brings you the ease to shop from any US store and ship worldwide, be it from Adidas, Nike, macy's, Walmart or any other US store of your choice. Become a member of GS family without any registration fee, ship with minimal processing fee and enjoy other shipping perks too!

If you're unable to complete your online purchase at a US store due to any reason at all, you can opt for the assisted purchase option. Global Shopaholics will place the order on your behalf and then deliver it to you as well!

Subscribe to any of the subscription plan, the best suited to your convenience. There's a free 30 days trial for every plan!

4 Easy Steps

Shop From Any Store In The US And Ship Internationally

1. Create your Global Shopaholics account

To create an account on Global Shopaholics, simply go to Sign Up and fill in the required details.


2. Create your account on the store website

In order to shop from any US store with Global Shopaholics, you will need an account on that store's website as well. After creating a Global Shopaholics account, create your own online account on the store of your choice and shop.


3. Shop your favorite products from the US

Now that the accounts on Global Shopaholics and Sephora or any other US brand has been created, all that’s left to do is add items to your cart. Fill your cart up with all your wanted products from the US and continue to the checkout


4. Checkout

When asked for your address at the checkout, enter the free US shipping address that was provided to you by Global Shopaholics. This way, your products will be delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse, from where they will be forwarded to you


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Global Shopaholics does everything to keep shipping cost low while you shop in US online. GS has various couriers on board for shipping from US to around the world. You can choose to ship with the courier of your choice. Simply go to the shipping calculator, select the category of the product and calculate shipping on the basis of dimensions.

Detailed shipping rate will be displayed. You can choose the shipping deal which suits your budget and the time schedule.

Shipping Calculator

Frequently asked questions

Global Shopaholics helps you ship products from US stores to any country, even from US companies that do not typically ship directly to your country. We give you a US shipping address with 210 days of storage and forward the packages delivered directly to you at the lowest guaranteed shipping cost.
Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a Shopaholic. It is totally free and really easy. On the home page, click on ‘Account’. Then click on ‘Register’.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Once you are done, you will receive an email from us to verify your account.
  • Log in for the first time after the verification of your account.
  • Upon first login, you will be
No, GS provides you a free US shipping address.
Package consolidation feature helps you ship all your purchases at once which saves the shipping cost by 80%
To submit a Consolidation Request:
- Go to your Storage
- Click on - Fill in the details for each item - If you have a special request click on ‘Add Special Service write the special request - Select the packages which you want to consolidate and ship by selecting checkboxes on the left side. - Click on "Consolidate and Ship" and select your address Your consolidation request has been submitted!