Perfect Ramadan Gift Ideas

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here, and Muslims around the world are ready to observe the month with a sense of gratitude, prayer, and community. And while some Ramadan traditions are culturally specific, others like gift-giving are universal. Here’s a quick look at what that means, and how you can shop and ship Ramadan gifts to any country.


While fasting and praying are a central part of the Ramadan tradition, there are several other cultural traditions followed by Muslims around the world, and various countries have their own unique customs too.

The Egyptians are known for their ‘Fanus’ lantern decorations, Muslims in Java observe ‘Padusan’ by bathing in holy springs, and it is common in the Middle East and South Asia to have a designated person in the neighborhood make an announcement in the streets or in the Mosque to wake the Muslims for the Suhoor meal. Mosques and other public places also commonly host Iftar gatherings when the fast is over.

Another widely observed tradition across the Muslim world in the month of Ramadan is gift-giving. Some gifts are specific to the Holy month, such as clothing for the upcoming Eid holiday or attar (traditional non-alcoholic perfume popularly used in the Gulf and the Middle East), while other gifts are more general in nature and may range from toys for the children to jewelry and handbags.


If you’ve been thinking of what you can get for your friends or family this Ramadan, there are plenty of wonderful options to choose from. It’s so typical to run out of gift ideas the moment you need good advice in gift-giving; we’ve all been there! But to kickstart your mind, here are some general categories to consider when deciding what to get as a Ramadan gift.

  • Traditional jewelry never fails to impress, and it makes for the perfect gift
  • Perfume or attar is a good idea even if it isn’t Ramadan; it’s a classic gift choice that’s loved by everyone
  • Beauty kits rarely go unused at the hands of the beauty guru, and let’s face it: we all know at least one
  • Home appliances aren’t the obvious first choice but make a great difference in anyone’s day-to-day life
  • Watches could be either analog or smart! Make sure you know if they’re one type or another
  • Toys are always a go-to for children, and there’s more variety now than ever
  • Handbags are a go-to choice for so many people, and they’re timelessly appropriate
  • Gaming gear is one of the options that’s incredibly popular but gets overlooked by many; never underestimate the power of play!
  • Clothing and shoes are a standard Ramadan gift and Eid gift as well and should be on your list if nothing else


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The way it works is simple.

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