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Too lazy to drive across the border yet craving for some of your favourite American products? No worries! Get your most wanted products into the virtual shopping cart-provide the tax free US address by GS-SHIP TO CANADA!


Collective Shipping In a Single Box

We like collecting things for you!
Thinking of ordering multiple products from multiple stores? Go ahead, GS loves packing up souvenirs of joy into a single box and sending them to you, in one go


Ship Internationally To Your Door

Multiple shipping options on your list
There’s always a preference, we offer you an extended list of shipping companies to be considerate of picking your favourite one out--the list sure is LONG!


International shipping from US to Canada isn't a wish to sigh on, not anymore! You might have your eyes on a sweater from TARGET or a bag from CENTURY 21, but finding no time for driving to states. Wait what? The store’s shipping is too expensive; well that's okay when you have Global shopaholics as your shipping partner. Celebrate on your own, treat yourself with online shopping and shipping to Canada from your favourite stores in neighborhood- The US.


Best prices for the best populaces!
Online shopping and shipping to Canada at low to lowest rates is what Global Shopaholics, as we know you are filled to the brim with costly shipping. Our detailed panel guide gives a complete insight of multidimensional shipping rates. Additionally, pricing of shipping from US to Canada also depends on the company you choose and what different do they have on board to offer.

  1. Global shopaholics provide all the people who visit their website a free access to ‘estimated shipping calculator’ to compare and conclude the best suitable deal in context to money and time. As you get a complete display of time and charges each of the shipping service has to offer to ship items from USA to CANADA
  2. Being a Global shopaholic, we provide an access to a real-time shipping tool which further gives you options between shipping means, transit rates and time
Above all global shopaholics stands tall for providing foremost cheap shipping from US to Canada in the industry.



We’re not just fast, we’re super fast!
GS is an ultimate solution for prompt ‘n cheap for shipping US to Canada. Usual package transit time from USA to Canada.
Priority shipping: 2-4 working days, GS always urges on standard and quality
over everything else we moreover pledge over, a cost-effective deliverance
Economy shipping: 5-10 working days. Somethings are worth, waiting for! Passing over urgent delivery, has saved our customers 50% plus expenses
For the exact idea of how long will your shipping take with a specific company depends on various factors. Head over to Calculator to determine Cost and Transit times of Shipping from the US to UAE for further details.
You don’t need to surf the internet for getting to know about, what commodities are subjected to taxes and custom duties while Internationally shipping US to Canada. We care for our shopaholics, hence we uptake the pain of completing essential paperwork related to taxes and cross-border permissions.
Goods and service taxes

Most goods imported into Canada are subject to the federal GST, which is calculated at the rate of 5% on the total value of the shipment inclusive of duty tax. The GST is calculated on the Canadian dollar value of the goods.

What further can GS do for you?
Upon delivery GS will provide you with detailed invoice of taxes subjected to your total package value. Moreover Global Shopaholics renders you the possibility of saving alot of money by shipping all at once-- GS provides you a free storage for up-to 180 days. You can buy multiple products even if they have different delivery times, on their delivery we’ll pack them up into a cost effective compact packaging while shipping products from US to Canada.

*However this might depend on location to location as some provinces impose combined the GST with their provincial sales taxes on various categories of goods, thus creating a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
Duties and custom tax
Under CUSMA, Canada has agreed to maintain
de minimis threshold for customs duties: CAD$150.00
de minimis threshold for tax :CAD$20.00 for taxes
*For excise duty on alcohol and tobacco please visit

Your total cost of shipping may vary from weight of the product, to which specific city you are sending it and some others factors as well which you can accurately calculate by using our shipping calculator. shipping calculator.


    Your comfort, our service
    • No sign-up and monthly fee
    • cheapest way to ship to Canada
    • Free pictures of your items will be provided to you upon the arrival of the shipment
    • We extend our services like, repacking and pictures of items, for your ease
    • We only charge $5 consolidation fee, with no hidden packaging material
    • charges unlike other drop shippers.
    • You will not be charged with any sales tax as our warehouse is located in a Tax free region.
    • Have multiple Shipping options like DHL, Aramex, and USPS etc
    • Up to 180 days free storage facility.
    • If you want to speed up the process then we offer express purchase in which instead of $5 we charge $10 and after exceeding $100 instead of 5% we charge 10%
    What further can GS do for you?
    We also provide the facility of assisted purchase and its minimum cost is $5 and if the purchase exceeds $100 cost is 5% of the total amount of purchase.
    However like always GS might surprise you with big sales by notifying you about annual and seasonal sales so that you save some extra cash.
    If you want to speed up the process then we offer express purchase in which instead of $5 we charge $10 and after exceeding $100 instead of 5% we charge 10%.
    • We provide free USA mail box forwarding address in case you need assistance in buying a product online
    • Multiple Payment options are available for our customers that include
    Bit coin
    Credit/Debit Card
    Bank transfer

    What further can GS do for you?

    Apart from providing you a complete guide of how to ship to Canada
    Global shopaholics consider you its family, your loss is our loss. If we find a broken/damaged item in your packaging, we’ll instantly notify you so that you don’t have to pay for something which isn’t of your use.
    The further action of replacement or return will be taken on your behalf as instructed by you Global shopaholics further provides you with an opportunity of thorough inspection of your bought items, by detailed item photo facility, even before it reaches you.
    Home is where global Shopaholics is!

    What special does GS has to offer as shipping forwarder US to Canada?

    Global shopaholics has been setting an example in the market trends, we have a wide range of companies which love and consider collaborating with us. Here and yet together, we go out an extra mile to bring you a cushy shipping from US to Canada.
    1.  FedEx
    2.  DHL
    3.  USPS
    4.  UPS
    5.  Airbnex
    Spreading smiles across miles, inside the Canadian borders while keeping up our quality assured services of shipping products from US to Canada


Canadian government has strict to flexible import restrictions subjected to various items when it comes to international shipping from US to Canada
  • Obscene or Pornographic material
  • Coins and cash
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Anything made or crafted in prisons
  • Used mattresses or cushioning from used mattresses
  • Items that misrepresent their place of origin
  • Second-hand cars
  • White phosphorous matches
  • Anything goods that might include hate speech or sedition
However, the import restrictions of Canada might change time and time, for further confirmations we are at the service of our customers to let them know about changing laws related to certain items or for further information you can also visit  
Our courier collaborators also have some shipment boundaries according to nature of the items and UAE laws; you can further look into them

What further can GS do for you?

How to ship dangerous goods to Canada?

1. Canada holds the one of the biggest technology, personal care product and cosmetic purchase as observed in the world market trends. we further are a certified shipper of goods which might be regarded as dangerous such as
2. Although, there are some units which are restricted when it comes to shipping from US to Canada such as weapons etc however you can get a special licence to bring them in to Canadian borders . Global shopaholics can help you with required necessary permission paperwork of such items under the international special commodities contract.
3. Moreover Global shopaholics will keep you updated at every step. We’ll inform about the items which are strictly forbidden while booking freight from USA to Canada, so that you don’t pay any extra charges for articles that don’t reach you. Use our Calculator to determine Cost and Transit times of Shipping from the US to Saudi Arabia


Ensuring cheap shipping from US to Canada is so much better when you have a long list of brands to shop from. Despite of having an unmatched market of its own, Canada hold a prominent share in the foreign market. Create your own aura in Shipping products from US to Canada which has been taken to the next level by Global Shopaholics. 
Ralph Lauren
J Crew
Victoria’s Secret
Bath & Body Works
Disney Store
Weissman Designs
Toys R US
Babies R Us



We offer more shipping options than our competitors