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How To Shop From Nike And Ship Internationally

Nike US is a brand which is not unknown to anyone. It is a brand that designs, develops, manufactures and then markets their products in footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. People shop from Nike US to get high quality, fine and premium products.

However, Nike US doesn’t ship internationally, so people who are hoping to shop Nike products from the US, cannot get it directly. But, if you want to shop from Nike, then we have an easy way for it. Global Shopaholics provides a free US shipping address to you, so you can buy from any US store and get it delivered. From there, it’s forwarded to you. So if you’re looking to shop Nike products from the USA, here’s an easier way to do so.

Shop from Nike with Global Shopaholics

With the US parcel forwarding services provided by Global Shopaholics, you can buy from Nike in the US and ship it internationally. Global Shopaholics offers numerous package forwarding services like package consolidation, package insurance and others. You also get advanced services to easily ship packages from the USA, like Assisted Purchase. There are just some steps you need to follow to buy from Nike.

1 مفت US شپنگ ایڈریس حاصل کرنے کے لیے Global Shopaholics کے لیے سائن اپ کریں۔

2 Go to Nike’s website and buy from Nike, anything you wish.

3 At the checkout, use the free US shipping address given by Global Shopaholics

4 After buying, your products will be delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse

5 The items can be kept in the warehouse for 180 days. You can move forward to buy from Nike or other stores and gather them at the warehouse before shipping

6 When you’re ready to ship the packages, you can opt for the package consolidation service. This combines your packages into one box, and saves you shipping costs. Once shipped, you can then track your order with the given tracking ID to see exactly where your package is and when you’ll receive it. This is by far the easiest and inexpensive way to buy from Nike in the US and ship it internationally.

Package Forwarding Services By Global Shopaholics

Global Shopaholics offers a multitude of services, including but not limited to

  • Tax free US shipping address
  • Package consolidation service
  • 210 days of storage
  • Detailed pictures of the package
  • Extra packing material
  • Courier service of your choice
  • More payment methods
  • ری پیکنگ
  • Live chat support
  • The lowest shipping cost

Shipping from Nike with Global Shopaholics

Shipping Nike products from the US is a very simple and easy process with Global Shopaholics. You can buy from Nike in the US and ship it internationally with zero inconvenience. To ship packages from the USA, you’ll require a shipping address. You will get a tax free US address when you sign up for Global Shopaholics, which is necessary to ship Nike products from the US.

Next, create a Nike account so you can place the order. Shop Nike products from the US and move to checkout. Here, double-check and see if you have every product you need to shop from Nike before you move forward. When asked to provide your address at the checkout, enter the free US shipping address you’ve received from Global Shopaholics.

Once the package is delivered at the warehouse, it can be stored for up to 180 days there. Meanwhile, you can still continue to get more products from or other stores and gather them all in the warehouse, before shipping them together. Whenever you’re ready to ship the products, you can go for the package consolidation service to unite your packages into one box. This, along with our cheapest package shipping and your own choice of courier, makes this the simplest and cheapest way to buy Nike in the USA and ship it internationally.

4 Easy Steps

Buy from Nike In The US And Ship Internationally

1. Create your Global Shopaholics account

To create an account on Global Shopaholics, simply go to سائن اپ and fill in the required details.

2. Create your Nike account

In order to shop from Nike with Global Shopaholics, you will need a Nike account as well. After making one with Global Shopaholics, create one with Nike to not stop your shopping spree.


3. Shop Nike products from the US

Now that both the accounts on Global Shopaholics and Nike are created, all there’s left to do is adding items in your cart. Fill the carts with all your favorite Nike products from the US and move to the checkout.


4. Checkout

When asked for the address at the checkout, enter the free US shipping address that was given to you by Global Shopaholics. In this way, the products will be delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse and from where they will be forwarded to you Some stores don’t ship to a warehouse address. In cases like these, you can use our Assisted Purchase option instead. When you’re ready to ship Nike products from the US, you can pick the courier service of your choice, conditional to whether you want cheapest package shipping or fast international shipping from Nike. Once the items have been shipped, you will get a tracking ID, so you can track your shipment of Nike products from the US easily.


Faq's from customers ​

اکثر سوالات اور جوابات
No. Nike US doesn’t ship internationally. For every country other than the US you will have to use a package forwarding service like Global Shopaholics.

Package forwarding (or parcel forwarding) is the only cheapest package shipping which allows you to shop from Nike or other US brands by consolidating your packages.

No. You get your own US shipping address for FREE when you make a Global Shopaholics account.

کچھ امریکی آن لائن اسٹورز آپ کو اپنی ویب سائٹس پر ادائیگی کے لیے غیر ملکی کریڈٹ کارڈز استعمال کرنے کی اجازت نہیں دیتے ہیں اور کچھ کے لیے آپ کے پاس امریکی شپنگ ایڈریس ہونا ضروری ہے۔ ایسے حالات کے لیے، ہم اسسٹڈ پرچیز پیش کرتے ہیں۔
بس امدادی خریداری کی درخواست کا فارم پُر کریں اور ہمیں بتائیں کہ آپ امریکہ میں مقیم کسی بھی بیچنے والے سے آپ کی طرف سے آن لائن کیا خریدنا چاہتے ہیں۔ ہم اپنے امریکی کریڈٹ کارڈ کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے آپ کی مصنوعات کو آن لائن خریدیں گے اور آپ کے لیے درخواست کردہ اشیاء کو ہمارے US میں واقع گودام میں وصول کریں گے، جہاں سے آپ کی کھیپ آپ کے بین الاقوامی پتے پر بھیج دی جائے گی۔
اگر آپ جس اسٹور سے خرید رہے ہیں وہ پیکج فارورڈنگ کمپنیوں کو نہیں بھیجتا ہے (مثال کے طور پر: Sephora، ULTA، Coach)، ہم اپنے گودام کے پتے کی بجائے ایک خاص پتہ فراہم کریں گے۔

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