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Shipping Address

Without a tax-free shipping address, most shoppers face a dilemma that stores in the United States don’t deliver to international addresses. Even when they do at times, they only deliver to a selected few countries in the European region along with Australia and New Zealand.

This is where a US address comes in handy for shoppers looking to buy things from the country. The address allows you to start shopping like a US citizen.

Using the US address, you get to avail all the sales, coupons, and discounts usually available only to US citizens and/or a select few countries

But the problem doesn’t stop there! Not all US addresses are tax-free. Most states in the United States charge an extra tax from the warehouses, increasing the cost by many folds. This is where a tax-free US Shipping address comes in handy. Since there are no additional taxes on the storage, GS manages to offer up to 180 days (6 months) absolutely free of charge to the customers.

Using the tax-free shipping address, you do not only save money on costs, but the storage period also allows you to store your items at our warehouse and consolidate them into one box later on to save up to 80% on the shipping costs.

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