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Shipping Price

Pay lowest for Volumetric Weight

At Global Shopaholics we believe in making your shop and ship from USA experience as easy and smooth as possible. Our Smart shipping price options enable you to calculate your shipping cost beforehand.

Top services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and others calculate the cargo rates based on volumetric or dimensional weight and this is where GS Smart shipping price options come in handy for your ease of pre-shipment calculation.

How does GS Smart shipping price work?

We understand that shipping costs can be a real thorn when it comes to international shopping and shipping from US. Our shipping calculator is especially designed to help you find the best options between lower shipping rates and faster delivery time.

Head to our shipping calculator and punch in your package details, your country, city, zip code and press calculate.


Our Smart shipping price calculator would do all the maths for you and bring up all the available options with our carrier partners. The results on the calculation page are pretty self explanatory based on the delivery time and the dimensional weight of your package.

We can help you with international shopping and shipping experience from the USA to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, the Americas or anywhere in between.

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