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Buy directly from USA stores like Amzon, eBay, Macy's, Best Buy, with the help of your free US address.


Consolidate Everything In 1 Box

Your can consolidate all of your items from different stores in one box to save maximum on international shipping.


Ship Internationaly To Your Door

We offer maximum shipping options so, you can ship from USA to Doorstep

Buy USA Products And Ship To Saudi Arabia

People always have questions about shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia. Online shipping stores either do not ship from USA to Saudi Arabia or even if they do, the international shipping to Saudi Arabia is very expensive. Sometimes there are certain things that you buy from Online Stores that require US shipping address or sometimes there are certain dangerous goods that some companies do not ship to your country. These are the reasons due to which youneed Global Shopaholics so that we can buy, consolidate and in the end shipping to Saudi Arabia at your door step at lowest rates.


How Much Does It Cost To Saudi Arabia?

We want to deliver your package at your door step safely and as soon as possible. So, generally it takes:

Your total cost of shipping may vary from weight of the product, to which specific city you are sending it and some others factors as well which you can accurately calculate by using our shipping calculator. shipping calculator.


Why Choose Global Shopaholics??

Following are the reasons why you should choose Global Shopaholics for shipping services:

We offer more shipping options than our competitors

How long does it take with GlobalShopaholics?

We want to deliver your package at your door step safely and as soon as possible. So, generally it takes:

(The rates and time of Saudi Arabia shipping may change depending upon the shipping company you choose)

Use our Calculator to determine Cost and Transit times of Shipping from the US to Saudi Arabia

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Comparison B/W rates of different companies:

As we have already mentioned that Global Shopaholics offer lowest shipping rates among all the companies but customer satisfaction comes first so, we have also given you comparison between us and other companies regarding rates.

Outlets from where you can buy anything online and ship through Global Shopaholics

There are many outlets and online stores in US which provide enormous range of products from mobile accessories to cosmetics, batteries to bags, and from anything to everything. All you have to do is to find a product that you like; select that product after these steps global shopaholics will take care of the rest, from repacking to shipping it from US.