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Global Shopaholics understand customer needs. Our return service allows you to return damaged packages back to the vendor. Customers can opt for detailed item photos and/or equipment testing services to get updates on their products. Our return services vary based on the shipping services you have selected with us.

For Assisted Purchases

If there is any reason you are not completely satisfied, we are happy to offer a refund of your merchandise cost within 20 days of placing your order.

Returns time frame also depends upon the vendors’ returns policy. For example: if the vendor who supplied your items has a 14-day return policy, we may not be able to process your return within 20 days since it would require longer for us to receive your items.

Note: You are responsible for paying for the return shipping label and any Bank Fees associated with processing your refund.

For Direct Purchases

You can initiate a return request with Global Shopaholics however where most US retailers refund the product in full sometimes either there is a deduction or the product is non-refundable. Make sure you check the return policy with the store before making a purchase/processing a return request.

Non-refundable Fees:

  • Processing Fees
  • Shipping Charges (if the item is already shipped to you)
  • Express Processing Fee (if there is any)

How to return a package I am shipping from the US?

Returning a package is really easy with Global Shopaholics

  • Log in to your Global Shopaholics account
  • Go to the 'Storage and Ship' section
  • Click on the 'My Storage' tab
  • Select the 'Return' button on the right side of the item you wish to return

Note: If you opted for direct purchase you will be asked for a return label, which can be provided by the seller of the item. Attach a picture of this return label and submit your return report.

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