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10 Tips To Get Big Discounts on Black Friday

Black Friday is the most awaited shopping event of the year, and it makes these days busier and more crowded than usual. Also, some people seem to benefit more from every Black Friday than the rest of us. How some people grab the best deals, how can you get a big discount this Black Friday, 2020? Secure your favorite products before they run out of stock with these 10 tips for getting a big discount on Black Friday,2021. 

1. Download Special Apps

There are some apps specialized in locating the best deals online. These apps are made for Android and iOS. Such apps have multiple features and can help you to;

  • Find the best store in the mall with the most significant discounts

  • Find the best route (with least traffic) to the mall

  • Notify you about the early-bird sales, doorbusters, and other time-specific sales

  • Provide price comparison while you shop

These apps are quite helpful in saving time and grabbing the biggest deals during Black Friday.

2. Research Well Before Black Friday Begins

A bad purchase is a bad decision, no matter how big of a discount you got. If a product caught your eye online, make sure you read the descriptions, materials used, sizes available, and other details. Make sure the products are worth your money; don't get blinded by the flashing sale signs. 

3. Follow Your Favorite Online Stores on Social Media

Follow online stores you like on social media; you will be aware of their latest products and sales. Save the sale flyers and make a folder in your gallery as a list of the sales you want to avail. You can also save screenshots of the products you like, so if you don't find the article in the crowd of Black Friday, you can show it to a store salesperson for him/her to get it for you. 


4. Compare Prices

There are some price-comparison sites you can use to get amazing discounts on Black Friday 2021. Some sites would announce sales, which are rather a deception. They increase their products' prices before the sale and announce huge discounts as soon as Black Friday arrives. Keep a check on the pre-Black Friday prices to compare prices. Or use some of these price-comparison sites to get the best deals on Black Friday 2021.






5. Divide and Conquer

You can miss a deal if stuck in a store for too long; it's best to take a friend along. Shopping becomes more fun, as well as more manageable and efficient with a  friend. You and your friends can split and shop on the principle of divide and conquer. You'll save time, avoid unnecessary effort, and probably pick up a story or two in the process. 

6. Look for Early-Bird Shopper Discounts

Some online stores would announce early-bird shopper discounts or doorbuster discounts on Thanksgiving night. Do make a list of your favorite online stores, keep checking their websites right after Thanksgiving dinner. Also, keep a check of the web stores that offer gift cards on spending a fixed amount. These gift cards can save you a lot of money if you shop from one store.

7. Plan it to Ace it

Having a plan always saves you. Make a strategy as to which products you want and which stores offer the best deals by doing price-comparison, as mentioned above. This strategy will help you decide on your shopping priorities and the number of locations you will have to visit. If you are outside the US and shopping online, don't worry about shipping. Global Shopaholics handles freight forwarding of products from the US to countries worldwide. Register to get a free US mail address and enjoy affordable shipping from the US. 

8. Beat the Crowds by Shopping Early on Thanksgiving

This tip is for online shoppers, overseas shoppers, and people who love shopping in a convenient environment-their bedroom. One of the best ways to save big and grab a big discount on Black Friday 2021 is shopping in the pre-dawn hours. The stores will take pre-orders, and you can either pick the packages from the US store or ship them. If you live outside the US, parcel forwarding of the products secured on Black Friday is our job. Web-only deals will be something to pay attention to. 

9. Know Store Policies

stores tend to change their policies from time to time, and return policies are among them. Stores have shortened the "return days" period and require you to bring along the purchase receipt. It would be best if you keep your receipts safe. The store employees closely notice those who abuse the return policies, and they might deny your request if you're on their blacklist. 

10. Ask for Gift Receipts

Ask for a gift receipt. A gift receipt includes a description of the item purchased but not what you paid for. Gift receipts enable easy returns and exchanges. Ask for the regular receipt for budgeting purposes, so you remember how much the item costs without crawling through your bank statement.


The wide network of marketing campaigns can be distracting and misleading, especially during Black Friday. Black Friday is almost here; start your research and prioritize your favorite stores.

Use these tips to save your time, money, and mental distress during Black Friday 2021. Make this Black Friday a shopping success. Shop and ship everything that's been hoarding in your wishlist all year. Global Shopaholics will help you save more with the lowest international shipping rates from the US. Focus on shopping; leave shipping to us. 

Save more, shop more this Black Friday!