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Looking for best way to ship to Morocco from USA? Globalshopaholics has it all sorted out for you! With its lower shipping rates and lots of free services, GS is surely the best shipping company to send packages from USA to Morocco. Following services come with the shipping deal and are absolutely free. Could it get any better?

  1. Consolidated packaging to keep the shipping from USA to Morocco price, pocket-friendly
  2. Many shipping company options
  3. Free warehouse storage option for six months
  4. Sign up with Globalshopaholics now with no registration fee at all!

USA online shopping is now a few clicks away So is the international shipping!

Global Shopaholics gives you the freedom to shop and ship from thousands of online stores in the US.
You take care of shopping, we take care of shipping

How do we process your shipping to Morocco from US?

A step towards better shipping! Globalshopaholics has a skilled and well trained staff at its warehouse, who receives your package deliveries and notify you right away. If you are to avail any of the below mentioned services, necessary actions are taken and you’ll be informed at every step. On a positive response from you, your packages are processed for international shipping to Morocco.


How to start shipping from USA to Morocco?

On registering with Globalshopaholics, you’ll receive a free US address for getting your shopping haul delivered at. Shop from any USA store, be it Amazon USA online shopping, Costco USA or from other thousands of USA shops available online, simply get your packages delivered at the US address and ship! Being a GS member you can also access a personal dashboard loaded with below mentioned useful features.


Unlock access to all of your favorite stores.

Now shop anywhere in the USA without
worrying about shipping limitations.

Use assisted purchase if you face any issues
in buying from USA stores.

Over 70,000 Customers Prefer Global Shopaholics

Good Feelings are Mutual

Their website, It’s an all in one guide to every service you can avail while shipping from USA to Morocco. Global Shopaholics moreover offers seamless shipping services in lowest rates...
After shipping twice with Globalshopaholics, I’ve concluded that they surely do have the lowest shipping prices and can be counted on for International shippings from US to Morocco....
I recommend all the International shippers shipping from US to consider Globalshopaholics. They have excellent Customer service and are fast!...

Assisted purchase for customers in Morocco

For all the customers who are unable to shop from US stores online due to credit card issues or delivery problems, they can use the assisted purchase option. Globalshopaholics will complete your orders on your behalf and ship them to you too! The ever-lasting list of online USA outlets is now in your grasp.


Share product

Share the product details with us

We purchase

We make the purchase on your behalf

Store delivers to us

The Store would deliver your product to us

We deliver to you

Finally, we will deliver the product to your doorstep

You take care of shopping, we take care of shipping. Get all US brands delivered at your doorstep.

How Global Shopaholics stays ahead of competition?

Staying ahead of the competition is what makes Global Shopaholics the go to choice for thousands
of customers across the globe. Here is a quick glance of how we manage to stay ahead.


210 Days of Storage

Free Membership

Price Match Guarantee

Free Special Packing

Free Fragile Stickers


Free 30 Days Storage

Paid Membership

No Price Guarantee

Paid Special Packing

Paid Fragile Stickers

Benefits of using Global Shopaholics

The benefit you get with us extend beyond what the competitors are doing


Tax-Free Shipping Address

Having a tax-free shipping address gives you great savings if you’re shipping in bulk

210 Days Of Free Storage

So you get plenty of time to shop from more stores before shipping them altogether

Tax-Free Shipping Address

Having a tax-free shipping address gives you great savings if you’re shipping in bulk

Guaranteed Lowest Shipping Cost

With multiple shipping options, you’re bound to get the lowest shipping cost possible

The World’s Most Trusted Couriers

Choose from trusted couriers so you always get the most economical, reliable deal

Assisted Purchase

No US credit card? Let us know what you wish to purchase and we’ll shop it on your behalf

You could save up to $2000 with Global Shopaholics

in shipping cost per year by using package consolidation

OR use our consolidation service

consolidate multiple packages in one box and save big

Dangerous Goods Certified Shipper

Some products fall under the category of dangerous goods that includes, perfumes, vaping devices, lithium batteries and cosmetics. Dangerous goods require special permits and licenses for being shipped, hereby many shippers refrain from shipping them at all. Global Shopaholics however, is a certified shipper of these goods and ships them around the world without any stoppage.


Faq's from customers in Morocco

Most frequent questions and answers

Global Shopaholics helps you ship products from US stores to any country, even from US companies that do not typically ship directly to your country. We give you a US shipping address with 180 days of storage and forward the packages delivered directly to you at the lowest guaranteed shipping cost.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a Shopaholic. It is totally free and really easy. On the home page, click on ‘Account’. Then click on ‘Register’.

  • Enter the required information.
  • Once you are done, you will receive an email from us to verify your account.
  • Log in for the first time after the verification of your account.
  • Upon first login, you will be asked to enter your complete shipping address.
  • Your registration is completed as soon as you enter your shipping address.
  • NOTE: Please ensure that your shipping address and billing address match. Your shipping address needs to be the same as the address associated to your credit card. We verify your address with your selected method of payment and only ship to the address that is linked to that method of payment.

We currently ship to all countries except: Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Iran, and Syria.
We also don’t ship locally. If you want to have your items ship within the USA then you can ship your items directly from the seller.

Note: We do not conduct any type of transactions whatsoever (shipping, business, payment etc.) with the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

Some US online stores do not allow you to use foreign credit cards for payment on their websites and some require you to have a US shipping address. For such scenarios, we offer Assisted Purchase.
Simply fill out the Assisted Purchase Request form and let us know what you would like us to purchase on your behalf online from any US-based sellers. We will purchase your products online using our US credit card and receive the requested items for you at our US-based warehouse, from where your shipment will then be forwarded to your international address.
If the store that you are buying from does not ship to package-forwarding companies (for example: Sephora, ULTA, Coach), we will provide a special address instead of our warehouse address.

Let’s get your extensive shipping experience started. At GS we do all the hard work for you.

US to Morocco shipping restrictions

It is essential to look into products that are considered banned in a specific country. Products which tend to pose a health concern for the people or an environmental damage are usually prohibited to be imported in different countries. Moreover, some items are banned for imports to boost the economy and locally manufactured products.

While you shop from USA ship to Morocco, please keep in view that there are certain shipping restrictions and prohibitions. We hereby caution you to please go through the section below before you place an order from USA to be shipped to Morocco

Our courier collaborators also have some shipment boundaries according to nature of the items, USA export laws and Moroccan import laws; you can further look into them

DHL import restrictions for Morocco

FedEx import restrictions for Morocco

UPS import restrictions for Morocco

Global Shopaholics is a logistics company that provides various shipping options to its customers. We understand that the cheapest shipping is always the most preferred by our customers. Our carriers ship packages to over 200 countries and territories worldwide, including Morocco. We offer international shipping rates that depend on factors such as package size, weight, dimensions, customs value, and shipping restrictions. We advise our customers to check the prohibited items list before making any purchases, especially animal products and plants that may be confiscated by customs. To ship to Morocco, customers need to provide their address, passport information, and customs value. We offer shipping insurance to protect our customers’ purchases from any damage or loss during shipment. Global Shopaholics offers a variety of carriers such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx, which provide different ways to send shipments depending on the destination country, weight, and dimensions of the package. Our customers can select the best rates and shipping options that suit their business or personal needs. They can also track their shipment and get a quote on our website or contact us for more information. With Global Shopaholics, customers can ship their packages simply, easily, and worry-free at the best prices and fastest delivery time.


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