Shop and Ship From USA to UAE

Shop and Ship From USA to UAE

The United Arab Emirates are famous for two things: Shopping and shoppers. From being home to the shopping hub of the world, Dubai, to being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the UAE is all about glamour and jazz!

The U.A.E. is the e-commerce leader among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. In 2015, GCC e-commerce was worth $5.3 billion, contributing approximately 0.4 percent to the region’s GDP. The U.A.E. e-commerce market is currently valued at $2.5 billion. GCC e-commerce is expected to quadruple to $20 billion by 2019 and, according to a market research firm, U.A.E. e-commerce will hit $10 billion by 2019.

The Tech Savvy UAE is now shopping online:

Progressive internet and mobile penetration across the GCC has played an active role in enabling the growth of e-commerce in the region. Recent research conducted by Google reveals that the U.A.E. leads global smartphone penetration at 73.8 percent and the country’s internet usage statistics show that 91.9 percent of the population has internet access. A report on online shopping trends in the U.A.E. released by AWOK.com in 2016 indicated that 80 percent of the online retailer’s customers shopped using mobile phones. The greatest player in the fancy phone game is still Apple, exporting out of US.

UAE has absolutely no shortage of products, be it any category in the world. But with luxury comes ease and with ease comes the wish to have international products delivered to your doorstep. For the past few years, the e-commerce market has been growing itself in the UAE and the concept is working like a charm.

E-commerce in the UAE is much more than apparel and footwear. The people of the United Arab Emirates are and have always been people of Technology and information. According to numbers, UAE shoppers are the hottest for software and IT equipment, followed by electronics. Surprisingly, clothes and accessories take up only 17% and 14% respectively.

The greatest American Store captures the UAE e-Bazaar:

Two years ago, the American E-commerce King Amazon acquired the UAE based “Souq” which literally means market. Now that Amazon has rebranded the site that it paid $580 million for Amazon.ae, it’s officially ready to make its mark on the Gulf region and beyond.

“The thousands of businesses who were selling on Souq are now selling on Amazon.ae. UAE businesses of all sizes can sell their products on Amazon.ae,” the company said in an announcement.

The company’s first Arabic language shopping site, which began operating in the UAE as Amazon.ae today, will offer Amazon-fulfilled shipments on thousands of items to all seven emirates. Meanwhile, Souq will continue to take orders from neighboring markets Saudi Arabia and Egypt through separate dedicated websites.

The best shipping from US to UAE?

All these indicators lead to one conclusion only; E-commerce in UAE is on the rise. How do the residents trust the influx of companies flowing in surreptitiously to fill in the hollow market that wants authentic US products? Global Shopaholics is presenting the cheapest and fastest shop and ship solution available. Catering to the exact needs of the UAE people who need detailed specifics of a product, be it a delivery service, Global Shopaholics is Tech savvy, reliable, comprehensive yet user-friendly, and is offering a price match. Operating across three continents, Global Shopaholics is set to be the new hot favorite of the Dubai E-commerce market.

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