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Buy from the USA and ship to Finland

You can use our package forwarding services to ship to Finland from your favorite US stores. You are no longer restricted to buy only from the stores that ship internationally. Global Shopaholics gives you the freedom to purchase from thousands of online shopping stores in the USA. 


How do you start using our international shipping from USA services? 

Global Shopaholics has made it easy for its Finnish customers to use international package forwarding services from the USA. Upon completing the registration process on our website, we offer you a free address for online shopping and shipping from the USA to Finland. The address is yours to use and for as many times as you want. There are no order restrictions on the address or any hidden charges.

How does Global Shopaholics do it?

Our expert package handlers receive and open the package to send you a few high-quality pictures of the merchandise. We also store the package for up to 180 days to ship whenever it is convenient for you. We charge you the bare minimum so that you can save on your international shipping from USA to Finland, thus making us the most popular package forwarding service.


Why choose us for international shipping from USA to Finland?

Most US stores either don’t deliver to Finland or are way too expensive when it comes to shipping internationally. But Global Shopaholics has got solutions to all your shipping problems. Getting products from Amazon, eBay, and many other American stores is no more out of reach for you. Using your free address provided by Global Shopaholics, you can shop and ship every standard quality product from the USA.

Affordable Shipping


We provide a free US address, the cheapest market rates for international shipping, and minimal processing charges. We have our warehouse in a tax-free zone, so your overall cost of shipping is cut down.

Free Services


Most of our services are free while our competitors charge you for the same services. Our free services include membership, US address, warehouse storage of up to 180days, special requests, and detailed images of the package and its content.

24/7 Customer Support


You are our top priority, we try to provide the best customer care services. We have 24/7 customer support and live chat services to solve your queries instantly. Our services are available in English, Hindi, Arabic, and other languages.


Do you check the online competitor comparison before choosing a shipping company? You should if you want to avoid overspending on worldwide shipping. Below is a list of services’ comparison with our competitors. You can see for yourself that Global Shopaholics provides the most affordable mail forwarding services from the US. Most of our services are free, and we charge a minimal processing fee as compared to other companies.


Free 30 Days Storage

Paid Membership

No Price Guarantee

Paid Special Packing

Paid Fragile Stickers


Free 180 Days Storage

Free Membership

Price Match Guarantee

Free Special Packing

Free Fragile Stickers


Package Pictures for customers in Finland 

When we receive the package from the US store you placed an order at, we carefully analyze its contents on your behalf. To ensure that we ship the right package to you, we send a few high-quality pictures to you. And you confirm that it is the right product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopaholics are users from all over the world who can buy almost anything they want, from any US-based online store, and get it shipped to their doorstep. *Note: We do not conduct any type of transactions whatsoever (shipping, business, payment etc.) with the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a Shopaholic. It is totally free and really easy. - On the home page, click on ‘Account’. Then click on ‘Register’.

  • - Enter the required information.
  • - Once you are done, you will receive an email from us to verify your account.
  • - Log in for the first time after the verification of your account.
  • - Upon first login, you will be asked to enter your complete shipping address.
  • - Your registration is completed as soon as you enter your shipping address.
  • NOTE: Please ensure that your shipping address and billing address match. Your shipping address needs to be the same as the address associated to your credit card. We verify your address with your selected method of payment and only ship to the address that is linked to that method of payment.

There are no hidden charges at Global Shopaholics. You can easily sign-up by providing your name, email, and other identity information. Additionally, we won’t charge you a penny for the US address we provide.

Shipping companies have policies that prevent moving flammable and environmentally hazardous products like batteries and perfumes. Some companies do provide shipping services for these products, and some don’t. Some country’s policies also restrict those who do provide international shipping for dangerous goods. So they are also allowed to ship such items to only a select number of countries.

Yes, you can ship perfumes and batteries if you use Aramex for your shipping needs. Additionally, they also ship to a select few countries because of region-specific restrictions. So, if they ship to your country, you can get perfumes and batteries sent to you.

Yes, we can ship supplements to you using any of the shippers. But if you choose to use FedEx, please make sure that you have the license to ship such products. You can get one from your country’s Ministry of Health.

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Global Shopaholics values its customers and takes feedback to make its services better for you. We welcome constructive feedback and share it with others to keep everything transparent. 



USA to Finland

Is it a new year present you want for your wife or a valentine’s day gift? Global Shopaholics has got it all covered for you. All you need to do is select an item and place the order at the store, and we will ship it to you at the lowest market rates. Additionally, we can assist you in placing an online order at the US store for our Finnish customers. This helps make the purchase when you can’t, either due to unfamiliar payment methods or other store policies.

We provide you the convenience of online shopping from the US stores. You have to just place the order at your favorite store and provide the US address given to you by our platform. We receive the order on your behalf and ship it to you at your desired time and location. Using our parcel forwarding service, you can shop and ship from USA to Finland at the most affordable shipping rates.

Is it a traditional dress you want to buy for yourself or a piece of recently launched tech? Global Shopaholics covers all your needs in one place. Recently, our services have become more popular among the people in Finland. This is due to our dedicated teams for handling European and Middle-Eastern customers, hence providing the best quality of services globally.

Global Shopaholics has been providing its services globally, for many years now. For customers in Russia, Germany, and France, visit their relevant pages to get the best package forwarding services.


Buy everything you love from your favorite US online stores and ship to your country with Global Shopaholics. We also ship packages from US to Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and other countries.

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At Global Shopaholics, we bring the best international shipping solutions for our customers!

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