How To Shop From Walmart And Ship Internationally

How To Shop From Walmart And Ship Internationally

Walmart USA is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores. It’s the largest private employer in the world, with almost 1.6 million workers in the USA.

People, not just in the USA but around the world, clearly love to shop from Walmart; it is the world’s largest company by revenue, according to the Fortune 500 Global list in 2020, operating about 10,500 stores under 48 banners and eCommerce websites. However, there are many countries where Walmart does not ship internationally, so people hoping to ship Walmart products from the USA to other countries cannot get products directly. Luckily, if you want to shop from Walmart and you’re not in the US, there is a way to ship packages online. Global Shopaholics gives you a free US shipping address, so you can shop from Walmart or any US store and get it delivered to it. From there, we forward it to your country. So if you’re looking to get Walmart products from the USA, here’s the easiest way to do so.

Shop from Walmart with Global Shopaholics

With the US parcel forwarding services of Global Shopaholics, you can buy from Walmart in the US and ship it internationally. Global Shopaholics offers a number of package forwarding services like package insurance and package consolidation. You also get value-added services to easily ship packages from the USA, like Assisted Purchase. There are just a few steps you need to follow in order to buy from Walmart.

  • 1 Make a Global Shopaholics account to get a FREE U.S. shipping address
  • 2 Go to Walmart’s online store and buy from Walmart whatever you like
  • 3 At the checkout, use the free US shipping address provided by Global Shopaholics
  • 4 Once purchased, the products are delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse
  • 5 The item can stay in the warehouse for 180 days. You can continue to buy from Walmart or other stores and collect them at the warehouse before shipping
  • 6 When you’re ready to ship them, you can opt for the package consolidation service. This combines your packages into one box to reduce shipping costs That’s it! Once the packages are shipped, you can track the order with the given tracking ID to know where your package is and when you’ll receive it. This is truly the easiest and most economical way to buy from Walmart in the US and ship it internationally.

Package Forwarding Services By Global Shopaholics

Global Shopaholics offers a multitude of services, including but not limited to

  • Tax free US shipping address
  • Courier service of your choice
  • Package consolidation service
  • More payment methods
  • 180 days of storage
  • Repacking
  • Detailed pictures of the package
  • Live chat support
  • Extra packing material
  • The lowest shipping cost

Shipping from Walmart with Global Shopaholics

Shipping Walmart products from the USA with Global Shopaholics is an easy process. You can buy from Walmart in the US and ship it internationally with zero hassle. To ship packages from the USA, a shipping address is needed. You get a tax free US address when you sign up for Global Shopaholics, which is important to ship Walmart products from the US.

Next, create a Walmart account so you can place your order. Shop Walmart products from the US and go to checkout. Here, just double-check to see if you have every product you need to shop from Walmart before you proceed. When asked to enter your address at the checkout, enter the free US shipping address you’ve received from Global Shopaholics.

Once the package is delivered to the warehouse, it can be stored there for up to 180 days. Meanwhile, you can continue to get more products from or other stores and store them all in the warehouse, before shipping them altogether. When you’re ready to ship the products, you can opt for our package consolidation service to combine your packages into one box. This, along with our low shipping rates and your own choice of courier, makes this the cheapest way to buy Walmart in the USA and ship it internationally.

4 Easy Steps

Shop from Walmart In The US And Ship Internationally

1. Create your Global Shopaholics account

To create an account on Global Shopaholics, simply go to and fill in the required details.

2. Create your Walmart account

In order to shop from Walmart with Global Shopaholics, you will need a Walmart account as well. After creating a Global Shopaholics account, create a Walmart account and shop from Walmart.

3. Shop Walmart products from the US

Now that the accounts on Global Shopaholics and Walmart are created, all that’s left to do is add items to your cart. Fill your cart up with all your favorite Walmart products from the US and continue to the checkout.

4. Checkout

When asked for your address at the checkout, enter the free US shipping address that was provided to you by Global Shopaholics. This way, your products will be delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse, from where they will be forwarded to you When you’re ready to ship Walmart products from the US, you can pick the courier service of your choice, depending on your priority: low shipping rates or quick international shipping from Walmart. Once the items have been shipped, you will also receive a tracking ID, so you can track your shipment of Walmart products from the US easily.

How Much Does International Shipping Cost?

Calculating international shipping costs is easy with the Global Shopaholics Shipping Calculator. Our Shipping Calculator allows you to check how much you have to pay for package forwarding services, depending on the dimensions and weight of your package.

If you know how much the package weighs, check it out in the shipping calculator and shop and ship from Walmart US, and find out the cheapest package shipping cost.


No. While Walmart has outlets in some countries, Walmart USA does not ship internationally. You can use a parcel forwarding service like Global Shopaholics to ship products to your country.
Package forwarding (or parcel forwarding, depending on which term you prefer) is the only option which allows international shipping from Walmart or other US brands with value-added services. This is the cheapest way to ship packages internationally.
No. You get your own US shipping address for FREE when you make a Global Shopaholics account.
When you get your packages consolidated, the multiple packages are all combined into one box. This helps you save massively on international shipping costs as it reduces the total volume of your goods.
With our ‘Assisted Purchase’ option, you can shop and ship from the US and get products from more easily. You can share a URL to the item you want, and we’ll buy it on your behalf and then ship it to you. This saves time and you don’t even need a US credit card or US phone number.