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Parcel Forwarding Made Easy with GS

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Forward Parcel from the USA to your country! Global Shopaholics provides international parcel forwarding from the USA to your country. We help our customers in need to get their shipments to their doorstep at the most competitive shipping rates. If you are looking for a cheap parcel forwarding service in the USA that can ship any merchandise for you, Global Shopaholics is the best choice.

How do you get benefited from our global forward parcel from USA services? The first step for you is to visit our website and sign-up as a member. There are no membership or sign-up charges, so you don't need to worry about that. We provide you with a free address in the USA after you complete the sign-up process. The next step is for you to start browsing products at your favorite USA online shopping stores. On the checkout page, you use the address provided by us. It is yours to use for all your international shopping and shipping needs.

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How Does the Global Shopaholics Help you with Cross-Border Parcel Forwarding?

We receive the package on your behalf and store it in one of our warehouses. We open the package and send you a few high-quality pictures of the merchandise. This way, you can confirm if this is the right product or the quality is what you expected. Global Shopaholics charges you the minimum market rate and facilitates wherever possible to provide the most affordable forward parcel service from USA to your country

  1. Sign up for Global Shopaholics to get a FREE U.S. shipping address.
  2. Go to website and buy whatever you like.
  3. At the checkout, use the free US shipping address provided by Global Shopaholics.
  4. After purchasing, your products will be delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse.

You get your very own tax-free US shipping address for free by signing up


Shop from any U.S. store and enter the given U.S. address at the checkout


Get your packages combined into one box to save on international shipping


Get your packages delivered

Package Forwarding Services By Global Shopaholics

Global Shopaholics offers a multitude of services, including but not limited to

  • Tax free US shipping address
  • Package consolidation service
  • 210 days of storage
  • Detailed pictures of the package
  • Extra packing material
  • Courier service of your choice
  • More payment methods
  • Repacking
  • Live chat support
  • The lowest shipping cost

What Makes us the Best Parcel Forwarding Company in the USA?

Affordable Shipping - We provide a free US address, the cheapest market rates for international shipping, and minimal processing charges. We have our warehouse in a tax-free zone, so your overall cost of shipping is cut down

Free Services - Most of our services are free while our competitors charge you for the same services. Our free services include membership, US address, warehouse storage of up to 210 days, special requests, and detailed images of the package and its content.

24/7 Customer Support - You are our top priority, we try to provide the best customer care services. We have 24/7 customer support and live chat services to solve your queries instantly. Our services are available in English, Hindi, Arabic, and other languages.

4 Easy Steps

Shop From US And Ship Internationally

1. Create your Global Shopaholics account

To create an account on Global Shopaholics, simply go to Sign Up and fill in the required details.


2. Create your website account

In order to shop from a store with Global Shopaholics, you will need a website account as well.


3. Shop products from the US

Now that the accounts on Global Shopaholics and website are created, all that’s left to do is add items to your cart. Fill your cart up with all your favorite products from the US and continue to the checkout to forward parcel


4. Checkout

When asked for your address at the checkout, enter the free US shipping address that was provided to you by Global Shopaholics. This way, your products will be delivered to the Global Shopaholics warehouse, from where they will be forwarded to you


The Cheapest Courier Service in USA

Global Shopaholics is your best choice if you want to get a shipment from the USA to a house address in any location worldwide. Our freight forwarding services have been setting international shipping standards for years. Keeping our customers happy and satisfied is all we aim to achieve and forward parcels easily.

Most of our services are already free of cost, and we go out of our way to ensure that you have to pay the bare minimum for your shipping needs. That is why we have services like a tax-free address and package consolidation. Additionally, the free and extended 180 days of storage sets us apart from other companies in the shipping business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. we ship worldwide.
Global Shopaholics helps you ship products from US stores to any country, even from US companies that do not typically ship directly to your country. We give you a US shipping address with 180 days of storage and forward the packages delivered directly to you at the lowest guaranteed shipping cost.
No. we provide tax free US address
A Direct Purchase allows you to purchase products from any online US stores using your own payment method and get them delivered directly to our warehouse. From our warehouse, we ship your products to your international address.
Some US online stores do not allow you to use foreign credit cards for payment on their websites and some require you to have a US shipping address. For such scenarios, we offer Assisted Purchase. Simply fill out the Assisted Purchase Request form and let us know what you would like us to purchase on your behalf online from any US-based sellers. We will purchase your products online using our US credit card and receive the requested items for you at our US-based warehouse, from where your shipment will then be forwarded to your international address. If the store that you are buying from does not ship to package-forwarding companies (for example: Sephora, ULTA, Coach), we will provide a special address instead of our warehouse address.