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Can Parcels be Delivered without Street Indication?

Ever since online shopping has taken over, the life of shopaholics all over the world has gotten much more convenient. Everything that you can possibly think of buying is only a touch away and you can enjoy a smooth shopping experience while sitting in the comfort of your house, bypassing the crowded markets. However, the only major problem associated with online shopping is the process of shipping that you have to go through to get your shopping haul home. This process can be a bit complicated at times and land you in some unpleasant situations, but only when you are not following it the right way. If you do have good command over it, you hardly face any hurdles during your online shopping experience. Being a part of the Global Shopaholics’ family, you do not have to worry about facing shipping difficulties, because we are here to serve you with the best worldwide parcel forwarding services and guide you at every step of the way.

One of the major problems associated with shipping is the delivery of your consignment at the wrong address, which can lead to it being delayed or sometimes even lost. But this is a problem that can be easily avoided, which we will discuss today. This problem can be caused if the sender makes a mistake in writing the shipping address, or entirely misses adding an important detail in the address, like the postal code. While this problem can be completely avoided, to begin with, if you ever do land in this situation, there are still ways that your consignment can be delivered to you, even if it is missing address details. Here is how:

1. Mention Phone Numbers on Consignments

Including the phone numbers of both the sender and the receiver in the consignment’s details can save the day in a situation where the address is inaccurate. If the courier service delivers your consignment to the wrong address and the receiver instantly informs them that the parcel does not belong to them, the courier service can straightaway call the right receiver on the number mentioned and get the right address, easily preventing your consignment from being delayed or lost. In case the receiver is not reachable at that time, the sender’s number can prove to be an effective back up, so it is always better to include their number as well. It is advisable to add local phone numbers which the courier deliverers can manage to get in touch with, rather than foreign numbers which would be hard for them to contact, so that the situation can be handled more quickly.

2. Track your Package

Another scenario could be that your consignment is delivered to the wrong address and the receiver does not inform the courier service. In this case, you can utilize the facility of tracking your package, that is offered by Global Shopaholics USA package forwarding company. If your consignment’s status reads ‘delivered’ and you have not received it yet, you can figure that it has been delivered to the wrong address. With the tracking option, you can also find out the location where your consignment was delivered and then get in touch with the courier service to claim your consignment from the wrong receiver. The courier service then picks your package from the wrong receiver and resends it to your right address. This will lead to the delay of your consignment due to the resending process and also cause you to pay additional shipping charges, but will eventually get your package to you.

3. Consult Customer Care

If you are unsure on what all to include in the address details, you can always consult our customer care department, which is available 24/7 to answer all your queries. They will guide you on what details to add in the shipping address form to make it as precise as possible, to ensure that it gets delivered to the right address. You can also share your location with our customer care team and they will translate it into a written form of address for you, if you are doubtful on how exactly to compose your address for shipping purposes. Our customer care services can also be referred to for getting in touch with the courier service that you chose for shipping your consignment, in order to resolve the issue of its misplacement on your behalf. However you decide to utilize the customer care services, they are sure to help you out in claiming your consignment one way or another.

To conclude, packages can be delivered without complete address details. However, it will lead to hassle, including the delay of your consignment and additional shipping charges. So, it is best to be very careful when adding the shipping details and go through the whole address thoroughly before finalizing it. But if you do end up making a mistake in writing the address, Global Shopaholics is here to help you out. Happy shopping and shipping!

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