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What to gift your dad this Father’s Day?

A father is someone who always has your back like a solid rock, someone you can count on, and someone you look up to. This someone can be anyone from your real dad, to an uncle, grandparent, or an older friend who holds the same significance in your life. Although a single day is never enough to celebrate the importance of fatherhood, Father’s Day is observed every year almost all across the globe to pay special tribute to fathers for the way they inspire and empower their children. While different countries observe Father’s Day on varying dates, most countries, including the US, celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, which falls on the 21st this year. As it is just around the corner, let us help you with selecting the perfect gifts that your father will love from the best Father’s Day US sale to honor your dad for everything that he does for you. We will also guide you on how to get your presents from the USA delivered to your father anywhere around the world with Global Shopaholics. Let’s begin!..Read more

USA to Angola Shipping – with Global Shopaholics

Cheap ship USA to Angola – with Global Shopaholics 

Home to diverse landscapes, encompassing all from deserts to beaches, Angola is also home to some enthusiastic shopaholics. Although rich in cultural heritage, Angola simultaneously keeps pace with all the latest trends and tech. Angolans love to bring American modernism home, and Global Shopaholics has always aided them with the USA to Angola shipping. As a package forwarding company, we receive your products from online US stores at our warehouse in the States, where we offer storage and packaging facilities. Your packages are then forwarded from the US to Angola via the courier service of your choice. Not only that, but we also guide you with where to shop from to get high-quality products at the best prices. In this blog, we will be telling you about the products that are available in the finest quality in the USA...Read more

Saudi Arab to raise VAT to 15%: What does this mean for online shoppers?

Saudi Arab to raise VAT to 15%: What does this mean for online shoppers?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken a big decision to implement an increase in Value Added Tax. The VAT in KSA on inbound shipments or products was previously 5% of the total declaration of a shipment. Now, the Kingdom has decided to increase it up to 15%, coming in effect from 1st July, 2020...Read more

Online Eid Shopping USA with Global Shopaholics

us eid shopping

7 Websites you need to shop from this Eid!

With Ramadan in full swing around the world, the scent of Eid festivities is upon us! The celebrations of the end of the Holy month are joyous while they last, but the anticipation is more important! The decisions to make; what sort of food will be cooked? What sweets need to be served? Which drinks need to be stirred up? And the most important question, for men, women and children alike: What to wear?..Read more

How Consolidation with Global Shopaholics Reduces Your Shipping Costs

Online Shopping and shipping is the best indulgence

Right now, there isn’t much to do except for staying home and saving lives; which is true for both simultaneously. Staying home is saving lives and people around the world understand this, thankfully. The global community is in this together and fighting the COVID-19 as one. Now that we’re home and have free time on our hands after so long, let’s catch up on the things we’ve been putting off. Since we need to stay home, let’s contact our savior, the internet? Online shopping is one of the hottest activities in the world right now, with everyone scouting online stores for their favorite products! Shopping and shipping services are bringing things to peoples’ doors and we’re all grateful...Read more

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