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How to shop on a budget:

For all social brackets and financial reaches, everything is too pricey and overcharged. Whenever you check a price tag on something, and its expensive, there comes a point where it starts being labelled ‘not worth it’. That is the point where the worth of product starts declining. Whenever you set your heart to a product, make sure it’s at your desired price. There are a few hacks to make sure nothing is too overpriced for you and that the internet, at least, doesn’t break your heart:..Read more

Understanding and avoiding shipping surcharges:

The oldest business in the world: Scamming

Scamming has been a part and parcel of business ever since mankind understood the methods of trade. One scam or another, businesses all over the world have been found to be defrauding their customers. In retrospect, every business in history has been trying to scam its way to the top; be it retail, stock or shipping. Since the world has gone online and stopped shopping in real time, let’s just focus on shipping...Read more

Keeping up with the Christmas spirit:

The Christmas spirit is in the air! As December 25th draws closer, the festivities are picking up and so are the shopping sprees! As e-commerce has solved your problems for going out in the biting cold, you can now shop and ship from the comfort of your home, all hail technology! It’s really surprising how this year Christmas shopping from malls and shops is virtually non-existent. Probably because everything’s available online, more than you can find in one mall or ten! This is the best thing about the internet and e-commerce websites; they’ve virtually gotten rid of tiresome dragging around in search of one particular item. You can just type the name of the item on your phone and it’ll come to your door, in less time than it takes to physically find it. Then of course, most of what you’re looking for isn’t in your local markets or shopping malls; it’s thousands of miles away in the United States where everything great is manufactured and sold...Read more

Shop from Amazon and eBay with Global Shopaholics

Ever since online shopping has taken over, the lives of shopaholics have taken a favorable turn and gotten a lot easier. While almost all major stores offer the facility of online shopping now, a few names dominate the world of online shopping because of their exceptional services. Two of the most reputable online shopping services are eBay and Amazon that shopaholics have been blindly trusting for years now and they have never let any of their customers down. The vast variety of products that they have to offer from both well-renowned and local brands, along with some great deals that they have going on year-round, makes them shopaholics’ top choice. However, our buyers in Saudi Arabia are often unable to get some of their favorites shipped from Amazon or eBay to their country. But that certainly does not mean that they have to be deprived of all the amazing products that these two incredible online shopping services have to offer, because Global Shopaholics is here to save the day! At Global Shopaholics, we strive to make e-commerce an all-inclusive activity, for buyers all around the globe. We believe in the therapeutic power of shopping and want shopaholics to experience its magic worldwide. Which is why, our shopaholics in Saudi Arabia are just as important to us as our customers from anywhere else around the world. So, we are here to make online shopping and shipping from Amazon and eBay possible for them in the smoothest possible way...Read more

Top 10 Most Shipped items in the world

Global Shopaholics is not just a worldwide parcel forwarding Service, but a community of shopaholics from all across the globe. We strive to make electronic commerce an all-inclusive activity for our users worldwide. We want to make online shopping a smooth and fulfilling experience for you, which is why we do not just limit our services to only forwarding your consignments, but are always here to guide you how to go about your shopping spree...Read more