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Round-Up: The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is around the corner. Even though one day is not enough to let our old guys know how essential their presence is. This year, we’ve compiled some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas, and you can shop and ship them through Global Shopaholics for low international shipping costs.


Father's Day is celebrated in the US on the third Sunday of June, which falls on the 20th this year. This is the best time to let your dad, grandad, father-in-law, any father figure or even mother who played the role as a father know how much you love them and how important they are to you.

To be thankful to them we have gathered some ideas for you below to tell them and make them feel special. Get the best Father's Day gifts delivered from the US to your very own US shipping address on to your doorsteps by Global Shopaholics.


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Here you go!


5 reasons to be thankful to them

  • If you are where you are today, your dad has a hand in it. Being the backbone and supporter of the house, Dad’s never gets a chance to pamper themselves. Father’s day is the best time to make your dad feel a little pampered. 
  • You need to be thankful to your dad because he taught you to be strong in every aspect of life.
  • He faces so many challenges every single day so that we can have a comfortable life.
  • He is the positive image in our lives. Every time you run low on motivation, he is always there to cheer you up even if it is with a bad dad joke.
  • Be grateful for him because without him you won't be able to grill those burgers alone. 


How to make them feel special?

With Father's Day sales going all over the place, it is the prime time to buy them a present and make them feel special. You can get the best Father's Day deals on Amazon, Target, Macy’s and many others brands in the US and shop and ship easily through Global Shopaholics to your very own US shipping address. We have gathered for you some ideas below.


  1. Text a dad joke to them:

Every dad loves a dad joke. When they want to mess around or want to make you smile they will tell you some weird dad jokes. This Father's Day tell him that you like his dad jokes and text him a joke the first thing in the morning. We got some puns for you:  

  • "I have a joke about chemistry, but I don't think it will get a reaction."
  • "What do you call two monkeys that share an Amazon account?" "Prime mates."
  • "Wanna hear a joke about paper? Never mind—it's tearable."
  1. Scavenger hunt: Keep small gifts in different areas of the house and create a scavenger hunt for your dad at different times so he gets little surprises throughout the day. Some of the best Father's Day deals to get these gifts from are:


A good wallet is nothing less than an investment. This denim wallet by Levi’s not only goes with most outfits, it’s a perfect ergonomic fit for any dad. Get this Father's Day deal of Denizen wallet from Levi’s at Target now and let us ship it to you for the lowest international shipping cost ever.


Check the best online Father's Day sale at Macy’s and get this Fitbit Versa 2 smart watch for the smartest dads. It can also help keep an eye on his health essentials like his heart rate, activity and sleeping patterns. Plus, you can download hundreds of apps for fitness, finance, sports and fun.


There’s nothing like a gift card on Father’s Day! It’s simple, and it gets the message across like nothing else. Get your dad this very special ‘Best Dad Ever’ gift card in the best Father's Day sale going on at Target.


1. Shoes

If your dad wants to look good in an outfit, check out the Father's Day shoe sale going on at Macy's. These Adidas NMD R1 Casual Sneakers from Finish Line are a perfect match for any outfit, and they’re super comfortable as well!


2. Grooming kits:

This grooming kit is the ultimate gift for dads who sport a beard or a moustache (or both!).  It includes all the essentials: beard balm, beard oil, a beard brush, a comb and scissors for that all-important trim every now and then. Get him a Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit from Amazon US and we will ship it to you for the lowest international shipping cost.



3. Tool hammer

A good tool never goes to waste with dads. And for dads who are extra handy around the house, this is the perfect tool. Give him these wirecutter stocking stuffers with “remember I love you dad” text on it so he remembers every time he uses it.



4. Handmade cards

Dad’s pretend to be the strongest among all but they are the real softies by heart. A handmade card is such a sweet gesture that really conveys the ultimate message of family love. Give him a handmade card and record his reaction. He will keep it with him for the rest of his life.


5. A pun mug:

If he is the punniest dad, he needs a punny mug, like this amazing Tea Rex mug on Amazon. It has the pun, and it has the fun. You can also check this out with the rest of amazing Father's Day sales going on at Amazon as well and get them delivered to your free US shipping address.



6 .Guitar dad:

If you are looking for gifts for your guitar dad, get him the “I couldn’t pick a better dad” key chain with amazon's great Father's Day deals. It’s in the shape of a guitar pick, and he could use it for his keys and be reminded of your love for him every time he sees it.


7. Vintage love:

If your dad is still into vintage stuff, this ‘Suitcase Record Player’ could be the best Father's Day electronic item you could give him. It’s retro, but made for today. And if he still has some records laying around, it could be his new favorite record player.



8. Coolest dad crate ever!

If your dad is the coolest, you need to check Man Crate’s Father's Day deals and give him the coolest dad crate ever. It features a bottle opener, a koozie, and even includes a Dad Jokes book!




9. Card games

Spend quality and fun time with your dad. Buy a card game and play it together with the whole family and make the most out of days. Check out the Talking Tables Host Your Own Escape Room Party game and the 5-second-Rule game to get started with some ideas!



10. Bake a cake:

Anyone can order a cake, but not everyone can bake it. Bake a cake for him yourself to make him feel special. Decorate your cake with cake toppers and take funny pictures with him to make it a remarkable memory.


Now that you’ve got the ideas about Father’s Day deals and sales you know how to make his day special, it's time to get started and work on these. Shop from the USA and get a US shipping address. When your old man's gift arrives, Global Shopaholics will be shipping your packages to your address so that he can count on this memorable day with your efforts.

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Amazon Prime Day: The Best For Less

With the Prime Day dates confirmed by Amazon, 21st and 22nd June 2021, It’s finally time to fill your carts. Do you think you can avail the best offers and great discounts on this day?

Don't worry if Amazon doesn't ship it to your country, Global Shopaholics lets you enjoy all the discounts on Amazon Prime Day and ships it to your doorstep.

What is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an event which is exclusive for Amazon Prime members where they can avail the biggest sale of the year. It’s like Christmas time but early, a two-day event where you can get amazing discounts on many products.

Prime Day is held in July as a mid-season sale. Last year, because of the circumstances, Prime Day was held on October 13th and 14th, and this year it will be held in June. 


Types of Deals

Amazon offers an exceptional amount of Prime Day deals on this two-day event yet still they are classified into categories. Getting to know about these deals beforehand will make it easier for you to get what you want. Amazon has started the offers beforehand. Check out the discounts before the Prime Day and add them to your cart.


Prime Day spotlight deals: These are remarked as one of the best selling deals on Prime Day as they run out very quickly. And they are only offered till they run out of stock so you need to act fast and get your hands on it.


Amazon Prime Day lightning deals: These deals are not new on Amazon and they run very quickly as well. In addition to Prime Day, these deals last for some hours at a time.


Prime savings and deals: These deals last the Prime Day all the way until they run out. Make sure to check these ones out for additional offers and deals, and not miss out on anything.


Shopping Without A Prime Membership

How will you be able to avail the discounts of Prime Day if you don't have Prime membership and Prime subscription? It's pretty easy. Choose what you want to buy and let your shopping assistant purchase it for you by Global Shopaholics. This way you won’t need a subscription and you won't miss your favorite deals on this day. Check out the deals on Amazon before Amazon Prime Day and start filling your cart. What are you waiting for!


Supporting Small Businesses On Amazon Prime Day

Last year during the pandemic, Amazon wanted to show support for small businesses and they offered free credit to people who bought from them.It seems like this is becoming a tradition for Amazon. This year too they are offering $10 free credit to those who spend $10 on small business before the Prime Day. So make sure to check their products out and buy from them to avail free credit on the best offers on Prime Day.


Top 5 Best Deals 2021 On Amazon Prime Day

Every year Amazon offers great deals on Prime Day. Like last year this year it is expected that Amazon will offer excellent prices on the latest Echo devices, Fire tablets and Amazon owned brands like Ring, Blink and Eufy.


10th Generation Laptops


Get this Acer Chromebook spin 311 convertible laptop with 48% discount price at $259.04.

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TV DEALS: Fire enabled models and cheaper TLC and Hisense screens


Get this Hisense 40 inch Class H55 Series Android Smart TV with voice remote with 9% save at $228.0

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APPLE: iPad, iPad Air 4, M1 Macbooks


Get 2020 Apple iPad Air Pro 4th generation 64 GB with 8% at 549.99.

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Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite


Get this Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB with its essentials with amazing 10% discount at $169.97

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Robot Vacuums


Buy this Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C with 24% discount at $227.92.

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How to find the best Prime Day deals

  1. Amazon Prime subscription: To enjoy these amazing offers, you first need to have an Amazon Prime subscription or Prime Membership. But it’s no problem if you don’t have a Prime subscription, you can use the Shopping Assistant offered by Global Shopaholics and avail the best offers and discounts without the actual Prime membership or Prime subscription.
  2. Know what you want to buy: Nobody likes to rush shopping. Do your homework before the event. Look up for what you want and keep on checking on it till the Prime Day. Or use the assisted purchase option and let your assistant do the work for you.
  3. Get in there early: Get on to shopping at Amazon Prime and get your spirits together early to avail the offers before you lose the best. The offers before the Prime Day are also worth trying so get to the shopping on Amazon before the crazy days and avail what you can beforehand.


Added Benefits

Having a Prime membership not only gives you the benefits of Prime Day on products or services, it also gives discounts on food as well. For example, last year Amazon gave $10 credit to spend on Prime Day to those members who spent $10 on Amazon Whole Foods. Prime members also get exclusive food discounts.

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Top Trending Gift Ideas This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and if you’re on the lookout for the top trending gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. While many people hold the opinion that every day should be special for moms around the world, Mother’s Day is a nice way of acknowledging that we’re grateful for everything our moms do for us around the year.

If you’re like me, you probably struggle with gift ideas for your mom too. This year, I decided to make an easy round-up of gift ideas for moms of all kinds. And don’t get me wrong, it can be challenging to make one all-encompassing list of gifts for moms because moms can be different and belong to all walks of life: working moms, housewives, new moms, moms-on-the-move.

Global Shopaholics can help you shop and ship from U.S. stores and deliver to any country. Stick around till the end to find out how!


Give Mom An Extra-Comfy Break

Your mom’s been working hard all day, every day. So it seems only reasonable to make her breaks comfier. If you can’t give her a spa day, why not bring the spa home? Exfoliating scrubs, foot massagers and detox masks are just some of the things you can get for her. Why not get multiple and make a Mother’s Day basket? Global Shopaholics offers package consolidation to help you combine multiple packages into one box, helping you save on shipping costs.

You can also give her a much-deserved break with this Terry Bathrobe from Macy’s? The robe is embroidered with ‘Mom’, made of soft and absorbent, woven from thick, 100% genuine Turkish cotton. Macy’s promises that the robes are exceptionally soft and that they’ll only become softer after every wash.

The Terry Bathrobe is 65% off right now and the sale ends on May 2nd. What’s more, you’ll get a special discount on Macy’s with the promo ‘FRIEND’, so you don’t want to miss this offer.


Help Mom Keep Her Loved Ones Close

Moms always find ways of keeping their loved ones close to them, be it through pictures or customized mugs. And while picture frames and photo albums have perennially been many people’s go-to gift items for this special day, it seems more personal to get something customized, e.g. a mug or a necklace.

This lovely necklace available at Etsy can be engraved with the names of your kids or loved ones. You can even get them engraved with other messages like ‘I love you, mom!’ or whatever you please.

The necklace is currently 25% off, so you’ll get big savings if you shop and ship it now. It’s also very customizable: you get to choose the number of rings in the necklace, and the color of the rings too.


Make Organizing Easier For Mom

I don’t know about your mom, but my mom is an obsessive organizer. She wants everything in its place and all things put back in the same place they were picked up from. And it seems most moms are the same, especially for working moms. It’s a nice gift idea to make organizing easier for mom, be it through container sets, jewelry trays or scarf organizers.

This jewelry cabinet from Costway comes with its own full-size mirror and LED lights. It’s a good gift idea if your mom’s keen on keeping her jewelry neatly organized and maintained in good condition.

Costway is giving free delivery in the U.S., so if you get it delivered to the US shipping address given to you by Global Shopaholics, you can get it forwarded to your country at the lowest possible price!


Take Mom’s Baking To The Next Level

If your Mom is a master tastemaker, there’s a whole litany of gift ideas you can check out. Recipe books are always a good idea, whether they’re for baking or otherwise. In any case, you can never have a big enough collection of recipes, so it’s not like it’ll go to waste!

Mother’s Day Delights Cookbook: A Collection of Mother’s Day Recipes is a delightful recipe book by Karen Jean Matsko Hood. And while it was first published in 2014, it’s still a must-have for any aspiring tastemaker.

If these stores don’t ship to your country, then a Global Shopaholics account is all you need to get the job done. Creating a Global Shopaholics account is easy. You’ll get a tax-free US shipping address, 180 days of storage (that’s 6 months!), and reliable, affordable package forwarding services.

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Perfect Ramadan Gift Ideas

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here, and Muslims around the world are ready to observe the month with a sense of gratitude, prayer, and community. And while some Ramadan traditions are culturally specific, others like gift-giving are universal. Here’s a quick look at what that means, and how you can shop and ship Ramadan gifts to any country.


While fasting and praying are a central part of the Ramadan tradition, there are several other cultural traditions followed by Muslims around the world, and various countries have their own unique customs too.

The Egyptians are known for their ‘Fanus’ lantern decorations, Muslims in Java observe ‘Padusan’ by bathing in holy springs, and it is common in the Middle East and South Asia to have a designated person in the neighborhood make an announcement in the streets or in the Mosque to wake the Muslims for the Suhoor meal. Mosques and other public places also commonly host Iftar gatherings when the fast is over.


Another widely observed tradition across the Muslim world in the month of Ramadan is gift-giving. Some gifts are specific to the Holy month, such as clothing for the upcoming Eid holiday or attar (traditional non-alcoholic perfume popularly used in the Gulf and the Middle East), while other gifts are more general in nature and may range from toys for the children to jewelry and handbags.


If you’ve been thinking of what you can get for your friends or family this Ramadan, there are plenty of wonderful options to choose from. It’s so typical to run out of gift ideas the moment you need good advice in gift-giving; we’ve all been there! But to kickstart your mind, here are some general categories to consider when deciding what to get as a Ramadan gift.


  • Traditional jewelry never fails to impress, and it makes for the perfect gift
  • Perfume or attar is a good idea even if it isn’t Ramadan; it’s a classic gift choice that’s loved by everyone
  • Beauty kits rarely go unused at the hands of the beauty guru, and let’s face it: we all know at least one
  • Home appliances aren’t the obvious first choice but make a great difference in anyone’s day-to-day life
  • Watches could be either analog or smart! Make sure you know if they’re one type or another
  • Toys are always a go-to for children, and there’s more variety now than ever
  • Handbags are a go-to choice for so many people, and they’re timelessly appropriate
  • Gaming gear is one of the options that’s incredibly popular but gets overlooked by many; never underestimate the power of play!
  • Clothing and shoes are a standard Ramadan gift and Eid gift as well and should be on your list if nothing else



If you’d like to buy gifts from the US and get them shipped to your country, Global Shopaholics can simplify the process for you. You’ll receive your own free US shipping address, with 180 days of storage and affordable package forwarding services. You can ship anything from a US store to your US shipping address. If you want to ship multiple items from various stores, they’ll be kept in your storage, ready to be shipped together.

When you’re ready to ship them to your country, you can opt for package consolidation to combine the packages into one box, which helps you save on shipping costs. Global Shopaholics also offers guaranteed lowest international shipping costs, and a Price Match Guarantee, meaning if you find any other service offering a lower shipping cost, we’ll match it. You can sign up for Global Shopaholics for free.


All of this sounds great, but there’s one thing we left out. Ramadan can be a busy time for many. We get it: there’s plenty to do, balancing your fasting and work life can be challenging for some, and there’s not much time to spend shopping around. Global Shopaholics’ Assisted Purchase solves that problem by getting both the shopping and shipping done for you.

The way it works is simple.

Once you’ve created a free account, you get access to the Assisted Purchase request form, where you can share the URL links to all the items you want to buy. You can even select your shipping options and add comments. And that’s it! We’ll shop the products on your behalf, get them delivered to our warehouse, and forward them to your country. All of this for the lowest guaranteed shipping cost possible.

So if you’re still putting off on getting your Ramadan and Eid shopping done, now is the time. From everyone at Global Shopaholics, we hope you have a very blessed Ramadan!


At Global Shopaholics, we bring the best international shipping solutions for our customers!

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