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We Have Opened a Sales-Tax-Free Warehouse

Shopping from the States is a dream that every shopaholic wants to live because of the high quality of products that top-notch brands in the USA have to offer at reasonable rates. Be it apparel, accessories, cosmetics, or electronic appliances, America takes the lead in the market of all top-selling products that shopaholics from all over the world love to get their hands on. However, some of the most loved US stores only deliver within the States, leaving shopaholics from different parts of the world only admiring them from afar and eager to figure a way out to bag their favorites from these stores. Well, if you consider yourself one from this “unfortunate” lot of shopaholics, stop right now because Global Shopaholics has come to your rescue to turn this fate around forever and enable you to conveniently shop from all your favorite US stores that do not deliver to your country. Yes, you read it right! We have opened a sales-tax-free warehouse which is your golden ticket to embark on your online shopping spree from the USA and get your shopping haul delivered to your doorstep, anywhere around the world...Read more

How to Shop from USA and Ship to Yemen

Global Shopaholics is a family of individuals all over the world who love to shop and are united by the convenient worldwide parcel forwarding services provided by us that enable them to satisfy all their shopping needs. We are happy to have a big part of our community of shopaholics in Yemen us online store shipping Yemen- the historically and culturally rich land. Our shopaholics based in Yemen love getting their hands on quality products from America’s finest brands. So, we step in to accommodate them in every way to make shopping from the USA and shipping to Yemen not only possible but very smoothly and affordably so global shopaholics Yemen. While it can be a complicated process dotted with multiple obstacles, Global Shopaholics is here to make sure that your online shopping and shipping experience is as pleasant as it can get..Read more

How to Shop from USA and Ship to India

India is the land of diversity where a vast variety of cultures are found beautifully coexisting in all their glory. So, it comes as no surprise that Indians love incorporating different cultures in their shopping interests, too. Especially when it comes to shopping from the USA, our shopaholics from India are always on the front, forever excited to bag the high-quality products from America’s leading brands. Global Shopaholics strives to make online shopping an inclusive activity for shopaholics from all over the world. So, we are always ready to ensure that our customers from India do not have to face any hurdles during their online shopping Shop USA Ship India  USA package forwarding services...Read more

Shop from USA, Ship to Jordan

Calling all our shopaholics from Jordan- the country of ancient monuments and nature reserves! We know how much you must love the idea of shopping from America’s finest brands that have the highest quality of products to offer at reasonable prices. But we also know that every time you try to actually follow this idea, you are discouraged by the inconveniences along the way that make shopping from the USA while sitting in Jordan almost impossible. Worry not! You are at just the right place to have all these problems solved forever because Global Shopaholics is offering up to 180 days of safe storage at its US-based warehouse, along with USA package forwarding services to your country!..Read more

Shop from USA, Ship to Egypt

The USA is the unparalleled hub of economical and quality shopping and shopaholics from all over the world, including Egypt, dream of living this experience. While it was very difficult in the past for shopaholics from Egypt to realize this dream, now that online shopping has taken over, this dream is actually achievable. However, online shopping comes with its own complications that may sometimes become hurdles in your online shopping experience from the US and shipping to Egypt. But with Global Shopaholics’ incredible worldwide parcel forwarding services, you do not have to worry about any of these issues, because we have just the right solutions to them...Read more