Getting Your Easter Baskets Ready? Here’s Where To Look

It’s that wonderful time of year once more when the weather starts to get warmer and the season of blossom approaches. For millions of families around the world, Easter fever is in the air too. If you shop for Easter online and haven’t gotten your shopping done yet, there are some great Easter sales going on right now. And if these stores don’t ship to your country, package forwarding to the rescue! Stick around to find out how Global Shopaholics can help you get your international shopping for Easter done the easy way...Read more

Assisted Purchase: The Easiest Way To Shop From The US

Right now, shopping is the most convenient it has ever been. Stores are online, your packages are delivered at your doorstep and there are multiple online services aimed at giving you great deals and discounts. The entire online shopping process is built to be as easy as possible for you. And with the ease of package forwarding, shopping is more international than ever...Read more

Spotlight: 5 Women-owned Businesses To Check Out On Women’s Day 2021

Happy Women’s Day! 

For Women’s Day 2021 we’re putting the spotlight on 5 women-owned businesses in the US. If you’d like to shop from these stores and ship to your country, you can get the lowest international shipping rates with Global Shopaholics...Read more

What You Should Know About World Teen Mental Wellness Day

The Hollister Confidence Project

Last year, the teen retail giant Hollister launched its Confidence Project, a multifaceted program meant to forward the cause of mental wellness in teens and to encourage organizations and nonprofit groups working on teen mental health, equity and inclusion in young circles, sustainability, and anti-bullying efforts. As part of the initiative, Hollister took several steps towards these causes and declared March 2nd as World Teen Mental Wellness Day...Read more