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Online Shopping and shipping is the best indulgence

Right now, there isn’t much to do except for staying home and saving lives; which is true for both simultaneously. Staying home is saving lives and people around the world understand this, thankfully. The global community is in this together and fighting the COVID-19 as one. Now that we’re home and have free time on our hands after so long, let’s catch up on the things we’ve been putting off. Since we need to stay home, let’s contact our savior, the internet? Online shopping is one of the hottest activities in the world right now, with everyone scouting online stores for their favorite products! Shopping and shipping services are bringing things to peoples’ doors and we’re all grateful...Read more

Shop Mens Accessories and Ship Overseas: Watches, Gloves and more

Staying apart to stick together

The world has never been this frozen in time, atleast not to the memory of people from the internet age. Ever since the Covid-19 came out of China and started firing at the whole world, we’ve all been doing what we can do best to fight: staying home. All the markets around the world have shut down, public places empty and workplaces mobilized. Literally everything has come to a halt and every country in the world is sitting still, waiting it out. And that’s important; the problem is bigger than ourselves and we have to stay apart to stick together. Let global shipping services get you your necessities at your door...Read more

Alternatives to Amazon

Amazon taking too long to deliver your orders? Don’t worry, because luckily, there are some amazing alternatives available to solve this problem! While Amazon may be the most trusted and widely used e-commerce platform with a vast variety of excellent facilities to offer, its substitutes are not few, but plenty. These other, similar websites are no less than Amazon in terms of standard, offering all the services without compromising on the quality. These services can be turned to without thinking twice if Amazon’s services have not been up to the mark lately due to the measures being taken against COVID-19. Global Shopaholic’s worldwide parcel forwarding services are at your disposal to bring products from these e-commerce stores to your doorstep!       ..Read more

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The world is indoors right now

With the whole world in lockdown against the COVID-19, life has become confined to a restricted space. Businesses have come to a halt, half of the global community online working for itself, the other half waiting for this to blow over. Offices, factories, storages, shops, marketplaces, and malls have shut down to defeat this pandemic. Recreation centers, public places, tourist attractions, restaurant businesses; everything and everyone is waiting it out at home. In the face of such a dangerous threat, global harmony is heartwarming; the internet being a solid alibi for people around the world to take comfort in these dark times. For some people, this is a time to discover and introspect. For others, this is a time to shop in gross detail and use global shipping services.  ..Read more

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Assisted Purchase – Global Shopaholics

With everything having come to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, our shopaholics may be gloomy, thinking that they can no longer get their hands on their favorites from the USA for a while now. But with Global Shopaholics at your back, that is not the case! Yes, you read that right! While the rest of the world may have paused for now, we are here to make sure that shopping still continues, by taking all precautionary measures and introducing a brand-new option to facilitate you during this tough time: ‘global shopaholics assisted purchase’. This means that we are now offering to not only package your products and ship them to you with our worldwide parcel forwarding services , but also buy them on your behalf from US stores! Can it get any better?..Read more