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The Best Holiday 2021 Deals You Can Find

Stores all across the US offer amazing discounts during the holiday season. If you also want to shop from these top-notch US brands with discounted prices, here is a blog to help you see what's worth buying. Now with Global Shopaholics, shoppers all around the world can shop from these US stores. 

Enjoy Holiday Shopping With Newegg

With less than a month left for Christmas, people are rushing over to the stores to get the deals for buying gifts. If you want to do Christmas shopping on a budget too then you should check out Newegg’s website! We’ve brought you a detailed gift guide to exploring the options they have on their sale right now!

Layer Up: GAP Winter Collection and Holiday Sale

The GAP holiday sale gives you 50% off on every single thing with an extra 10% off. Tune in to the GAP holiday sale to score the best pieces with the best prices. Shop with us from GAP to get economical international shipping rates.

The Victoria’s Secret Holiday Sale Is On

It's sale season! And we’re in love with the Victoria's Secret holiday sale because they offer amazing discounts on almost everything, from bras to body mist. This time it's a 30% sale on several products ranging from lingerie to makeup, and it's only online (even better). If you have questions about Victoria’s Secret shipping to your country, we’ve got you covered.

Shipping from the USA with Global Shopaholics

With the package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics, you can shop from US stores and ship internationally for the lowest cost, with ZERO membership fees. The way it works is simple, and it’s all designed to save both time and money.

At Global Shopaholics, we bring the best international shipping solutions for our customers!

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