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As the countdown begins for the FIFA cup 2022 in Qatar, the hype is unreal with the event almost three years away. But since its FIFA, the hype is justified. The inauguration of Al Wakrah Stadium, one of the stadiums that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which is in its final phase of completion is a breathing example of the atmosphere in the rich Gulf country with the exquisite tastes. The country is achieving the dream of building the first stadium from scratch according to the standards adopted by FIFA.

Despite being a small and minding-its-own-business sort of country, Qatar has always been in the limelight for all the right reasons, recently. Be it the Airlines being ranked as the best in the world or the summer tourism festivals being announced all over; Qatar has multiple interesting avenues to be explored and places to be visited.

E-commerce catching up

Qatar also has a lot of potential for shopping Global Shopaholics shop USA ship Qatar. Figures released by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) revealed that Qatar’s e-commerce market is expected to grow from QR4.7bn ($1.3bn) in 2017 to QR12bn ($3.2bn) in the next five years. Qatar’s e-commerce market is expected to grow from $1.2bn in 2017 to $3.2bn in 2020.

Qatar’s e-commerce market is growing at a rate of 17% per year. In 2014, the business-to-consumer (B2C) market in the country reached “just over $1bn,” making Qatar the seventh-largest market in Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, figures from the Qatar National e-Commerce Roadmap 2015 showed. According to the roadmap, global e-commerce B2C sales totalled $1.5tn in 2014. During the same period usa to qatar, the average person in Qatar spends $3,453 annually, with each transaction valued at $264, the roadmap said.

The per capita income combined with tech-savvy public translates into e-commerce! With the ever-growing trend seeping into the market, Qatar already has 0.3 Million of its population shopping online.

Qataris love to travel. The percentage spent on travel equipment, tickets, apparel and gadgets is 22%! 15% on Fashion, 18% electronics and the rest on entertainment and utensils!

The incoming football fever

The biggest incoming trend, however, would be football merchandise. According to off-topic club merchandise sales stats, Clubs traditionally receive an annual fee, for example, Manchester United receives $97million per year from Adidas, Chelsea receives an initial $77million per year from Nike, and Arsenal receives $38million per year from Puma and then 10-15% of the revenue the kit manufacturer generates from shirt sales. The numbers are crazy and FIFA is the event to keep up with the trends!

Whether you wish to order football merchandise or anything else of interest from Qatar (apparel, travel gadgets etc), there’s Amazon, E-Bay , Macy’s: all your favorite American stores from your friend, the United States of America. is currently the most popular e-commerce store in Qatar with its sales growing by the minute.

Who will bring me my product?

The big question pops up at this point: how do you rely on a shipping service to bring your favorite product from the US to Qatar? Global Shopaholics is the most popular answer. With its services stretched across three continents, Global Shopaholics will provide cheap ship USA to Qatar everything from a price match to effortless processing. You can browse the world’s largest inventories whilst keeping your products in a single cart and leave the consolidation, packing, and shipping to them. Happy shopping and happy shipping!

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