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How To Shop From US This Eid Adha

By Adam on Jul 13, 2020

Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid Adha in few weeks. You need to figure out how to shop from US this Eid Adha,2020 soon. Eid is all about meeting family and friends, visiting their homes, exchanging sweets and gifts, dressing up, and having family feasts. Since Eid is incomplete without new clothes, there is no compromise on that. All kids expect new toys, video games, and other joyous delights. Another special thing about Eid is how other communities join in to celebrate Eid with their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Happiness Ed spreads is infinite.

This Eid might not be like any other Eid you’re used to celebrating, this Eid you can’t go out as much as you would like to. But this doesn’t mean you can’t shop as you used to and that you can’t send gifts to your family and friends like you used to. Rather you can stay safe in your home and easily shop from the US, ship to your doorstep. You don’t even need to worry about the tax; Global Shopaholics provide you a free US address you can use at the checkout time. We receive the package for you and making shipping from the USA easy and smooth like never before.  

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What favorite US products are most shipped from US to Japan?

By Adam on Jul 13, 2020

Japan has a long story to narrate to the surrounding world, a story worth the while! Japan is an ancient country, with astounding traditions which have evolved overtime yet haven’t lost their true essence. The cherry blossoms gleam all along the country with their purity, it is believed that they bring prosperity to the country. Japan is home to g-olden culture, art, music, humble people, Anime, sculpturing, legacy of distinctive gardens and above all SUSHI! But do Japanese fancy US technology? Well the answer is yes. Does it makes you wonder what favorite US products are most shipped from US to Japan?

Japan fancies US Electronics

Japan despite of keeping it’s prehistoric golden traditions alive, has yet bloomed out to be a central hub for latest technology and research. Therefore this tech-savvy nation has incorporated automation in almost all walks of life. Above all, the country’s economy is growing at quite a faster rate. E-commerce is yet another favourite of Japan’s technophile people. Japanese have been a great fan of western trends and vice versa. Having a prominent share in the cross border trade specially considering e-commerce within the US market, Japanese have been observed, to be greatly adoring US merchandise.

Global Shopaholics helping Japan shipping from the US

Global Shopaholics has a whole batch of satisfied and happy customers in Japan! Hence we work extra hard in determining trends of what our Japanese customers like the most, when it comes to US merchandise. This makes it easier for us to bring you other similar products/stores of your interest right into your grasp for a memorable shopping and shipping experience from US to Japan!

Amazon-- An absolute favourite!


From anything to everything, is what you can buy at Amazon. Japan absolutely loves what Amazon has to offer considering the product variety as well as sales and concessions. Our experience speaks out loud, we have been delivering Amazon products to our Japanese customers in much lower shipping rates than that of Amazon’s direct shipping. Most preferred commodities being bought from the Amazon, are skincare products. US has an unmatched standing in production of world’s best skin care ranges, coming out under different branding.

Direct amazon shipping to Japan, of multiple items, can be costly contrarily Global   Shopaholics consolidates all your items in a single box as well as only charges for the collective weight and packaging while sending you, your parcels of joy from US to japan.

Keep shopping from Amazon and ship with GS for some dainty delights!

Disney Store-- hey Minnie what’s up?


Japan greatly admires Disney, just as rest of the world does. But what favorite US products are most shipped from US to Japan?Minnie and Mickey are surely the top favorites among Japanese. Disney accessories are an absolute fav’ among children and adults both. Are Cosplays and celebrations even complete without them? Cherish the treats of wearing a Minnie band to an amusement trip or getting your daughter an Elsa dress for her birthday, Get your hands on all the collectibles of Disney Christmas tree ornaments and make this Christmas extra warm with all time favourite character based hot-chocolate cups for the little ones.

Japanese customers get the most out of these Disney ventures by shipping with GS. Here and yet Global Shopaholics also loves collecting your souvenirs of joy from US and ship them to Japan right at your doorstep-- that too in lowest rates!

Japan’s strange love affair with CD’s and DVD


While being among the world’s most advanced nations, Japanese has this strange obsession for plastic compact discs. CDs are japan’s one of the top purchases from the US.

Two years ago, Forbes reported that CD purchases made up 85 percent of all music purchases in Japan.

Well this 90’s nostalgia isn’t that bad after all, when you have Global Shopaholics to ship dozens of discs to burn those music records out and set the punk artist in you on FIRE!

Toys-- Every toy has a story


Well States stands out for having World’s top toy brands. From stuffies to dolls to doll houses to all other kinds of child’s most fantasized playthings. Hereby Japan makes it’s child’s early years unforgettable by getting it something to hold on to, through years until he/she grows up. What favorite US products are most shipped from US to Japan consist of Toys for sure.

Global Shopaholics hereby is your partner through generations! Compliment your happiness and celebrations via GS’s cheap shipping from US to Japan.

Clothing and Cosmetics-- A unrivaled fashion sense!


With the media industry flourishing and the towering adornment for modernism, Japanese have redefined their fashion trends and tools. US brands are known for their exceptional style and finesse. Therefore Japanese prefer buying all that they adore from US stores to satisfy their inner Shopaholic!

Beauty blogging and influencers are a whole new course in line. Hence for up taking such trends, love for the ever green US cosmetic as well as clothing stores in Japan is growing , like never before.

Electronics-- but why from US?


Japanese have been seen buying lots of electronics from the US despite of them being primarily manufactured in Japan. Well the reason behind this unusual fact is that, Electronics that have been made in Japan and exported to US are much cheaply available in the American market than the local Japanese market. Although this is something very odd but still is true, hereby Japan mostly buys many of the daily use machines from the US due to price differentials.

At the same time Global Shopaholics has saved it’s Japanese customers a bunch due to it’s extra cheap yet qualitative services!

Headphones and other gadgets


Having become an Urban village, the world loves playing with technology from east to west and from west to east. US too is known for being a tech-advanced country. Japan settling for no less tries out all of the latest trendy gadgets and potables being released in the USA such as headphones etc-- with BEATS topping the list!

Miles apart yet closer by sounds and sayings, Get all your favourite gadgets & widgets from the best US stores, while we’ll ship your tech-haul to your doorstep on a plane’s pace

Video Games-- The only place where you get to live twice or so!


A life full of games teaches you to tackle games in life. As Japanese are a great fan of video games, therefore they make their spare time much more exciting. There is a wide variable purchase of gaming equipment and games considering Japanese clientele. Thus video game purchases are huge and answers oour curiosity of What ever-adored US products are most shipped by Japanese from US to Japan.

We give you little extra moments to play, by saving some cash trough our cost effective shipping!

Some other popularly bout merchandise includes

  • Smartphone cases
  • Watches
  • Kitchenware
  • Cargo and Tool Bags
  • Costumes and Masks

Got boosted? Feel like shipping to Japan? For further guideline of ‘How to shop from US and ship Japan, head over to our country profile of US TO JAPAN! And meanwhile discover all that you have been longing for.

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Best Hair & Skin Supplements To Add To Your Routine From USA Stores

By Adam on Jul 13, 2020

Who doesn’t want full and shiny hair, clear skin, and strong nails? We all seek beauty and health betterment and try different approaches to attain perfection. Maintaining a good diet, staying hydrated, doing exercises and yoga does the job but adding essential vitamins and supplements can completely change the game. Choosing the right supplements and adding them to your diet plan can be a huge boost. With so many beauty and health brands blooming worldwide and every other site claiming to sell the best; you must know which brands you can trust. The USA is the world leader of supplements, especially skin, hair, and nail supplements. The USA has the brands that have been producing supplements that nourish from inside out and help people worldwide. 

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Every Woman's Eid Essentials From US Online Stores By Global Shopaholics

By Adam on Jul 13, 2020

The clock is ticking, Eid Adha is around the corner and women are busy doing the last few rounds of shopping which continues till the date mostly. There are few items in particular which can’t be missed. Today, we bring to you every woman’s Eid essentials you need to buy from US online stores.

We, women, are complex creatures, they call us shopaholics, and we call ourselves perfectionists. We try to make things as perfect and complete as they ought to be, as they deserve to be. And Eid is such a huge religious celebration that it deserves to be celebrated with zeal and we also deserve some pampering during this global pandemic. Shopping for us is self-pampering and a way to release stress.

No girl wants to spend the Eid boringly, it is a festive thing and women need few festive articles on Eid. Every girl’s checklist is different but there are few things that every type of girl wants on her Eid.

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Global Shopaholics - The Best Shipping & Forwarding Company

By Adam on Jul 02, 2020

Global Shopaholics is ranked as one of the top drop shipping companies on the internet. Buy anything to everything from US stores and ship them to your doorstep anywhere in the world at your doorstep. You’ll find a number of other drop shippers while surveying the web, but the question here arises, are they worth it?

Lets take the example of one of our competitors ‘planet express’. They have been claiming to have better services than GS. The fun part is, other companies have been seen comparing their services with that of Global Shopaholics, which clearly proves that GS has been keeping up the standard of it’s services. Global Shopaholics is believed to be a trendsetter of cheapest package forwarding services in the industry.

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