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Trending Gift Ideas This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and if you’re on the lookout for the top trending gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. While many people hold the opinion that every day should be special for moms around the world, Mother’s Day is a nice way of acknowledging that we’re grateful for everything our moms do for us around the year.

If you’re like me, you probably struggle with gift ideas for your mom too. This year, I decided to make an easy round-up of gift ideas for moms of all kinds. And don’t get me wrong, it can be challenging to make one all-encompassing list of gifts for moms because moms can be different and belong to all walks of life: working moms, housewives, new moms, moms-on-the-move.

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Give Mom An Extra-Comfy Break

Your mom’s been working hard all day, every day. So it seems only reasonable to make her breaks comfier. If you can’t give her a spa day, why not bring the spa home? Exfoliating scrubs, foot massagers and detox masks are just some of the things you can get for her. Why not get multiple and make a Mother’s Day basket? Global Shopaholics offers package consolidation to help you combine multiple packages into one box, helping you save on shipping costs.

You can also give her a much-deserved break with this Terry Bathrobe from Macy’s? The robe is embroidered with ‘Mom’, made of soft and absorbent, woven from thick, 100% genuine Turkish cotton. Macy’s promises that the robes are exceptionally soft and that they’ll only become softer after every wash.

The Terry Bathrobe is 65% off right now and the sale ends on May 2nd. What’s more, you’ll get a special discount on Macy’s with the promo ‘FRIEND’, so you don’t want to miss this offer.


Help Mom Keep Her Loved Ones Close

Moms always find ways of keeping their loved ones close to them, be it through pictures or customized mugs. And while picture frames and photo albums have perennially been many people’s go-to gift items for this special day, it seems more personal to get something customized, e.g. a mug or a necklace.

This lovely necklace available at Etsy can be engraved with the names of your kids or loved ones. You can even get them engraved with other messages like ‘I love you, mom!’ or whatever you please.

The necklace is currently 25% off, so you’ll get big savings if you shop and ship it now. It’s also very customizable: you get to choose the number of rings in the necklace, and the color of the rings too.


Make Organizing Easier For Mom

I don’t know about your mom, but my mom is an obsessive organizer. She wants everything in its place and all things put back in the same place they were picked up from. And it seems most moms are the same, especially for working moms. It’s a nice gift idea to make organizing easier for mom, be it through container sets, jewelry trays or scarf organizers.

This jewelry cabinet from Costway comes with its own full-size mirror and LED lights. It’s a good gift idea if your mom’s keen on keeping her jewelry neatly organized and maintained in good condition.

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Take Mom’s Baking To The Next Level

If your Mom is a master tastemaker, there’s a whole litany of gift ideas you can check out. Recipe books are always a good idea, whether they’re for baking or otherwise. In any case, you can never have a big enough collection of recipes, so it’s not like it’ll go to waste!

Mother’s Day Delights Cookbook: A Collection of Mother’s Day Recipes is a delightful recipe book by Karen Jean Matsko Hood. And while it was first published in 2014, it’s still a must-have for any aspiring tastemaker.

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