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Top kitchen appliances you must have.

Cooking can be so much fun with the right tools. Nowadays we have some very advanced inventions in the kitchen appliances. These appliances have taken off a great burden. Instead of spending several hours in the kitchen now one can easily cook his/her favourite meals in minutes with the assistance provided by these convenient kitchen appliances.

While browsing the internet we come across different websites offering amazing deals with some really cool gadgets. However, the difficult part is to make the best choices. Sometimes due to some bad experience of scam websites out there we lose our faith in online shopping.  There are so many US brands that offer some hottest devices and products. Global shopaholics can assist you with the best service and deliver your desired products straight to your door. 

Ahead, this blog has sorted out and presented a curated list of some top must have kitchen appliances.

Air Fryer:

When you are on a diet and must track your calorie intake, then this gadget should be your top pick. With the minimal use of oil one can cook delicious meals instantly. Also, if one has a tough office routine then this device can save precious time and in a matter of few minutes your delicious food. Ninja Air Fryer AF101 is the best among all.

Cooking Tongs:

Cooking tongs are absolutely the must have for the kitchen. They are used not only for cooking(stirring, mixing, or flipping) the food but also can be used to serve the uncooked dishes ( salad, pasta,).  Warmoor Stainless steel Silicon Kitchen Nonstick Tongs set could be the best choice and the mostly recommended by the professionals  

Toaster Oven:

Unlike regular ovens, toaster ovens are great to use. For regular ovens one has to wait to preheat while toaster ovens get heated so quickly. You can roast vegetables, fish, and chicken by quicker means. Again it is a favourite pick of professionals and there are so many American brands that have an amazing collection. Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress is the top rated and easy to use among all.   

Rice Cooker:

If anyone is a rice(white rice, brown rice, quinoa) lover then this gadget is meant for them. This device, as the name suggests, can cook the rice in just a few minutes. There are so many local brands with some cheap cookers but investing in a branded appliance is always the wise move. The professional version of Aroma Houseware Rice cooker is highly recommended by cooking experts. 

Immersion Blender:

Immersion blender as the name suggests is used to blend the solid edibles into a liquid form. It is mostly used to make smooth soups, sauces, and curries. One can use it directly in a pot where the food is being cooked without using the extra utensils and saves from the messiness. Additionally, it could be used for frothing milk for coffee, fruit-smoothies. There are so many kids who don’t want vegetables in their meals. This blender can blend and disguise the vegetables into a sauce that is the best way to feed a child a wholesome nutritious meal. Braun Multiquick Blender's unique structure makes blending very easy and blends the food item seamlessly. 

Electric Kettle:

This innovation is dedicated to the immense love for tea or chai. This is the most handy way to make hot beverages instantly. In winters one can instantly make his favourite drinks like hot chocolate, cocoa, any type of tea. Also, it can be used to boil water for the oatmeal, noodles, or other recipes. Although every kettle works the same, investing in a branded item could be the safest approach. Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric kettle is cordless kettle that means it is travel friendly.

Silicon Coated Spatulas:

If anyone wants to bake without creating a mess, then these spatulas should be on the list. These spatulas have made mixing or melding very feasible. With the help of its non-sticky composition one can take out the last drop from any pan or bowl. Professionals call it an inexpensive luxury that one must own. Pattern has some really cool collections of spatulas with stunning colours.   

Non-stick Pan:

We wonder so many times how these chefs manage to cook such thin crepes and fluffy omelettes without sticking them to the bottoms and the secret is this non-stick pan. Based on the coating there are two types of non-stick pan. One is Teflon coated and the other is Ceramic one. Teflon one last longer than Ceramic one and is lightweight

Knife set:

Every kitchen must have a basic knife set. Mercer Culinary Genesis 5 pieces is  top rated among all since it is made of rubberwood and comes with a magnetic board set.

Measuring spoon/cup:

If one is new at cooking and clueless about the amount of ingredient to use in a recipe, then this is the absolute pick. Not just the beginners but the professionals also make use of measuring spoons all the time to let their audience know the amount of ingredients being used. So, to follow the exact measurement one need to have his hands on these spoons. Russell Hendrix is offering a wide rage of measuring spoons and cups.

Stand Mixer:

Last but not the least investing in a stand mixer is like having an additional couple of hands. Its prime use is to knead the flour for several dishes like making dough for pizza, tortillas, muffin, bread, cake, cookies and so many. Kenwood Chef Patissier XL by Harrods has these incredible features and functions that conveniently mixes the volumes in a few minutes.

The above-mentioned appliances can save you from labouring most of your day in the kitchen. One must keep the need  of these gadgets in mind according to their usage in the kitchen. Buying every other gadget  that one comes across on the internet can be a waste of time and money as well.All people want, is to make the right choices and good investments. If you really want to make the right choices, then above mentioned appliances must be in the carts by now. 

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