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Online International Shopping, Made Easy With Size Conversion Charts.

Every time you’re shopping online, things get very confusing when it comes to clothes and shoe sizes. An American size 6 might turn out to be a United kingdom size 8. What if an item that is a size 9 in the United States cna be a size 11 in Europe. 

All of this can be a little confusing for customers who aren't familiar with international sizing differences. We are here with comparison charts which you can use as a general sizing guide.

Keep in mind that some countries might differ in their sizing standards. But this should still point you the right direction. 

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It's quite tricky to size clothing, particularly when you are unfamiliar with sizing standards of various states, or when the items are not designed to fit true-to-size. The purpose of this guide is to help in providing a better understanding of what measures are in different countries and how they compare with US clothing sizing. 

Women's Clothing Sizes:

This part is specialized with regards to women’s clothing, this includes blouses, coats, jackets and sweaters. It should be noted that these are  only general size guidelines, and you may discover that some brands or manufacturers use personal sizing standards.

For general international sizing systems. Just look up your size in the country that is the standard used in your country.

You might have noticed that numerous European countries have personalized systems of measuring.

Australia and New Zealand  also use the British sizes. The French standard is what Belgian, Spanish and Portuguese sizes are based on. Italian clothing sizes are almost the same or literally the same as French sizing. There are however small differences amongst men’s and women’s sizing. 

German Sizes are used in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Men's Clothing Sizes

Now we will show you the section assigned to Men’s wear which includes suits, dress shirts and jackets. Once again we will remind you that these are general size guidelines. However, You are likely to find certain manufacturers and brands that are using their own sizing  guidelines.

You can get European sizes for clothing articles made in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Sweden, and Spain.

You are sure to have noticed that the sizing systems are not very cumbersome. Only thing you need to know about is what size you are according to every country’s system. It will be simple  to find your perfect size of clothing at most stores.

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Shoes have to be one of the top most adored items in your wardrobe. They can breathe life in or out of an outfit. However it is sometimes a challenge to find shoes that fit well.

Sadly, there is no international set grade for shoe sizing, and sizes can differ from country to country. The following chart provides  information on the various types of shoe size systems internationally, including US men’s and women’s shoe sizes compared to other countries e.g the U.K, Europe ,Japan etc

Women's Shoe Sizes:

Shoe sizes often differ drastically from one country to another. In the United States, a shoe size 7 may be, in the United Kingdom, a size 9. We have shared this guide to give you a general idea regarding what sizes are in other countries and in what way do they differentiate with US women’s shoe sizing. Be sure to keep in mind that these are general sizing overview and you might discover that some brands and manufacturers use their own sizing standards.

When you have found out your shoe size, you should utilize this size conversion chart to work out your shoe size in various countries. 

If you are determined to get the right fit on the first try you’ll have to measure your feet at home. Afterwards, use our shoe size chart to make sure your online shoe shopping experience will be an easy and enjoyable one. 

Men's Shoe Sizes:

It's hard to come by the perfect size men’s shoes, particularly when shopping on the internet from a store in a foriegn country. Here is a guide that will provide an overview of men’s shoe sizes in the USA and compare it to countries around the world.

These are some of the most common countries we have found shoppers are searching for.

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