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Labor Day Sales You Simply Can't Miss

Labor Day is finally here, and along with the appreciation for the hard-working Americans who act as the backbone of the country, it’s a day when stores across the country go all out on their Labor Day sales! For more, let’s dive right in.

The US Independence Day is about celebrating the freedom and liberties offered by this great land. And big stores love using it for their 4th of July sales. We know plenty of big shoppers are excited about the Independence Day sales in the USA too because, let's be real, those are real bargains.

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day in the US is celebrated on the first Monday of September. It’s a time to give recognition to the hard-working labor that enables the comfortable life that somany of us have the privilege of living.

When is Labor Day 2021?

Like other years, this year also Labor Day is being celebrated on the first Monday of September. The first Monday for Labor Day 2021 falls on the 6th of September. The Labor Day weekend will start from September 3rd until Sep 5th and then connect on Monday making it a long weekend for people who are employed.

Labor Day Sales And Deals

Along with appreciation and hard work for the laborers of the country, many shoppers wait for this long weekend in September for the amazing Labor Day salesand deals.

Almost every brand in the US has an end-of-season or clearance sale at the time of Labor Day so these sales and deals are quite a big deal for people around the world too. We’ve gathered all the important deals for Labor Day 2021 for you.

And don’t worry if you are not living in the US, you can still take advantage of these sales and discounts by shopping from your favorite brand with Global Shopaholics and shipping to wherever you want.

Read on to see some of the top Labor Day sales and deals that are live right now!

1. Lowe’s

At Lowe’s, you will find Labor Day sales and discounts on appliances, patio furniture, grills and pots. They have a Labor Day values section where you can find great discounts on almost everything.

This is the best time to stock your grills, vacuum, pots or furniture because after this time there won’t be such big discounts on home appliances and other stuff. And if you don't live in the US, you can still avail Lowe’s Labor Day sales by shopping and shipping with a parcel forwarding company like Global Shopaholics.

You can order this EGO electric leaf blower to get ready for those fall times. It is a cordless and brushless blower that comes with a battery and charger. Don’t miss out on this best seller from Lowe’s Labor Day Sales.

2. Best buy:

On Best buy, Labor Day sales are in full swing. All the major appliances, electronics, small appliances, laptops, and technologies have deals and discounts on them.

Best Buy also has deals for students, so if you fall in that category, save up to $400 and avail the deals on selected Dell laptops.

The latest model of iPad Air 4th generation is also on sale. With a display of 10.9 inches, and a storage capacity of 64GB you can now save $100 on it. Don’t miss the deal, order now. Shop in the US and ship with Global Shopaholics.

3. Wayfair:

This time Labor Day sales 2021 comes with a huge sale on Wayfair with upto 70% off. Wayfair has discounts and deals on almost every product. So if you are looking to stock up on pillows for the upcoming fall season or refreshing last summer bits, get pillows and home decorations from $35.

And if you are looking for some appliances then you are right on time. Because these Labor Day sales can get you upto 55% off on kitchen appliances small and big both. You can check this Dash 6 Quartz family size Airfryer so you balance the flavor with health.

This surely isn’t the time to sit back and see, it’s the time you spend the savings on the right products. Avail the biggest discounts of the year this Labor Day and get your products all the way from the US with Global Shopaholics only.

4. Nike:

Nike has discounts of upto 40% off so if you were waiting to get those Nike Jordan’s, now is the time.

Stock up on your favorite Nike leggings or shorts and shoes on men, women and children this Labor Day and don’t miss out. Get these Jordan MA2 from Nike at discounted prices and get international shipping with Global Shopaholics.

5. Samsung:

With Labor Day approaching comes the time to get discounts on bigger purchases of the year including mobiles, tablets, appliances and home stuff. Samsung has huge sales, discounts and deals going on their website. Make sure to get the best discounts before the school season starts.

You can get the New Samsung Galaxy Z fold3 5G mobile on discounted price and save upto $900 on this Labor Day sales.

You can also save upto 35% off on Samsung Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaners. You can never get the same discounts before Black Friday like this again so make use of these Labor Day sales and shop and ship at the most affordable prices with Global Shopaholics only.

6. Walmart:

Stop whatever you are doing! The biggest Labor Day savings by Walmart are here. You can get extremely low prices on almost everything. You can also get upto 70% off on clothing as well.

The new Ionvac Smart clean Robovac smart robotic vacuum connects via mobile app and you can easily control it through the app or your voice commands. This robotic vacuum is on sale at 45% off and it’s not to be missed out.

7. Fenty beauty:

Labor Day sales doesn’t always have to include the tech and bigger products. You can also buy a bunch of makeup and beauty products.

This time on Labor Day 2021, Fenty Beauty also have a sale going on specific products so if you want to stock up on those lip colors and highlighters, tune in to their website and get them at the lowest prices.

8. JBL:

Labor Day Sales is the perfect time to get the high priced products at a bargained price. If you are looking for a portable speaker, you are just in time.

Create the vibe YOU want! A waterproof, wireless and upto 20 hours playtime speaker which can be customized with your own design sounds perfect.

Get the JBL charge 4 portable bluetooth speaker at 17% off.

You can also enjoy the Labor Day sales not living in the US, by using a package forwarding company like Global Shopaholics. Shopping and shipping at affordable prices is now made easier by Global Shopaholics.

9. Lenovo:

The best discounts to get on these Labor Day sales are on Laptops, gaming mouse and gaming equipment. Lenovo has a huge discount and sales for upto 80% this Labor Day on selected laptops, desktops, tech and more.

Check out this ThinkPad X1 Extreme with a 15' display. The processor is 10 generation intel core with 512 GB storage.

Before the school starts, get your hands on this remarkable piece of tech at 50% off, so your homework is easier to do. A deal not to be missed.

Afraid you might miss these Labor Day sales because of not living in the US? Don’t worry, we got you. Get your free US shipping address with Global Shopaholics and avail these Labor Day sales from the US and get international shipping to anywhere around the world.

10. Sephora:

At the time of Labor Day sales, keep an eye on Sephora sales as they have big discounts on almost everything. Before summer ends, this is the last time you might be able to catch Sephora’s discounted products so make sure to take advantage of it.

Sephora’s favorite Give Me Some Lip Balm Set which is a limited edition set is also on sale. It contains five different lip balms and masks for hydrated lips.

Get this set before it runs out.

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Happy Labor Day!