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Global Shopaholics - The Best Shipping & Forwarding Company

Global Shopaholics is ranked as one of the top drop shipping companies on the internet. Buy anything to everything from US stores and ship them to your doorstep anywhere in the world at your doorstep. You’ll find a number of other drop shippers while surveying the web, but the question here arises, are they worth it?

Lets take the example of one of our competitors ‘planet express’. They have been claiming to have better services than GS. The fun part is, other companies have been seen comparing their services with that of Global Shopaholics, which clearly proves that GS has been keeping up the standard of it’s services. Global Shopaholics is believed to be a trendsetter of cheapest package forwarding services in the industry.

Planet express considers itself of being superior by having a ‘free as well as premium membership’ options but proof of the pudding is in the eating. The free membership has such limited option that ultimately you will have to switch to the paid membership option to avail the complete service haul. Whereas, Global Shopaholics stands tall for charging absolutely no registration/sign up fee as we keep all our customers dear as well as treat them equally. We’re here to see you content not to buy your happiness.

International shippings can give you alot of anxiety, but not when you’re shipping with Global Shopaholics. upon request GS provides you a fortune of 6 detailed photos of your order from every angle, which pretty much covers all angles/sides of the product, in just $3. GS moreover charges no separate fee for general pictures of the order, to be sent to our dear customers on package arrival at our warehouse. We like being generous admist other costly package forwarders! Planet express has higher charges for the detailed photos, they even charge you for sending you the general photos of the package upon arrival, which is more like your right.

Global shopaholics charges no extra fee for repacking your product in case of any damage to the it’s previous packet, this is included in the handling/processing fee. Whereas planet express has flat charges on the repacking of your order even if you are one of their ‘premium members’, so whats the plus?

The option of ‘additional storage’ provided by planet express is simply a bag of wind (Their usual free of cost storage is also only valid upto 45 days). Who needs an extra storage when Global Shopaholics provides you a free storage of the package upto 180 DAYS!

Global Shopaholics charges only one dollar extra for consolidation in addition to the general processing fee, in contrast planet express charges more than GS, even from their special members- THE PREMIUM MEMBERS. Additionally there is no consolidated packaging option available for free members-- it’s the generosity not the day coat that makes the gentleman.

Considering the amenity of assisted purchase, Global Shopaholics charges as low as 5% of the minimum total purchase whereas Planet express charges 7% -- every penny counts when it’s about your hard earned money!

Moving on to shipping guides of various countries, we provide a detailed review of the service we offer to each country. Our priority shipping is quite fast, it takes from only 3 to 5 days. However Planet express despite of charging more for priority shipping takes additional days to deliver. Our economy shipping is quicker than quick too -- see for yourself!



Priority shipping: 2-3 working days


Economy shipping: 10-15 days (exclusive of the weather conditions etc which might cause a little delay)


Priority shipping: 5 days or more

Express shipping: can take upto 30 days

While you look at our reviews across the sites such as sitejabber or trustpilot or even google, you can see people highly appreciating the responsiveness and readiness of our customer support. Our customers are generous they don’t keep back in recognizing our efforts, openly.

Our website is first-rate user friendly, even acknowledged by our competitors. Complete service guides, Global Shopaholics additional fortune explanations, country pages in their respective languages, service video tutorials; there’s nothing which hasn’t been made part of the website for transparent as well as easy assistance of our customers

Now sharpen you senses and see for yourself whose providing better and clear service delivery to the respected customers! -- Beauty, which is skin deep!



Global Shopaholics

Planet express

membership price

no membership fee

No fee for free members

Upto $50 for premium members


$5 usual processing fee

$1 for each consolidated package

Not available for free members

$5 usual processing fee

$2 for each consolidated package

free storage

180 days

Only 10 days storage for free members

Only 45 days storage for premium members, too

additional storage

Not required due to free storage for 180 days

$.01 per lbs per day

Which ultimately may cost you alot

$.01 per lbs per day

Which ultimately may cost you alot

manually photo request

No charges for general package content photos


Only charges for detailed photos

$3 for six photos

$2 for 3 general package content photos


$5 for 10 detail photos

$2 for 3 general package content photos


$5 for 10 detail photos

repack request


$5 flat fee per package

$5 flat fee per package

shop for me

5% of total cost of the purchase

7% of total cost of the purchase

7% of total cost of the purchase






Shipping to:








Package dimensions

10×8×3 inches


Package weight

4 lbs




FedEx Economy







FedEx Priority







DHL Worldwide Express