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"Get 2% Cash Back WITHOUT A Promo Code "

Shipping packages from stores in the USA to your country is the easiest it has ever been. And with our Assisted Purchase option, it gets even better. It allows you to shop and ship from the USA like never before. And now you can get 2% cash back on it without a promo code!

ASSISTED PURCHASE:Long-distance Shopping With ZERO Wasted Time

There’s a good reason Assisted Purchase is one of our most popular shop and ship options, too. It doesn’t require a US credit, US shipping address or phone number, and you can place your order within seconds. All you have to do is to share a link to the item you want, we shop it on your behalf and ship it directly to you, via the courier service of your choice.

HERE’S THE DEAL: 2% Cash Back Offer

Global Shopaholics gives you a tax-free US shipping address when you sign up, to enable you to ship from the USA with zero hassle. To add to this, we introduced our Assisted Purchase option to enable customers to shop and ship from the USA without even a US phone number or credit card.

To give back to our patrons who continue to support us and to shop and ship with us, we’re giving 2% cash back on ALL Assisted Purchase requests being submitted via Bank Transfer or Bitcoin on the following stores:

  • Amazon
  • Macy’s
  • Walmart
  • Apple
  • Target

The deal requires NO PROMO CODE or special requirements; if you have a Global Shopaholics account, you’re already eligible for the offer. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Log in to your Global Shopaholics account
  1. On the Dashboard, select ‘Begin Assisted Purchase’
  1. Share the link to the item(s) you want, and fill in the details

Once you get to the payments section, you have the option to pay via multiple methods. To benefit from the 2% cash back offer, pay via Bank Transfer or Bitcoin.

The Assisted Purchase request form in the Global Shopaholics dashboard

THAT’S NOT ALL, FOLKS: Get Extra, EXTRA Benefits

Global Shopaholics has been operating as a frontrunner in the package forwarding industry for years. As the only company to offer 180 days of storage along with other free services, Global Shopaholics has been making shopping and shipping packages from the USA a simpler, cheaper and easier process for customers around the world.

There are thousands of businesses in the USA shipping to other countries, but this usually consists of a very limited list of countries. For those looking to get quick package delivery from the USA,  package forwarding is the logical, and often only, solution.

A list of the free and paid services provided by Global Shopaholics

Also, if you’re shipping packages through Global Shopaholics, you get a number of value-added services:

Package Consolidation

If you want to shop and ship multiple packages from the USA, you can have them combined into a single box. This saves on international shipping costs as shipping one box is cheaper than shipping multiple boxes.

This also helps in tandem with Global Shopaholics’ policy of 180 days of storage.

180 Days of Storage

Having the option to keep a package that has arrived at the warehouse for 180 days allows you to shop from multiple stores, get them all delivered to the warehouse, and wait for any other packages to be delivered as well. This way, you can also wait for special sales or deals over a period of time and collect the items. Once it’s all done, you can proceed with the consolidation process.

Picture of Package on Arrival

After your package has arrived at the warehouse, you can opt to receive a picture of the package itself or its contents. This often helps confirm that the item is exactly what you ordered from the store, and can help in returning/cancelling the order before it has shipped from the warehouse.


Many packages ship in packaging that may be very large (high-volume packaging can incur higher shipping costs) or not suitable to be packaged with other items. In this case, getting the items repackaged into smaller and more compatible boxes can help not only reduce shipping costs but also prevent damage to other packages.

Extra Packing Material

Fragile items are always handled carefully by the Global Shopaholics team. Fragile packages are marked with a special indicator sticker and packing peanuts ensure the products are safe. Our partner courier services also guarantee special care. However, if you’d like extra protection, you can opt for extra packing peanuts for only $2.

Package Insurance

While Global Shopaholics is always careful of customers’ packages when handling and shipping from the USA, you can also get your packages insured if you want. It helps in the case of unforeseen events or accidents that may end up causing damage to your item, so you can rest easy when you shop and ship.

And that’s not nearly all of it. There are plenty of other options for people who wish to get easy international shipping with zero barriers in the way.

Creating an account on Global Shopaholics is 100% FREE. If you’d like more information, you can always refer to our FAQs page or send us your questions or concerns at the help address ([email protected]).