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Happy News For Pakistani Buyers - FBR Removes Customs Duty On Imports Under Rs. 5,000

Good news for people of Pakistan, shopping from foreign online stores has become easier. Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) announced that products imported into Pakistan with a declared value of up to 5,000 PKR will be exempted from customs duty charges and other taxes. This rule applies to products imported via postal services and air courier only; products imported by any other means can’t benefit from this rule. You can now shop from US ship to Pakistan without paying customs charges on every little purchase.

People of Pakistan can now shop and ship online products of prices up to $30 without having to pay customs charges. This new rule is a revision in the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) draft of the “De-minimis rules for imported goods” through the issuance of S.R.O.886(I)2020 for amendments in the Customs Rules 2001. This limit was set to 100 PKR which is not even $1, this was useless for the buyers. But now online shoppers can shop and ship from USA and other countries products worth up to $30 without paying a single penny on customs taxes. This news will be officially published in a form of notification after approval in October 2020.

Yes people, that also means that you can shop and ship from USA without paying customs taxes on your purchases of up to $30. Get your US address from Global Shopaholics and shop your heart out to celebrate the news for shopaholics.

Shop From US Ship To Pakistan

You can shop online without worrying about taxes. Shop from US ship to Pakistan with reliable package forwarding companies. This exemption on imports of products worth up to 5,000 PKR is valid for packages sent via postal or air courier services. The value mentioned on the label/shipping receipt will be considered as the declared value of the product. The postal or courier authorities shall submit a consolidated monthly e-statement of all such clearances along with copies of the invoice of the imported goods cleared under these rules to the concerned Customs authorities for reconciliation of the record in the prescribed manner.

The conversion of the currency will be based on the official exchange rate of the previous day of the receival of the package. If you shop and ship from USA a particular product on a particular price, the conversion of currency will be based on the exchange rate on the previous day it is received in Pakistan Customs Office.


Who Will Benefit From This Customs Tax Exemption?

This decision has been made to benefit normal buyers as opposed to commercial importers. This rule will help people of Pakistan shop and ship from their favorite stores worldwide without making a hole in their pockets.  The industrial sector would not benefit from this updated policy as this rule has been made for small purchases of up to 5,000 PKR. It must be noted that according to the present practices, the courier service providers are bound to make a special list of imported items having declared value up to Rs. 5,000 as per the label of the imported product.

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