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eBay shipping to Romania

eBay is among the pioneers of online shopping. The fact that they have been able to win consumer trust and so much popularity is due to their efforts of giving the customer a feel of a proper marketplace. The prime reason that eBay was able to achieve this status is that they have been able to meet almost all the pertinent needs of the buyers. 

eBay is best known for its consumer sales and auctions. It is not only popular among the buyers but also the merchants due to its ease of use and great selling options. The vast clientele outreach makes eBay a lucrative platform for sellers. 

Another interesting fact about eBay is that along with its support for retail, it also highly assists the sale and demand of vintage as well as sought-out items of high price. This is only possible because of the capitalistic nature of the website. Hereby people who deal in vintage items and collectibles find their way to eBay as there are people there who’d pay anything to get what they are looking for.

Another aspect that makes eBay stand out among other e-commerce stores is the trust that customers will always have for marketplaces where there is a high rate of competition, multiple choices of retailers, and an affordable price range. These endeared eBay to buyers as against single stores that lacked all of these features. This drove sellers to the platform to gain recognizability, and the trust of customers before they build their personal digital stores.

eBay shipping to Romania

eBay does offer international shipping but on a very limited scale. It mostly depends on your location and the seller you choose to buy from. Moreover, the price of the shipping is also very high that it might also exceed your retail cost. Some sellers might be willing to ship internationally but not to Romania, which gets you in a situation where it becomes hard to shop online from eBay and ship to Romania. 

International shipping isn’t the only hurdle if you choose to buy from eBay and ship to Romania, there are other obstacles like what if you want to buy from different sellers at one time and ship internationally? How to cost-effectively shop and ship from eBay? Additionally, buying from multiple buyers at a time makes it difficult to track your orders too and the risk of losing your package is also high. In such a situation there still is one solution to all your problems and that is Glablshopaholics! The fretful days are now gone, buy anything from eBay and ship to Romania without any struggle.

How to buy from eBay and ship to Romania?

That's no tough job! You can now shop from eBay and ship to Romania without worrying about the process. Globalshopaholics take up the responsibility of the shipping process whereby you only have to take care of the shopping process which is a lot more fun. Just follow some simple steps which are mentioned below and wait till your eBay haul gets delivered to your doorstep in Romania.

  1. Sign up with Globalshopaholics and you’ll be getting your own US address. 

  1. Make your account on eBay, shop anything you like without thinking about whether or not the sellers deliver internationally, and get your parcels delivered at the US address provided to you by Globalshopaholics.

  2. Choose the shipping company which suits your budget, and calculate shipping using the shipping calculator tool

  1. Your parcel will soon be at your doorstep, enjoy flaunting your shopping haul!

Globalshopaholics international shipping vs eBay international shipping

Globalshopaholics int shipping

eBay int shipping

Worldwide international shipping

Very limited international shipping

Free consolidated packaging

No consolidated packaging

Cost-effective shipping

Expensive shipping

Warehouse storage

No storage facility 

Globalshopaholics shipping fortunes

  1. 180 days warehouse storage

Buying from multiple sellers at eBay is possible when shipping with Globalshopaholics, as GS provides you the facility of storing your packages at its warehouse for up to 180 days with no charges at all. Even if your parcels get delivered to the warehouse at various times they can still be later shipped together. 

  1. Consolidated package

When shipping internationally with eBay itself there's no option of consolidated packaging. All the items you order will get delivered to you separately which obviously would cost more. Globalshopaholics lets you ship a consolidated package with all your deliveries packed carefully and compactly together. Consolidated packaging saves you up to 80% of the shipping cost. 

  1. Custom clearances

When shipping with Globalshopaholics you don’t have to stress about the custom clearances because GS takes care of that unless a special permit is required however we still notify you on time. Moreover, eBay does not take responsibility if your package gets held up in customs and gets damaged or lost. On the other hand, GS notifies you immediately and prompts you to take an action.

  1. Certified dangerous goods shipper

Some countries restrict the import of cosmetics, perfumes, and lithium batteries as well as a few other items as they are categorized as dangerous goods. Hereby eBay does not ship dangerous goods if the laws of the country only allow a restricted entry or if the shipping company cannot make necessary arrangements to ship them. Globalshopaholics is a certified shipper of dangerous goods and holds an official license of shipping these items across the globe.

So here’s your chance to get the top products from eBay and easy ship to Romania with Globalshopaholics!