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Does Walmart ship to Thailand

Walmart paves its way back when there was almost no concept of e-commerce. Walmart became the throned king of hypermarkets for being the one-stop shop for everything. The store quickly gained popularity for being an alternative to, then, most preferred ‘mom and pop stores’. Walmart emerged successfully as a hypermarket undercutting all small-town supermarkets for its affordable pricing and customer inclination towards the variety of products.

Walmart in the very beginning of its creation, targeted the rural areas more than the urban ones as the competition in offering deals and discounts was already very high. The founder Sam Walton, wanted people to find everything at a single place that too inexpensively and save time while buying their grocery essentials as the rest of the supermarkets had stocked up on limited items and were greatly saturated.

Walmart’s business strategy has always been very customer friendly, they revolve around everyday low pricing and keeping up with the product as well as service competition with its competitors. Walmart takes pride in bringing better living to the people by saving their money. Walmart sure is a retail giant and claims itself to be ‘the largest retailer in the world, Walmart has an all-American repute but branches in various parts of the world. 

How to shop from Walmart's online store?

The year 2020 was the year when the e-commerce trends took an exception turn before that no other online storefronts were as much adored as Amazon. Walmart also took the chance during the pandemic and e-commerce soon became its area of success. Walmart is now the second-largest eCommerce retailer in the United States with eCommerce making up around 13% of its sales.

Customers obviously look for an all-in-one shop for convenience. Walmart literally has every niche of product to display on its storefronts. Walmart has full fledge operations running in North America and a few regions of South America. The super-store has also been successful in making an online appearance for a better shopping experience in many parts of the world, especially the US. 

You can shop from Walmart's US online store while sitting anywhere in the world. To gain the best shopping experience, it's essential that it comes with smooth and streamlined shipping. Walmart offers local shipping of $35 or more on all the online purchases

Walmart shipping to Thailand

Walmart does not ship internationally, but that does not mean you have to give up on your favorite merchandise and retail items from Walmart, because Globalshopaholics is here to ship your Walmart haul to you internationally!

Shop from Walmart and ship to Thailand with Globalshopaholics

Globalshopaholics is an international package forwarding company, which delivers worldwide. Globalshopaholics allows you to shop from any US store even if it does not offer international shipping, as GS is going to handle all your international shipments like an expert.

You can now shop from Walmart, all your hand-picked favorites will then be shipped to Thailand by Globalshopaholics. In order to initiate your shipping, just follow the simple steps listed below!

  1. Sign-up with Globalshopaholics and get your own US address for the walmart deliveries

  1. Place an order on the Walmart US online store and provide the US address given to you by GS

  2. Once your Walmart purchase arrives at our warehouse, we’ll ship to your home country right away!

What is the shipping cost of shipping Walmart to Thailand?

To get an exact idea of how much will the shipping cost you use our shipping calculator. The shipping cost is determined on the basis of weight and other dimensions of the package. Globalshopaholics pairs up with various courier companies in order to ship internationally. Hereby to know how much does each company charge for international shipping, the shipping calculator is your ultimate guide. 

Expedite shipping costs more than the standard shipping due to faster delivery however the standard shipping does take up more time but is much more pocket-friendly.

Can I buy from Walmart US online while living in Thailand?

You can purchase anything from Walmart US online while living in Thailand but often the payment method is where everyone gets stuck as it requires a US-based credit card. In such a situation, you can put up a request for assisted purchase with GS. Globalshopaholics will complete your Walmart order on your behalf, get your stuff delivered at the warehouse, and ship it to you in Thailand!

For more information on how to ship to Thailand, go to the Thailand shipping guide now!