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Assisted Purchase: The Easiest Way To Shop From The US


Right now, shopping is the most convenient it has ever been. Stores are online, your packages are delivered at your doorstep and there are multiple online services aimed at giving you great

deals and discounts. The entire online shopping process is built to be as easy as possible for you. And with the ease of package forwarding, shopping is more international than ever.

But shopping across borders isn’t always without problems. Certain American stores will require a US credit card in order to complete the purchase. Moreover,

many stores will ask you for a US phone number as well. Online shoppers from other countries understandably don’t have these readily available.

And that’s not the only hurdle stores place in the way of international shopping. Certain outlets won’t deliver their products to a warehouse address, which is a problem for anyone shipping

their products via a mediator; mediators will ship them to a warehouse before sending them directly to you.

Luckily, there are ways around the dilemma. All of these issues are solved by the Global Shopaholics Assisted Purchase option, so here’s a quick breakdown.

How It Works

The way Assisted Purchase works is simple. You simply let us know what you want to buy, by sharing with us the link to the product. We purchase the product

and get it delivered to the warehouse.

Assisted Purchase is differentiated from Direct Purchase. A Direct Purchase is when you get your product delivered to your US shipping address in our warehouse and

then ship it to your country. You’ll often be required to have a US phone number or US credit card. Assisted Purchase makes the process even simpler. You just let us know which product

you want to buy, and we handle the rest. We’ll buy the product on your behalf, get it delivered to the warehouse (or a special address if the store doesn’t ship to a warehouse), and ship it directly to you.

All of this is made easy by the fact that, for you, the whole process takes place on a single form. If you have a Global Shopaholics account, you just have to fill the Assisted Purchase form available

on your account and you’ll be done in minutes. Let’s take a look at how that works.


Here’s What You Have To Do

Step 1: Create Your Global Shopaholics Account

The only information you really need to provide to create your account is your name, email address and phone number. That’s it! Once your account is made

and your email address has been verified, you can add your address so the company knows where to ship your items to.

Step 2: Select “Assisted Purchase” On The Dashboard

Once you’re signed in, the Assisted Purchase option is at the top of your dashboard. As soon as you select it, you’ll see the Assisted Purchase request form. You can enter the

URL link to the product page for whatever you wish to buy. You can also do this for multiple items, entering details for the price and size of each one individually.

Once you’ve done so, you get to choose your shipping service, ‘normal’ or ‘expedited’. Expedited gives you quicker shipping for $10, while normal is for $5 and will require at least 2 business days.

Step 3: There Is No Step 3

Yup. That’s it. Once you’ve reviewed and submitted your form, you’re good to go. Global Shopaholics will purchase the products, get them delivered to

the warehouse (or to a special address if the store does not deliver to a warehouse address), and then ship them to your country.

And just like that, welcome to 21st Century Shopping. All you have to do is know what you want. We’ll buy it for you. We’ll send it to you.

If you don’t have a Global Shopaholics account, creating one is simple and easy. You’ll get your own US shipping address with 180 days of storage and the most affordable package forwarding services.

You can then ship anything from a US store to your US shipping address, whether by Direct Purchase or Assisted Purchase. If you want to ship multiple

items from various stores, they’ll be kept in your storage, ready to be shipped to your country together.

And when you do decide to ship the items to your country, you can have the packages consolidated into one box to save on shipping costs. Global Shopaholics also

offers guaranteed lowest international shipping costs, and a Price Match Guarantee, meaning if you find any other service offering

a lower shipping cost, we’ll match it. You can sign up for Global Shopaholics for free.