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Amazon shipping to Romania

Amazon does not provide a wide-scale international shipping to Romania. Amazon does allow Romanian customers to make purchases from the long list of sellers available on the store-front. However, about two-third of those sellers do not make their products available for shipping to Romania. The Amazon shipping to Romania cost is yet another factor that makes it difficult for Romanian buyers to rely on the amazon shipping. Amazon charges above $25 to ship single item to Romanian grounds. So, if you're up for buying multiple amazon discoveries, you'd have to pay a bunch!

What are Romanians buying from Amazon US?

The stats depict Romanians being big fans of overall US merchandise specially of those products available on the Amazon. Cosmetics, supplements, pet food, gifts and flowers are among the top purchases from Amazon US. The cut-rate pricing by the amazon increases the buying power as well as the popularity of the marketplace among the general users.

Amazon International shipping operations

Effective virtual business calls for effective international shipping, which in Amazon's case isn't very efficient. The unique and wide range of products on the amazon does win hearts, so does their budgeted pricing but the Amazon shipping to Romania cost is where the reluctance hops in. It is notoriously difficult to buy certain amazon products in Romania such as electronics, due to limited shipping.

Additionally, the Amazon shipping time to Romania spans over an extended time. It takes about 7-15 days for amazon shipping to Romania. Larger packages or numerous items may take even longer for being shipped to Romania. Moreover, there are multiple shipping options considering Amazon shipping time to Romania but faster deliveries would spikes up the shipping rate even more.

Alternative shipping option

Global Shopaholics comes to the rescue!

Keeping in view the strains for Amazon international shipping, Global Shopaholics brings your easy solution to your shipping pains. The time to stress over Amazon shipping to Romania cost and Amazon shipping time to Romania is now gone. Easy and simple international shipping is only a few clicks away with GS.

How does Global Shopaholics process the shipping?

Global Shopaholics is a package forwarding company. GS primarily works on easing the shop and ship paths for you from US. You can shop items of any niche from the long list of US stores and ship to Romania without any second thoughts. GS makes it all possible for you! International shipping isn't a facile task. It consists of steps that can be pretty complex to understand for a normal user. The company takes all the burden itself and lets you ship in peace.

Global Shopaholics has a team of well trained individuals who give-in a team effort to proper process your shipments from US to Romania. The bought purchases are initially delivered at the GS warehouse, you're notified at this very instant and asked for further actions. On a go ahead signal from you, our handlers forward the packages for international shipping.

Ready to ship amazon with Global Shopaholics?

To start shipping, you just need to follow some simple steps. It all begins with a free sign-up at the GS website. Become a member and receive a personal US address for all your package deliveries. Global Shopaholics brings you closer to innovative shopping and shipping options.

Get all that you want from amazon

Shop the best amazon discoveries and all the products that are on your list, no matter what the product category is! Global Shopaholics unlocks the best shipping possibilities. Buy electronics, cosmetics, household items or anything else you like, GS will ship it to your doorstep in Romania. once you have completed your shopping trip around amazon, provide the US address at the checkout. Once your packages get delivered at the warehouse, they'll straightaway be forwarded for shipping to Romania.

Shipping to Romania cost

How much would it cost to ship to Romania? Well, it solely depends on the product you want to ship, the weight of the package and rest of the dimensions. You can get a clear idea of shipping rates using shipping calculator on the GS website.

Global Shopaholics partners up with various courier companies for package deliveries across the world. These companies include FedEx, DHL, UPS,USPS, and Aramex. Each of these companies has it's own pricing, the shipping calculator displays complete shipping price details. You can choose the deal which fits your budget. Quicker delivery methods might cost a little more than standard delivery method.

Happy shopping and shipping!

Global Shopaholics offers many other services which will make your shipping experience a lot more easier. Consolidated packaging saves up the shipping cost by 80%, you can also opt for extra padding for fragile items in your parcels.

You can store your packages for 210 days at the GS warehouse, if you're unable to process the shipment right away. Furthermore, you can also get your packages insured for as low as $3.

This doesn't end here! For a detailed guideline on shipping to Romania refer to the Romania country page, now.