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Amazon shipping to Colombia

With coastlines adjoining Columbia with the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea both, this comparatively small country is loaded with beautiful sceneries and one of the world’s most diverse flora and fauna. Columbia is also home to the ‘river of five colors’ as derived from the interesting process of the riverbed changing its color every now and then. Columbia moreover is very culturally diverse. Columbia is ladened with natural resources, especially emeralds.

This heavily resourced country is home to developed cities and a boosting economy. The internet and technological penetration is continuously growing. The young generation is much more tech-savvy and holds a great acceptance of the latest technology trends. With the unfolding technological trends in the country, the Columbians have been found to be continuously inclined towards e-commerce. With changing shopping behaviors and increasing awareness about online shopping, Columbia has significantly contributed to the spiking growth of the e-commerce market during the past few years. 

Fashion merchandise has the largest chunk of the ever-growing interest of Columbians in virtual shopping. Furniture, personal care items, electronics, and media are another significant part of the whole. The people of Columbia are a great fan of the neighborhood manufacturing i.e American retail. The impulse for American product purchases in Columbia is at an all-time high. Amazon, eBay/Etsy Sellers, Bath & Body Works, Walmart, Oshkosh, Gap, Forever21, and Carter's are the most popular US stores from which the Columbians absolutely love to shop. 

Among the list mentioned above, Amazon has won the hearts of most south-Americans. The products which are admired by most are supplements, medical supplies, beauty products, skin care products, and textile merchandise. With Amazon offering economical rates and plenty of retailers, it has made its way through the hall of fame of the Columbian buyers. Below are some frequently asked questions in accordance with Amazon international shipping to Columbia

Does Amazon ship to Columbia?

Amazon has very limited international shipping options, in accordance with which it does not directly ship to Columbia. Even if there’s restricted shipping to Columbia under special circumstances, the shipping costs a lot almost 35000 COP and additional charges may comply if the parcel exceeds a certain limit. With such narrow shipping options, it's almost a no to Amazon shipping to Columbia.

Amazon’s operations in Columbia

Amazon has not made its way to Columbia yet, although it is fully operational in Brazil and Mexico. The customer service and shipping hereby are not fully functional for the Columbian buyers despite being in the neighboring continent. 

How to buy from Amazon and ship to Columbia?

Amazon international shipping not being available for the Columbian buyers often leaves them disheartened. Well, the time for such concerns is now gone, Globalshopaholics will ship your Amazon haul to you, anywhere in Columbia! Choose all and everything you want to buy from Amazon and add it to your shopping cart, while Globalshopaholics will make all necessary arrangements for smooth shipping. Package forwarding with Globalshopaholics is a simple process, you just need to follow some easy steps and you’re done!

Register with Globalshopaholics

Globalshopaholics offers a free sign-up to anybody who wants to join the Globalshopaholics family! On signing up you get your very own US address on which all your Amazon packages will be delivered and later shipped to you by our staff. Once you become a Globalshopaholics member you get free of cost access to a detailed dashboard that displays all the necessary details about your shipping and notifies you if an action is required.

Free US address for the Amazon deliveries

Go and grab all that you had marked to get from the Amazon. Amazon is generous enough to offer sales and offers from time to time but Globalshopaholics is even more generous to ship your shopping carts to you at cheap shipping rates with a lot of other shipping perks. The US address provided to you by GS is to be entered while checking out your retail process on Amazon. Our package handlers at the warehouse will receive your packages and carefully process them for shipping.

Consolidated packaging

Amazon charges more if you ship more items at once whereas Globalshopaholics lets you save 80% on shipping costs if you ship all of your bought items together in a consolidated package. Here’s your chance to shop like a true shopaholic and enjoy inexpensive shipping. 

Safe shipment of dangerous goods

Some countries restrict the shipment of dangerous goods such as cosmetics, perfumes, and lithium batteries as they contain inflammable ingredients. Globalshopaholics is a certified shipper for dangerous goods, hereby no special permissions are required when you’re shipping with Globalshopaholics. As mentioned above Columbians are big fans of personal care products and hereby greatly purchase them online, Globalshopaholics gives their Columbian customers a great chance to ship all that they want to!

Calculate shipping

Globalshopaholics lets you calculate the shipping costs using the shipping calculator. The shipping rates depend on the dimensions as well as the weight of your package and the area where you are shipping to. They furthermore depend on the shipping company you choose to send your packages to Columbia, you have the liberty to choose your trusted shipping company and the shipping deal which suits your pocket. 

The benefit of shipping with Globalshopaholics

Most people face difficulties with custom processes while shipping internationally. The advantage of shipping with Globalshopaholics is that you don’t need to worry about the custom clearances because GS has it covered for you. Moreover, people lose their valuable shipments if any of the packages get held up in the customs, GS will notify you right away if anything happens.