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Amazon Prime Day: The Best Deals For Women

Amazon Prime deals on Prime Day are not only restricted to electronic devices, TVs, iPads or Kindles. It’s more than that. It’s no surprise to know that Amazon has some amazing offers on women’s products, like skincare and fashion, on Amazon Prime Day too.

We have gathered some of the best Amazon Prime deals for you to order on this 21st and 22nd ladies. Go and shop your heart out on makeup and clothes and let Global Shopaholics ship it to you.

You might be wondering that you don't have a Prime account, how will you shop your favorite beauty brands, that’s where our Assisted Purchase comes forward. Global shopaholics now lets you shop without a Prime membership and Prime subscription. All you need to do is give us the URL of the products and rest is our work. You just need to wait for your doorbell to ring.

Let's take a look at the products.



if you are looking for some makeup products on amazon, here are some of our suggestions

  1. Palladio’s 2-in-1 Lip & Cheek Tint

    2 in 1, lip n cheek tint, a small handy stick to go straight into your bag. This wouldn't take up your space to keep, just slide it in your bag pocket and you have your favorite pink with you the whole day.

    You can spend $10 on a small business to get $10 credit for Prime Day. Check out the best Amazon Prime deals to not miss anything.

    Check out the Palladio Lip & Cheek Tint here.

  2. Covergirl Pressed Powder

    With this heat going up every day you need to stock up on these translucent powders to take away the excessive oil from your face. Check out the Prime Day deals on Covergirl and make sure to not miss out.


    Check out Covergirl’s Smoothers Pressed Powder and truBlend Pressed Powder.

  3. Maybelline’s City Mini Palette

    A mini palette, the best thing to carry around your purse whenever you want to. This makeup kit for women is ideal to get from this Prime Day sale.


    Check out the Maybelline City Mini Palette here!

  4. Palladio Lip Oil

    Get this Palladio lip oil to get on those shiny trendy lips. Palladio makes it vegan and cruelty free which makes this product even more special. Support small businesses and get on Amazon Prime shopping now.

    Check out the Palladio Hydrating Lip Oil now!

  5. NYX Butter Gloss

    These glosses are the best sellers on Amazon, so they definitely deserve a try. And if you have been using these already then it's time to stock these all up as Amazon has amazing Prime Day sales coming up.


    Get the NYX Butter Gloss here!

  6. Makeup For Black Women: Color Perfect Black Radiance

    Black is beautiful. And as the industry becomes more diverse, we love seeing great new products for everyone. Buy this black radiant oil-free foundation on Amazon Prime if you’re looking to buy makeup for black women.


    Check out the Color Perfect Black Radiance Liquid Make-Up here!

  7. Makeup set for women

    If you are looking to give gifts in Prime Day deals, makeup kits for women work the best. Try this makeup set for women; all in one makeup kit and let us ship it to your friend or anyone. If you don’t have a Prime membership, Global Shopaholics gives you a shopping assistant to shop and ship for you.

    Get the complete set here!

    PRO TIP: You can get these items both shopped and shipped for you via Assisted Purchase by going here.

    Other than makeup your skin needs to look fresh and healthy without it as well. Here’s where to look if you want some of the best deals on Amazon Prime Day on skincare.



let's look at some skincare suggestions that we have gathered for you

  1. LilyAna Naturals Eye Cream

    After looking at those screens for the whole day, your eyes deserve some rest. Buy this LilyAna natural eye cream for dark circles and puffy eyes to give them a deserving break. Buy this from a small business and get $10 credit upon spending $10 to avail best Amazon Prime deals.

    Check out the LilyAna Eye Cream now.

  2. Garnier Pore Perfecting Serum Cream

    Who doesn't like to have smooth and poreless skin. This Prime Day, give your pores a treatment by getting this Garnier skin lab pore perfecting serum cream which is a 3 in 1 product with serum, cream and SPF in it. Don't miss these Prime Day deals, it's high time to stock them.


    Get the Garnier Pore Perfecting Serum Cream.

  3. Murad Invisiscar Kit

    If you have acne prone skin, it’s for you. This Murad Invisiscar 30-day acne kit targets the acne from breakouts to post acne scars. It's time to get your skin a great gift from Prime Day sales. Get your free US shipping address from Global Shopaholics in just a click!               


    Check out Murad Invisiscar Kit here!


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    If you are thinking of shopping from Amazon Prime wardrobe, it's a good idea. It does not always get the highlights on them but we surely have some great pieces gathered up for you.


lets check below for some clothes suggestions to look at

  1. Tee dresses

    When it's too hot to wear jeans, tee dresses step right in. You can shop from the USA, these light, short sleeves Tommy Hilfiger tee dresses and we will ship it to you right at your door.


    Get a Tommy Hilfiger Tee Dress here!

  2. Maxi Dresses

    Want to look good without putting in an effort? These dresses are the way to go. Get these tropical maxi dresses in multiple colors from Amazon and make the best use of these Prime Day sales.

    Get this 28 Palms Maxi Dress here!

  3. Cropped Shirt

    A crop shirt can never go wrong. Try this women’s drop linen cropped shirt with puffed sleeves in this hot weather. Don't have time to shop? Send us the URL and we will shop and ship it for you.

    Check out this cropped shirt by The Drop here.

  4. Loose wide leg jumpsuits

    A jumpsuit is casual and sluggish both at the same time. Even if you want to stay home to chill or go grocery shopping, this loose wide-leg jumpsuit can never make you look bad. This deal is not to be missed out, get on Amazon Prime shopping, before it's too late.

    Get these loose jumpsuits by YESNO here!

  5. Squareneck ruffle top

    The shirt is cute and it's Amazon Prime season. This lucky brand's square neck ruffle sleeveless shirt is the cutest shirt you want to wear in this season. Shop the best Prime Day deals on Amazon and get this shipped to your doorsteps.

    Get the square-neck ruffle top by Lucky Brand.

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    Now that you have looked at your makeup, skincare, and clothing ideas, you might be thinking how you will order this because Amazon doesn’t ship to your country. That’s where Global Shopaholics comes in and lets you shop and ship to your country.

    Global Shopaholics provides you with many services like package forwarding and package consolidation. There are some simple steps to it. Sign up to Global shopaholics free account, you will receive a free US address. You will then order your favorite products. Global shopaholics will receive it for you and ship your packages from the USA to your doorsteps.