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International Customers Might Face Late Shipments This Christmas Due To Postal & Delivery Service Delays

By Adam on Dec 28, 2020

Customers worldwide are slamming their postal and shipment services for delaying deliveries just before Christmas. Due to spiking coronavirus cases worldwide and a high volume of parcels arriving every day, millions of packages are held at various ports and warehouses. Package forwarding companies have a lesser workforce because some of their employees are quarantined after testing positive for coronavirus. In contrast, the remaining employees are hesitant in making contact with people during a delivery. Additionally, high volumes of packages are arriving every day due to Christmas and New Year ahead, making it difficult for managers to uphold their commitments to customers.

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Cyber Monday Online Sales, Deals & Guides

By Adam on Nov 30, 2020

Also known as Blue Monday, Cyber Monday is a term used by marketing and e-commerce retailers to refer to the Monday after Thanksgiving Day. Retailers use this term to encourage people to shop online on this day. Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday also comes with various discounts and special offers on a wide range of products at almost every online outlet. According to some research studies, the Monday after Thanksgiving marks one of the biggest and the busiest shopping days of the year. Therefore, the term ‘Cyber Monday’ was coined in’s press release in November 2005.

Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is the next best shopping event in the retail industry. If you could not benefit from Black Friday’s sale, Cyber Monday comes right after, with amazing deals and discounts on amazing products. It is the best opportunity for you to make some good purchasing decisions on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. If you are looking to get a head-start on gifting and have your eyes on a few products, Cyber Monday is the best chance for you to buy what you want and save in the process. In some cases, the Cyber Monday sale lasts for more than only one day, and you have plenty of options to choose from.

ly on sale.

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Black Friday Sales On Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy & Other Online US Stores

By Adam on Nov 27, 2020

Black Friday 2020 might be the biggest online shopping event ever, with people restricted to stay home because of COVD-19. Every online store is trying its best to grab potential customers' attention with flashing deals and huge discounts.

With the internet crowded with Black Friday sales, you might get confused in choosing the best online stores for the most discounted prices. We are a few days away from the mighty Black Friday, which starts on Friday, November 27. Some stores have announced Black Friday sales much early to create the hype.

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10 Tips To Get Big Discounts on Black Friday

By Adam on Nov 18, 2020

Black Friday is the most awaited shopping event of the year, and it makes these days busier and more crowded than usual. Also, some people seem to benefit more from every Black Friday than the rest of us. How some people grab the best deals, how can you get a big discount this Black Friday, 2020? Secure your favorite products before they run out of stock with these 10 tips for getting a big discount on Black Friday,2021. 

1. Download Special Apps

There are some apps specialized in locating the best deals online. These apps are made for Android and iOS. Such apps have multiple features and can help you to;

  • Find the best store in the mall with the most significant discounts

  • Find the best route (with least traffic) to the mall

  • Notify you about the early-bird sales, doorbusters, and other time-specific sales

  • Provide price comparison while you shop

These apps are quite helpful in saving time and grabbing the biggest deals during Black Friday.

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7 Amazon Halloween Costume Ideas To Slay Halloween

By Adam on Oct 26, 2020

Halloween Costume It's 2020, and Halloween is not the same as all years, which is not great because Halloween is the name of partying with friends and family. But that doesn't mean you can't dress up for yourself and have a small party at home with few very close ones.      

So we present to you some Halloween dress ideas. It's just fun to dress up, especially with everything that's going on right now. Play a little, dress up, have some fun. You can create some dope Halloween photos for Instagram or have a small Halloween party with your covet group of quarantine people.

You can order a bunch of reasonably classic costumes as inspiration. We will give you a few ideas for cheap Halloween dresses for men on Amazon.

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